Dick Hill & Susie Breck narrators for Whiskey Sour by J.A. Konrath

Susie Breck Narrator

Whiskey Sour
J. A. Konrath
Narrators: Dick Hill, Susie Breck
6 hours 55 minutes
Dick Hill Narrator
Brilliance Audio
Whiskey Sour J. A. Konrath Narrators Dick Hill and Susie Breck

Dick Hill is one of the greats for narrating books. Always a pleasure to listen too him no matter what he is reading. Susie Breck, well, I'm on the fence about her reading. On the one hand her voice is sharp and clear. She does good enunciation. She is excellent in reading the text parts. Outstanding for intonation and enthusiasm. What bugs me is she has tiny bit of a lispy (new word I just created) and I don't know if it's for the character of Jack or not but there is the slightest tinge of an accent like Brooklyn or New York. Oh gosh, well accent from somewhere. Which is OK to have but I don't want to hear it on an audiobook. That's just me. She does read a little fast for my taste but it's not so fast you feel like your gasping. None of that would prevent me from buying or trying another audiobook she narrates. I do like her loud, easy to follow voice.

I don't like listening to books that are to violent, or gory like. J. A. Konrath's ( Jacqueline " Jack" Daniels ) Mystery Series. Amazon has tons of reviews on the series and most people love them. I admit I did like Jack, and the humor was great. I always enjoy some good humor in the books. The stories flow nicely,they are not overly complicated. I did enjoy the first one Whiskey Sour. When I got the second one it seemed too much like the first one. I was disappointed that there was not much of a new story. Oh there were some new things but the main theme was from the previous book. I'm really not into torture, bondage or weirdos. Apparently hundreds of people enjoy reading it. I didn't. Trust me if you don't like stories with a lot of graphic torture that can give you nightmares, pass this series up.
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