In Defense of Food By Michael Pollan Narrated By Scott Brick

In Defense of Food
By Michael Pollan
Narrated By Scott Brick
Length: 6 hrs and 23 mins
Penguin Audio

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Author Michael Pollan

Scott Brick Narrator of Michael Pollan's books
Scott Brick Narrator

I just love Scott Brick's narration of In Defense of Food. His voice is strong, crystal clear, and
ripe with insinuation and incredulity of what he's reading. I felt that some of time he sounds not
outraged by the trickery or deception of the food industry but scandalized. He has completely taken over and succinctly drawn out everything Michael Pollan has written. I've enjoyed other books Mr. Brick has narrated but In Defense of Food is his most superb. I don't believe another narrator would have done this book as much justice as Scott Brick has done. There are other great narrators no doubt, but Scott Brick seems to bring something special and meaningful to this particular book.

In Defense of Food is an in depth examination of processed food, the new food scientist, advertising firms, and how they and the politicians, FDA, and industrialized farms have stealthily over taken every aspect of the way and what we eat.   Mother's no longer cook, few schools cook their own meals but have it trucked in, the majority of institutions do the same. Gone are the cafeteria's with humans preparing and serving up real food. Vending machines also reside in places they were never seen before. We no longer eat much real food, processed foods are not foods at all. The list of chemicals on most labels is appalling, not only are the words unpronounceable, we don't even know what they are, or why they are in food. Simply put, it's chemicals that we are eating called food products. If there is any trace evidence of real food it is at best just that, a trace amount.

Industrial farms do not rotate crops as a farmer would do, they rely more and more on spraying chemicals against insects. The soil is depleted of its nutrients and crops grow faster. Faster growing crops do not have time to absorb nutrients or sink their roots down deep. The larger percentage of farming today has given over to corn and soy and thirdly rice. The major amount of the produce in the grocery store has been shipped from countries as far away as China. As food is stored and shipped it loses some of it nutritional value. Something we can hardly afford to have happen.

As Pollan says,

There's a great deal about vitamins and minerals, and eating meat. Pollan, discusses in depth about meat and the results to our health from eating animals fed on soy and corn, injected with a variety of antibiotics and hormones. The phrase he uses, You are what you eat, and what you eat, eats.


Virginia Brown, Divas Do Tell, Narrated by Karen Commins

Divas Do Tell

Dixie Diva Mysteries, Book 5
by: Virginia Brown

Narrated by: Karen Commins
Length: 12 hrs and 48 mins

Karen Commins Narrator reading Virginia Brown's Divas Do Tell
Karen Commins Narrator
Virginia Brown Author of Devas Do Tell
Virginia Brown author of The Dixie Devas

Karen Commins,  presentation of Devas Do Tell, was outstanding. Her rendition of the movie star was perfection. From beginning to end we are artfully drawn into the story with fine Southern renditions and representing more than one Southern accent. Bitty is so well done you can almost get to resent and dislike her because of the way Ms. Commins plays her. Trinkets annoyance and forbearance with Bitty's scheme's and over bearing ways is also extremely well done. The excitement level is intense at times and well read. Devas Do Tell is Ms.Commins most splendid of the series. I also enjoyed the story the best of the five in the series. I really don't know how Ms. Commins could prevent herself from laughing while reading about items in the 'blue room' of the the lingerie shop Trinket works in part time. I know I had to laugh out loud. I was thoroughly charmed with Karen Commins wonderful reading of this fun, fun, fun, book.

Once again Bitty bullies and cajoles Trinket into one scheme after another that Trinket just knows is going to end badly, and things almost always do. Dixie Lee Forsythe who once lived in Holly Springs Missouri, wrote a blockbuster book  Dark Secrets Under the Holly, based on people and events that happened over the years in Holly Springs. Only problem is nearly every person, with the names changed of course, is in the book and it divulges things they would rather forget about. Dixie Lee Forsythe happens to be a Dixie Diva and naturally knows what goes on at the Devas meetings, and the Devas motto is what happens with the Devas stays with the Devas. The Devas are not pleased with Dixie Lee's revealing Deva secrets. No one in Holly Springs is happy with what they are reading and nearly everyone wants to strangle Dixie Lee.

Hollywood comes to Holly Springs to make a movie based on Dark Secrets Under the Holly. For Hollywood its a natural for movie material, sizzling sex, hot romances, secret liaisons and a kidnapping. Every dirty little secret is in the book and everyone recognizes themselves and they all know who each person is. Bitty is ready to kill Dixie Lee herself. When Dixie Lee starts getting death threats she implores the Devas find out who is writing them and if they should be taken seriously. This is no easy task even for the Devas, when everyone in town has a motive including the Devas. Everyone including the police put it all down to Hollywood sensationalism just seeking publicity.