Narrator: Rebecca Gibel, Through the Grinder, by Cleo Coyle

Through the Grinder

A Coffeehouse Mystery, book 2.
Author: Cleo Coyle

Narrator: Rebecca Gibel 

A Coffeehouse Mystery, book 2
by Cleo Coyle
Narrated by Rebecca Gibel

Publisher AudioGO

Duration: 8:08:44

Narrator Review: Rebecca Gibel
 Rebecca Gibel, narrator for Cleo Coyle imgae
Rebecca Gibel Narrator

It was a pleasure listening to Through the Grinder by Cleo Coyle. Rebecca Gibel is an excellent reader and a good match for the character of Claire. I had to laugh a couple times when Ms. Gibel's is reading the character's thoughts about his murder plans. She does a good job with the scary, conniving voice of a murderer then it's the end of chapter and in a happy upbeat voice she says 'Chapter 21'. She had no trouble with rapidly switching between characters which was impressive. Her male voices are never over done. 

She is not just reading the book she is making it come to life and giving every character a unique voice. Conversational parts sound normal, with normal inflections that anyone might use saying the same phrases. She is so expressive and convincing that you're easily carried away listening and seeing the story in your minds eye. I really loved her narration of this book. Any author who has Rebecca Gibel narrating their book is lucky indeed. She is very skilled in her craft.

Cleo Coyle author photo

Cleo Coyle Author

Coffeehouse Mysteries by Cleo Coyle is a new series for me and I liked Through the Grinder very much. It has enough suspense to please any cozy or light murder mystery reader. There is enough plot to keep a person interested. I liked that the perspective was from the murderers point of view. The romance isn't drifting into overly explicit details. There were some very funny lines in the speed dating, online dating scenes. She joins the same dating online service that her daughter joined so she can make sure she is not meeting any jerks, perverts or other undesirables. 

Claire meets Bruce and they hit it off, soon Claire feels she's in love with Bruce. Unfortunately Bruce is a prime suspect for the murders. How can Claire come to grips with her feelings and that tiny bit of doubt that lingers in her mind. She tries to find the real killer to take the heat off Bruce. What else would a good sleuth do? An excellent narration by Rebecca Gibel, of a fun and quick moving book.

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