A Killer Crop An Orchard Mystery By Sheila Connolly, Narrated by Robin Miles

A Killer Crop
An Orchard Mystery Book 4
By Sheila Connolly
Narrated By Robin Miles
Length: 10 hrs and 3 mins
Audible Studios

Great narration by Robin Miles.  In every book of the Orchard Series  Ms. Miles gives such wonderful definition to each character. She does Meg so well that it's like listening to a friend or neighbor talking. Meg is stressing somewhat now from new problems and the work load of the orchard, and Robin Miles's inflections right down to the very breathing one might have when stressed or upset are perfect. Listening to Miles is poetry in motion.

Sheila Connolly photo, author of A Killer Crop
Author Sheila Connolly

Book Review: A Killer Crop by Sheila Connolly

When Meg's mother turns up unexpectedly at Meg's, Meg is miffed that her mother has already been in town for a couple of days and not called her. When State Policeman Markus makes an early morning call at Meg's, looking for Elizabeth Corley, is when Meg finds out her mother was visiting an old college friend in town. Elizabeth is the last person he called before he died. Markus has not said it's a murder and there's no outward signs of a suspicious death, Yet, Meg is off and running assuming that it's murder. 

I don't always like Meg and in A Killer Crop I like her less than earlier books. She's sounding very spiteful with her mother. I would have felt unwelcome if someone talked to me like she did to her mother. Her mother sounded pretty normal to me. Meg takes offense at nearly everything her mother says, and seems to have to control her temper an awful lot when talking with her.

How Meg can even for one moment suspect her mother of killing the professor is unforgivable. Even though she scolds herself for letting such thoughts cross her mind, she does contemplate it numerous times. The road is long getting to who the killer is. We learn even more about apples and orchards, maybe more than some people want to know. Genealogy plays a big part in the story and even Meg becomes interested in it. It will all tie together in the end. I personally enjoyed the genealogy but some people may not find it interesting. I thought it was a great twist and different for a murder mystery.

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