Thrill of the Chase by Christina Crooks, Narrated by Xe Sands

Thrill of the Chase
Christina Crooks
Narrator, Xe Sands
Books in Motion
8 hours 42 minutes

Author Christina Crooks and Xe Sands narratorNarrator Xe Sands
                                               Xe Sands Narrator
Xe Sands has the voice of her characters down so pat, they are kittenish, provocative, sensuous, or they are man, woman, child or animal, nothing, and I mean nothing, is out of reach for this narrator. Smooth, silky, sensuous and a sheer joy to listen to. I guarantee you will not ever be disappointed with any books Xe Sand's narrates. Her narrations are priceless and I will listen to any book she narrates because it will be a good listen even if the book is not the most interesting.
The narration is never out of sync with the characters, each one is distinct, and Sand's maintains the mood of the book and keeps the flow of the events interesting, making every part of the book meaningful. Your hard earned bucks will never be misspent when you purchase an audio book that Xe Sands narrates. Pure listening pleasure, and you men may fall in love with her when you hear her velvety voice.

The Thrill of the Chase is a romance, about Sarah Mattell, spoiled and beautiful and pretty much Daddy's little girl. What made this book interesting for me is Sarah loves to race, it's what makes her tick, the speed, the sounds, and the smells are what excite and oddly simultaneously relax her, taking her mind and feelings totally away and into the excitement of the race. Sarah has been around race cars just about forever and her daddy, Red Mattell, owns Big Red's Auto Performance Shop. Sarah is an ace technician and proud of it. She enjoys working with the 'guys,' sharing comradeship with them, joking around, and knowing they love working on cars just as much as she does. She's sure when her dad retires he will turn the shop over to her. So she thinks of it as hers.

One day when she peels into work she finds her dad has hired a new guy, Gordon Devine, she assumes he's the replacement for the desk man, Matt who was just fired. A mutual disdain and misunderstandings start off their relationship and Sarah takes an immediate disliking to Gordon Devine. Sarah's romantic interests are completely involved with fellow racer, Craig Keller, who's she's tried to snare into being more than buddies, for a good many years, she wants him to see her differently from the 'track sluts' who hang around the race car drivers. Time and circumstances change how she perceives Gordon and Sarah starts questioning her devotion to Craig.

Then, at the big race, the important race, Sarah makes a big mistake and life changes for her, in ways she could never have anticipated, these events cause Craig to come finally around and start becoming more serious about their relationship. A love triangle ensues, and Sarah has to decide who will win her heart. Xe Sands does such a convincing portrayal of Sarah, completely capturing the tomboyish yet femme fatale nature, of Sarah, and the doting father, Red Mattell, who's voice expresses how much he loves and dotes on his daughter. Xe Sands has a special talent for bringing out every nuance, and wringing out every emotion in the story. As she reads you will absolutely feel the excitement and pleasure Sarah has when she races as well as smell the flowers, the gas and the burning oil and Ms. Sands will even make you hear the crowds roaring at the races.

book cover Thrill of the Chase by Christina Crooks
Thrill of the Chase Narrator, Xe Sands

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