Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii, By Lee Goldberg, Narrated By Laura Hicks

Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii
Monk Series:, Book 2
By Lee Goldberg

Narrated By Laura Hicks

Length: 7 hrs and 39 mins

Narrator Review: Laura Hicks
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Laura Hicks Narrator 

Laura Hicks reads this Mr. Monk book with great animation. Her reading pace is excellent and she makes you feel as excited at the beauty of Hawaii or as exasperated as Natalie is feeling so often with Mr.Monk and his turning her vacation into work. The heart felt expression she brings through when Natalie thought Mitch her dead husband was communicating with her, was sensitive and touching. She handled all the emotional content in a thoughtful and insightful way. Laura Hicks is an impressive narrator.

Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii by Lee Goldberg

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Lee Goldberg Author

When Natalie Teeger's best friend Candace asks her come to Hawaii and be her bridesmaid, and is putting her up in a five star resort-hotel with a round trip flight, no way is Natalie turning that down. Natalie feels she is just about ready for a vacation but, how to tell Mr.Monk, that is the question.

No time seems to be the right time until nearly at the door of Dr.Kroger's building she tells him. With gloating satisfaction Natalie revels in the thoughts of letting Dr.  Kroger deal with the panic attack she knows Monk will have.

Imagine Natalie's own panic when she realizes the Monk is on the plane to Hawaii. Worse yet, Monk is not acting normal, not what's normal for him anyway. The sing along he starts with the other passengers is hilarious but not to Natalie. Not to be left behind alone or with an agency nurse. Monk takes a mood altering pill Dioxynl, given to him long ago to cope with extreme stress.

It works so well that he is eating in-flight food, drinking water that isn't Summit Creek, gasp! even wearing a Hawaiian shirt. This care free, boisterous Monk is unable to solve a single murder until the pill's worn off.

Nothing, absolutely nothing works out for Natalie on this 'vacation' and she resigns herself to her fate. In one short week Monk is involved in busting a drug smuggling ring, solves a bizarre murder, and exposes a fake psychic medium and solves the mystery of some home burglaries. Monk even takes part in Candace's wedding. Monk is just a crime magnet, solving mysteries nobody else even saw. That's what the Monkster is all about.

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