A Killer Crop An Orchard Mystery By Sheila Connolly, Narrated by Robin Miles

A Killer Crop
An Orchard Mystery Book 4
By Sheila Connolly
Narrated By Robin Miles
Length: 10 hrs and 3 mins
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Great narration by Robin Miles.  In every book of the Orchard Series  Ms. Miles gives such wonderful definition to each character. She does Meg so well that it's like listening to a friend or neighbor talking. Meg is stressing somewhat now from new problems and the work load of the orchard, and Robin Miles's inflections right down to the very breathing one might have when stressed or upset are perfect. Listening to Miles is poetry in motion.

Sheila Connolly photo, author of A Killer Crop
Author Sheila Connolly

Book Review: A Killer Crop by Sheila Connolly

When Meg's mother turns up unexpectedly at Meg's, Meg is miffed that her mother has already been in town for a couple of days and not called her. When State Policeman Markus makes an early morning call at Meg's, looking for Elizabeth Corley, is when Meg finds out her mother was visiting an old college friend in town. Elizabeth is the last person he called before he died. Markus has not said it's a murder and there's no outward signs of a suspicious death, Yet, Meg is off and running assuming that it's murder. 

I don't always like Meg and in A Killer Crop I like her less than earlier books. She's sounding very spiteful with her mother. I would have felt unwelcome if someone talked to me like she did to her mother. Her mother sounded pretty normal to me. Meg takes offense at nearly everything her mother says, and seems to have to control her temper an awful lot when talking with her.

How Meg can even for one moment suspect her mother of killing the professor is unforgivable. Even though she scolds herself for letting such thoughts cross her mind, she does contemplate it numerous times. The road is long getting to who the killer is. We learn even more about apples and orchards, maybe more than some people want to know. Genealogy plays a big part in the story and even Meg becomes interested in it. It will all tie together in the end. I personally enjoyed the genealogy but some people may not find it interesting. I thought it was a great twist and different for a murder mystery.


Robin Miles Narrator for, Red Delicious Death, An Orchard Mystery Book 3. by Sheila Connolly

Red Delicious Death
Orchard, Book 3.
By: Sheila Connolly
Narrator: Robin Miles
Length: 9 hrs and 36 mins
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Red Delicious Death Written by: Sheila Connolly Narrated by: Robin Miles
Red Delicious Death by Sheila Connolly

Robin Miles Narrator image
Robin Miles Narrator

Narrator Robin Miles is the voice extraordinaire behind the cast of characters in the Orchard mysteries. Without Ms. Miles remarkable presentation giving voice, semblance and shape to each person, Red Delicious Death would have less vigor and style. She is the driving force behind each story. 

Sheila Connolly author image
Sheila Connolly Author

Audio Book Review of: Red Delicious Death Book 3. by Sheila Connolly.

Red Delicious Death, does not begin right away with a death or murder, there's no corpse in Meg's orchard. Instead it starts out with a well plotted path leading up to a rather bizarre murder. When Meg's friend at the bank she use to also work at calls her to ask if she knows of any affordable places where a friend of a friends optimistic young chefs can start a restaurant Meg thinks of her Realtor friend Frances Clark, and gives her a call. 

Meg doesn't know what to think when she meets them, they seem so young an inexperienced. But Brian and Nicole Czarnecki did have financial backing, had a couple years experience working in a restaurant and both had graduated from a prestigious culinary school, and they have a qualified sou chef that will work with them. Although they seem young and naive, they actually have a well thought out business plan and Nicole's father has given them a hefty check to help them get started.

They find the perfect location in Granford, it's in their price range and they're excited to get started. Nicole the perky happy go lucky gal is a wiz at cooking, Brian her husband is an expert at finances and planning, and their friend Sam is good with prep work and dealing with vendors. Everyone pitches in and soon it's looking like they will open in the Fall as planned. Sam daily goes to meet with farmers to secure sources for fresh produce and meat. However, some townspeople are not as thrilled to have them open and maliciously plan on stopping them.

Will their dreams crash down on them when Art Preston, Granford's police detective calls and tells them Sam has been found dead face down in a pig wallow, and someone needs to identify the body. A horrible way to die for sure and Meg is as perplexed as everyone else that anyone would kill Sam. Once again Meg puts her mind too discovering who the murderer is. In her own poking around ways serendipity steps in and with a cold chill down her back she knows who did it.