The Skeleton Takes a Bow. Book 2. By Leigh Perry, Narrator- Katina Kalin

The Skeleton Takes a Bow
A Family Skeleton Mystery, Book 2
By Leigh Perry
Narrated By Katina Kalin

7 hours 47 minutes
Audible, Inc.

The Skeleton Takes a Bow By Leigh Perry, photo
The Skeleton Takes a Bow
By Leigh Perry
Katina Kalin, is a brilliant narrator, her voice is beautiful, genial and expressive. Every detail of the story is delivered splendidly and smoothly. Her teenage daughters voice is perfection. Sounds exactly like a teen, from the breathy and cajoling tones. to the rolling of the eyes. I especially liked the sheepish voice used when Madison says "was doing the laundry too much of a give away".... Even Sid has a unique quality, giving him life even if he is a skeleton and isn't alive. It takes amazing acting skills to read a book and make it sound like a stage play with a full cast of characters.

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Audiobook Narrator Katina Kalin

Audiobook Review: The Skeleton Takes a Bow, Book 2 of A Family Skeleton Mystery
By Leigh Perry

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Leigh Perry Author

Georgia and Madison, her teen daughter recently moved back into her parents home while they are on sabbatical. Georgia has a tight schedule as an Adjunct English Professor at McQuade and Madison is just as busy at Pennycross High. After joining The Drama Club, Madison auditioned for Hamlet and got the role of Guildenstern. Sid is beside himself with excitement and wants to play Yorick, the perfect role for him. He and Madison hatch a plan to get Georgia's permission to take Sid to school.

They butter Georgia up by doing the laundry and a few household chores. Georgia knows they are in cahoots about something. Sid, poor sad guy, rarely gets out of the house and spends most his time in the attic, reading, playing on his computer, or eavesdropping. When Georgia hears Sid wants to play Yorick, she's reluctant to let him. She gives in only if Madison promises to bring Sid home everyday after school. All goes well until one day Madison's routine's are thrown off and she does the unforgivable and forgets to bring him home. 

They rush back to the school and bang on the doors but there is no one around to let them in. So Sid, ends up on a shelf backstage all night. Instead of a long boring night ahead, Sid hears two men arguing and in the heat of the moment one of them is killed. He hears the guy call another person from his mobile to come help him. By the time they are done moving the body and cleaning the scene Sid is still quietly listening to it all, unable to do anything about it, not even knowing what he could do.
Byron, Madison's dog, is Sid's nemesis, you know, dog,  and bones, Sid is always on the alert that Byron doesn't make a grab at a fibula or even a phalanx.  Deborah, Georgia's sister, owner of a local locksmith and security company, is a bit stuffy and likes to follow the rules. Not to be left out is the nosy and always sarcastic Adjunct Sarah Wise, that shares office quarters with Georgia. A thoroughly enjoyable bunch of people, great dialog and Sid the sensitive skeleton is the instigator of most the shenanigans and high jinks.
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