Angelo's Journey, Leland Dirks, Narrator, Brian McCracken

Angelo's Journey: A Border Collie's Quest for Home

Leland Dirks, Angelo Dirks
2 hours, 15 mins.
PUBLISHER: Leland R Dirks

Narrator: Brian McCracken

Narrator Review: Angelo's Journey

Brian McCracken has a wonderful deep and expressive voice. It was a pleasure
listening to him narrate Angelo's Journey. He does not make fumbling errors like pausing too long on words or at the end of sentences. He moves right along in a smooth path to the finale. I really loved the tenor of his voice. In time I hope to hear an improvement in his capturing the emotional meaning of what he's reading, and to drop the quirky little sing song tone he often does. That tone gives a very different twist to the character that is not necessarily intended. It gives brevity to some characters words.
Brian McCracken. voice over, narrator image
Brian McCracken Narrator

If you are a dog fancier you will enjoy reading about Angelo and his journey to
return home. Is Angelo an angel dog, or just a very smart Border Collie? I found
it very painful listening to some low life hitting a dog. Angelo was a special dog,
and I, could have enjoyed the story much more, without the abuse.

The rest of the story, was more sensitive. I would have liked the people Angelo came across in his journey to have a little more meat to them. Each chapter deals with new characters and situations, some seemed unlikely and contrived, like the boy scouts caught in a snow storm. I found it thin, that Angelo, just seems to be there, in some very out of the way remote places. No explanation as to how or why how he came to be there.

Leland Dirks and Angelo, author image
Angelo and Leland Dirks

Yes, there was a human in a remote place that needed comfort or a person, 'dog', to give that to them. There was not enough substance, as to how Angelo got there or knew to go there. A hungry dog is unlikely to be in a remote place, unless someone has dumped them there. Overall I think Angelo's thinking and personality could have been beefed up more and the same for the supporting characters.This is was a good book, so don't mistake my evaluation as a didn't like it. I did like it. It is a charming, and an easy read/listen. If you like animals, you will be captivated by Angelo.

This is the first book I've read/listened to that the author/s, shamelessly promote their website and book. I was a little confused at one point as to who was pimping their website, I was uncomfortable listening to the hype. It was overkill and unnecessary and overall distracted from the charm of the story. One invitation to visit the website at the end of the book would have been far classier.