Steven Weber, reading Live Wire Author, Harlan Coben

Live Wire
Myron Bolitar Series, Book 10
by Harlan Coben
Narrator: Steven Weber
9 hours, 43 minutes
Brilliance Audio
Live Wire, Author Harlan Coben
Author: Harlan Coben

Steven Weber reading Live Wire by Harlan Coben
Steven Weber has a rich, full bodied voice with the talent enough to successfully express a wide range of characters. For the most part he doesn't mimic a woman's voice but changes the tone of his natural voice so that it is neither totally feminine or masculine but conveys that it is a woman speaking. Live Wire was far more enjoyable with Mr. Weber narrating than it might have been if read by a less talented reader.

Book Review of, Live Wire is a Myron Bolitar story. The plot has many twists and turns with Myron looking for his estranged brother. He deduces that his sister in law is somehow connected to the disappearance of a rock star. I liked the book well enough and I always liked Win, his ruthless sidekick. So many mystery books have a side kick for their protagonist but I have always liked Win the best. Looks like Harlan Coben is going to make this the last of the Myron Bolitar series. 
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