Liv Forever Author: Amy Talkington Narrator: Jorjeana Marie

Liv Forever
Author: Amy Talkington
Narrator: Jorjeana Marie
7 hours 17 minutes
Blackstone Audio
Young Adult

Amy Talkington photo
Author Amy Talkington
Debut novel by Amy Talkington Liv Forever A paranormal Romance
Liv Forever by Amy Talkington

photo of Narrator Jorjeana Marie
Narrator Jorjeana Marie

Narrator Jorjeana Marie, does a fine narration with just the right amount of solemnity, fitting the somewhat sad tale of Liv Bloom who is so artistically talented, pretty and intelligent but very inept socially. Ms. Marie conveys everything from the menacing and the ghoulish to the tender and romantic with poise and confidence. Creating a sense of tension and horror where needed and remorse, love and compassion when appropriate.I did enjoy her narration very much as her reading is clear, and well enunciated every word is emotion packed.

Book Review: Liv Forever, by Amy Talkington

Liv Bloom is accepted at Wickham Hall on scholarship for the last two years of her high school classes. Liv's excited and thrilled but also apprehensive as Wickham Hall is a high toned society school. Liv had been in four different foster homes before her parents adopted her. They were not rich people and Liv did not come from a wealthy or privileged background like the majority of Wickham students. A fact that they did lot let her forget.

It seems to be kismet when Liv and Malcolm's eye's meet across the chapel and Liv can't stop thinking about him. When he chooses her for the first dance on the night of the big First Supper she knows he has feelings for her. Gabe and Liv share a table at this supper and become fast friends. Gabe confesses that he can see and hear the ghosts of Wickham Hall and sometimes they scare him. Liv doesn't believe in ghost and wonders about Gabe's sanity. Still she likes Gabe and isn't going to let his belief in ghost interfere with their friendship.

After Liv is murdered she turns to Gabe, to help find her killer. Between the three of them they see a pattern between Liv's murder and the past suicides at Wickham Hall. Malcolm has to rely on Gabe to tell him what Liv is saying and between the three of them they piece together the history of the so called suicides. But to what end, why approximately every ten years and what do all these girls have in common especially what does Liv have in common with them to become the latest victim. I really enjoyed this book and can recommend it as a good read for anyone that likes a creepy, ghost stories with some romance. Definitely a five star read and such an excellent narration by Jorjeana Marie


The Rejected Suitor by Teresa McCarthy Narrated by Pearl Hewitt

The Rejected Suitor
Teresa McCarthy
Narrator: Pearl Hewitt
Audio Book
Pearl Hewitt 7 hours 44 minutes

Photo of Pearl Hewitt Narrator of The Rejected Suitor
Narrator Pearl Hewitt
Pearl Hewitt has a beautiful voice that is bound to charm the most discriminating listener. Very sophisticated and cultured with wonderful enunciation. Ms. Hewitt's male characters are stunningly good, to the point that you completely forget that it is not a male speaking at all. Not to overlook the gracious ladies and the older matrons all who are represented with adeptness. 

There were a large number of characterizations that stood out from the others for the clever way Ms. Hewitt captures their wit and personalities. Pearl Hewitt also did a superb job reading Mr. Darcy's Letter that showcased her many talents as a premier narrator.

Book Review: The Rejected Suitor by Theresa McCarthy

Author of The Rejected Suitor, A Regency Romance
Author Teresa McCarthy
The Rejected Suitor is a historical romance about Lady Emily Clearbrook who has loved Jared the Earl of Stonebridge for at least three years. Now at twenty her four brothers have decided that they will choose a husband for her.  Emily strongly objects to this and considers it downright interference and strong arming. They just want to protect her from the cads as she has a fairly healthy dowry, and a large inheritance. Aside from that she is of course beautiful. Although Emily by our standards today is old enough at eighteen let alone twenty to make her own decisions, in the Regency times she is not. 

Her brothers know nothing of her past relationship with Jared when they send her off, (for her protection) to Jared and his mother to be her guardians. Emily is not against going but she does not know that he has returned from the wars and staying with his mother.  When she runs into him, literally, she is upset and angry and all the heartache floods in on her because Jared had asked her to marry him three years before then he just marries someone else and never contacts her again. Can't say she is not justified in her anger but she has no idea that he did ask her father to marry her (they did that in the old days) and her father turned him down. 

There are many misunderstandings between all the players and so much lying going on that it is difficult for Emily to know who to believe. She finally settles on marrying Lord William Brinkstone, who, although quite a bit older than her seems like a suitable husband because he is kind, gentle and honest. Williams heart belongs to another as does Emily's, so will Emily actually marry him? Perhaps it will all end well and in happiness or maybe not. 

There were many clever and well written lines in this story that made it stand out from most other romance books such as : "amber eyes, battled with blue" or "the chilly air nipped at Emily's neck," and "trousers the color of biscuits," which add so much to the overall quality of the story. Pearl Hewitt's reading skills are so versatile and engaging that you can't help but enjoy every moment of it.'


High Moor Author: Graeme Reynolds Narrator: Chris Barnes

High Moor Author: Graeme Reynolds
Narrator: Chris BarnesDynamic Ram Audio ProductionsAudio Book
7 hours 15 minutes

Chris Barnes Narrator photo image
Narrator Chris Barnes

This is a somewhat different narration from Chris Barnes than what he did for Tonia Brown's, The Cold Beneath. If you want authentic then here it is, Barnes' Scottish accent is fantastic, and authentic, none of the bumbled contrived accents that are either annoying or just hard to listen to. I do love those rolled R's, slight like a short trill. The excitement he instills into this book is incredible. This is a breathless terror filled narration by one of our finest narrators. Young Simon's absolute terror and Billy's fear is done in such an exceptional manner that you will feel the fear, see the terror possibly taste the blood, and your heart will be pounding. A wonderful and amazing narration.

Book Review: High Moor

Author Graeme Reynolds photo image
Author Graeme Reynolds
High Moor is a full blown werewolf tale in the traditional sense. Page after page of werewolves gone wild with all the flying fur, bloody fangs and bone snapping thrills. I've always wondered about the transformation from human to wolf and thought surely that must be painful. This book covers that and seems it is painful, but at some point the pain gives way into pleasure with the exhilaration of power filling the person.This story would make a great RPG video game.

John Simpson returns to his home town of High Moor when he learns of attacks that sound like a werewolf to him. To the police it is just an unfathomable and unexplained vicious murder. John knows first hand what wolves can do, he had his own terrifying experiences when he was a boy in 1986. Experiences that left him a werewolf himself. But, John, with extreme self control learned how to keep the needs of the werewolf and his human self in check. Not so easy to do during the full moon.

We move back and forth between the 1986 days of horror for him and for the town of High Moor, and 2008 which is even more terrifying and deadly. The race is on to stop the werewolf's and John drops everything to go to High Moor and help. We flash back to when John was a boy and he and his brother and best friend build a tree house far into the woods where they think their nemesis Malcolm Harrison and his cohorts, won't find them. Malcolm has already destroyed their last fort, and bullies the boys without mercy. This bullying goes on until John is whisked away by his parents to protect him from the inevitable results of every full moon.

Returning to High Moor is full of surprises for John and the renewal of old friendships especially with Maria his childhood gal pal. Can John really do anything to help with the amount of werewolves that have amassed in High Moor or is he just going to be one more added to their numbers. Werewolves are pack animals and the ones in his hometown have formed into packs. Yet there is one lone wolf that can bring down hell on High Moor and he has a voracious appetite for blood. The numbers of the dead are piling up and not just humans but animals also. Will a silver bullet rid them of the wolves before the wolves decimate the towns population. Thankfully there are two sequels to the book, enough to satisfy the most blood lustful audience.
There must be plenty as this series has a 5 star rating and is very, very popular. 

The Potential by June Bretherton Narrated by Roger Worrod

The Potential
Author: June Bretherton
Narrator: Roger Worrod

Time: 8 hours 25 minutes

The Potential by June Bretherton

Narrator Roger Worrod
Roger Worrod has a wonderful, confident voice that is fantastic to listen too. He is a very talented narrator. I like that Worrod doesn't just read the text but does a fine job of expressing the content of the story line. It really is amazing that one person can give the impression of a full cast of characters. Although Worrod does not actually mimic female voices, he does give them good emphasis and character so they are distinguishable from males. He really does an exceptional job with dialog. The reading is flawless with no punching of syllables, no strange pausing and Worrod reads with confidence and skill.

Book Review: The Potential by June Bretherton

I categorize The Potential as a cozy mystery as we meet the local color of Gilchester, we're intimately involved in daily life of a small village and even get an account of the eats. I loved the food and drink references,  Shephards Pie, Sausage and Mash, so English. Bretherton really does a good job of creating a scene and making you feel like you are right there in Gilchester.

Simon Dyers lives with his American girl friend Val, in London. A small museum in Gilchester has hired him to take charge of putting together a temporary art exhibit to interest locals from their small village to attend and generate more interest in all the museum has to offer. When Simon examines their collections, he sees possibilities to put together some interesting exhibits that will hopefully replace the somewhat dull presentations it now offers.

Simon feels a bit dubious about the board of trustees giving their approval. With the first meeting of the board of trustees, one is not there. Later to be found dead. One by one people are being murdered. Well maybe not that many three or four but all have something in common. Simon's girlfriend becomes involved as an amateur detective putting herself in danger. Val and Simon had a lovely relationship until she goes to Gilchester and is deeply disturbed with a side of Simon she had never seen before.

This story was is easy listening, as your gently pulled along to a very surprising ending. Actually I didn't see the ending coming at all. Generally I don't pit my weak detective skills against any mystery story but usually have a couple suspects before the ending in the case of The Potential, I had none and somehow did not find any solid link between the perp and the previous chapters. I am sure you will be unable to guess who the murder is either. A great cozy for those of us who are cozy fans.