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EPUB is for reading text on an EReader like Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, or any other brand EReader. FireFox has a downloadable add on to the browser that will allow you to read an Epub file within FireFox. You can read more and get it here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/epubreader/
There are many readers available and which one you like is a personal preference and your budget. Most are proprietorial so if you buy Kindle, it will mainly download books or files you purchase from Amazon. I saw that Kindle is making itself available to libraries and is going to launch soon.
I am not that knowledgeable about Ereaders as I'm mainly interested in Audio Books. You can find some information here http://www.jedisaber.com/.
I wanted to purchase Rebecca Woodhead's newly released Ebook from Amazon,  Palaces & Calluses. Amazon provides a small downloadable program that is similar to Adobe Reader. There was much about Kindle on the website so I had to look around for the alternate reader. I did not find it that easy, so I called the 800 number provided and the tech emailed the program to me. From there is was very simple. Just clicked the link he provided, clicked download and then went on to make my book purchase. Barnes & Noble is about the same a little tricky locating the downloadable reader if you don't own a Nook. The process was a bit harder and I had to call the tech # which was provided over the phone from my local B&N. The gal that answered the phone did not know why I was getting strange error messages. The tech didn't either although he could see on his end my purchase order and my information for joining. Alas, I never did get it, so will try again later.
If you don't own an Ereader then it's best you do a lot of research and read reviews about them before making your decision.
Most libraries have Overdrive, NetLibrary, and Mobi, MP3 and so forth, books that are downloadable and readable on your device. I am recommending http://www.jedisaber.com/ for more detailed information on Readers. CNet has some good discussion on Sony Vs. Kindle which e-reader should I buy at http://tinyurl.com/42xuytc.
A viewer emailed me that she was able to download my blog to her Sony Reader this way, "I saved some of your blog as a file on the computer. Then I converted it using Calibre and put it on my Sony E-reader. So I can catch up on it as I have the time at lunch at work or whenever.  It converted really well to my ereader. I used your blog photo as the book cover. To be more detailed what I did was saved the page as html. I wanted the photos. I assume I could just do it in text too. Anyway, then I opened Calibre. I located the file and added it to the Calibre library. Then I converted it to an epub file.  Then I just had it send it, to my  Sony ereader. Thanks, from Pat"
Calibre, is the very popular and easy to use program to handle your text and e-book files. You can get it here  http://tinyurl.com/42xuytc Although this link to the cnet review of Kindle vs. Nook vs. Ipad is only updated December of 2012, it still is good information. 
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Free Ebooks
http://www.ereaderiq.com/     (low price ebooks)
http://www.freebooksifter.com/ A simple google search for free e-books or audiobooks will bring up tons of excellent sites as well as the one's I listed.

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