Scones and Bones by Laura Childs, Narrator: Barbara McCulloh

Scones and Bones                                                            
Laura Childs
Narrator: Barbara McCulloh
Recorded Books, LLC 
9 hrs and 35 mins

Scones and Bones Author Laura childs
Laura Childs Author

Barbara McCulloh narrator of Scones and Bones
Narrator Barbara McCulloh

Barbara McCulloh has a nice enough voice but she doesn't narrate this book very well. Her voice is more suited to another type audio book. McCulloh does a robust, clear and fantastic narration for Love on the Line, by Deeanne Gist, very different than Scones and Bones. Her reading of lavender morning by jude deveraux, is outstanding.

In Scones and Bones, she pauses to long at the end of a sentence or a word. Her reading is slow adding to the tedium of listening to her. Not all of the pauses are necessary and last way too long. Conversations sound un-natural and don't flow well at all. It was not possible to distinguish between male and female characters as their was not enough change in tone. I frequently had some trouble detecting which character was speaking. 

Her basic voice is fine and there are a few moments where she does reflect the intent of a phrase, sadly she doesn't maintain them. I was never able to listen to the story and become involved in it as I was always aware of her less than stellar rendition. The book Scones and Bones was not that interesting or well written so this could have been a bulwark to her being able to fully express her talents.

Stones and Bones was a flimsy story about a skull cup made from Blackbeards skull. Theodosia which is a mouthful for a name, attends a heritage society party that's featuring a Pirates and Plunder theme. The Skull cup has a nice sized diamond in it and it's the central item of the party. Someone at the party wants the skull cup enough to kill one and wound another to get it. The person killed, Rob Commer doesn't get much character development and neither does the wounded Camilla Hodges. Sadly I could make no connection or sympathy for either of them as they were so undeveloped.

The plot goes on to Theodosia at first not wanting to get involved in finding out who stole the cup and killed Rob. Of course with very little persuasion, she does get involved and maps out a plot to make the murderer show himself. Tidwell the main policeman is upset when he learns of her plan and is obliged to help her so that she doesn't get herself killed. She does get someone else in mortal danger and Tidwell and Theodosia try to save her. I really thought Theodosia was a nosy busybody and too bold, at one point to entering her neighbors house. Just because his back door is unlocked doesn't give her the right to enter.

I didn't like how she goes against what the policeman Tidwell wants to do and nearly gets him killed. I really didn't like Theodosia and none of the supporting characters were strong enough or personable enough to carry the already weak story. This was the first book I've listened too by this author or this series. I have some sympathy for Barbara McCulloh's valiant efforts to narrate it. I will give Barbara McCulloh another try on another book as her voice is not unpleasant and perhaps she was as bored as I was.

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Scones and Bones

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