At the Behest of the Dead Written by: Timothy W. Long Narrated by: Todd Menesses

At the Behest of the Dead
Written by: Timothy W. Long
Narrated by: Todd Menesses

Length: 10 hrs and 10 mins
Unabridged Audiobook

photo of author Timothy W. Long narratorreviews.org
Author Timothy W. Long

Narrator Todd Menesses narratorreviews.org
Narrator Todd Menesses

Todd Menesses has one of the most brilliant voices I've had the pleasure of listening too, very deep and throaty, macho to the max and he wields it like a scepter, slicing out every drop of creepiness, and emotion as well as stressing and stretching actions. I have only the highest of praise for this narrator. He takes command of the story and delivers it up until you almost believe you could love a warlock. Very good with giving each character an individual presence and female characters are well done. Todd Menesses is major leaguer in the audio book arena.

Timothy W. Long author of At the Behest of the Dead, not only writes a good story but has a terrific sense of humor. Laughing out loud to a book about a warlock and the underworld is not something one would expect but he had me laughing and appreciating his wry sense of humor throughout the book.

Phineas Cavanaugh deals in all things of the underworld and sometimes works for the Seattle police department. He takes on a strange case for them when Detective Andrews has hit the proverbial brick wall on some gruesome serial killings. Andrews isn't real keen on hiring a wizard and when she sees him in action she clearly isn't impressed but it isn't long before she realize that although his methods of discovery are just a bit weird, like sniffing the ground where the corpse had been, they prove invaluable to the investigation.

Phineas rides his pitchfork to travel from place to place, has a magic potion of eye-drops that work like night vision goggles and wears his cloak with jeans underneath it. He has many potions to use when working on a case but with all these tools, his ancient age and vast experience and training in all things magical he does find that the attractive Detective Andrews' gun is very handy also.

A young emissary arrives to tell Phineas his old mentor Salazar has been brutally killed and he's needed to find the demon who did it. Not only is Phineas saddened to hear this but surprised they sent for him at all since he'd been banished from the group years before.

Phineas is a very powerful necromancer but is he powerful enough to take on a demon that was able to take down Salazar. Maybe not without the help of his old girlfriend Glenda a healer, Frank a shapeshifter and a variety of other minions. Saving Salazar from hell is not going to be easy, perhaps not even possible. Phineas pits forces against demons that scare even him.


Captain of My Heart Heroes of the Sea, Book 2 By Danelle Harmon Narrated By Wayne Farrell

Captain of My Heart
Heroes of the Sea, Book 2
By Danelle Harmon
Narrated By Wayne Farrell
Series: Heroes of the Sea, Book 2
Length: 14 hrs and 20 mins

Wayne Farrell Narrator
Wayne Farrell Narrator
An excellent narration is not a promise but a guarantee when the narrator is the talented Wayne Farrell. Once again he presents a stunning and multifaceted reading of Captain of My Heart. We've heard the excitement, fear and terror he's expressed in other books and we have a treat this time with his romantic voice. Yes, indeed a very melodious and romantic tone sets the scenes to perfection. Let Mr. Farrell whisk you away to 1775 and into the world of ships, seas, and romance. I appreciate the fact that Mr.Farrell, although of Irish descent is able to pronounce words properly. I listened to a book last week where the narrator could not manage the th sound in a single word. It was terrible to listen to.

Author Danelle Harmon Historical Romance Author
Danelle Harmon Author

Captain of My Heart starts off with a flourish that  continues throughout the book. Captain Brendan Merrick was highly thought of by his old crew and was moving up the ranks in
His Majesties Navy. Now a Flag Captain he makes an unexpected visit to his old ship and crew to investigate reports of unusually cruel punishments. Brendan finds out just how cruel and unjust the new captain Crichton is. A violent confrontation between them sends Brendan overboard and his artistically talented sister wounded.

Brendan is rescued and becomes a privateer in the American Colonies and dreams of building a ship unlike any other and the only shipbuilder of any worth is Ashton. Once Brendan meets Ashtons' daughter Mira he is both intrigued and repelled by her. Mira has her heart set on no one but Brendan.

Once Mira has nearly killed him with her wild horseback riding, he quickly decides he wants nothing to do with her and her hoydenish ways and sets out to locate the next best shipbuilder. Mira is not going to let him leave so easily and goes late at night to his ship to apologize to him. Now no decent woman goes to a mans quarters and that late at night and Brendan points this out to her. Undaunted by conventions she remains and present her case.

2014 has been a first for running into books with thoroughly unlikable protagonist and Mira is at first place as a detestable and unbelievable main character. She's rude, unruly, tries to pass herself off as young man or boy, just very obnoxious. Her father and brothers are not much better. Her only redeeming character is she rescues cats and takes very good care of them.

What comes to mind is Mira is the female equivalent of the 'bad boy' that so many young women are attracted to. It just seemed so unlikely that a gentleman of good breeding would find anything about her intriguing. She is not just a spitfire like in so many romance books but an uncultured, self centered hoyden.

The book is excellent for scene setting with in depth descriptions that bring the story to vivid life. It is well written and heavy on action and adventure. Wayne Farrell with his distinctive voice and ability to create a mood makes it a very enjoyable book even if some of the characters were flavorless.

Other books narrated by Wayne Farrell:

The Spinning Heart by Donal Ryan Narrated by Wayne Farrell


Dixie Diva Blues by Virginia Brown Narrator Karen ComminsAuthor

Dixie Diva Blues
Dixie Diva Mysteries, Book 3
Written by: Virginia Brown
Narrated by: Karen Commins
Length: 12 hrs and 47 mins
Bell Bridge Books

Virginia Brown author of  Dixie Diva Blues, The Dixie Diva Series
Author Virginia Brown

 Karen Commins narrator of Dixie Diva Blues
Narrator Karen Commins

Karen Commins transitions from Drop Dead Divas to Dixie Diva Blues characters
very smoothly. You will easily know when it's Bitty and when it's Trinket speaking. The other Southern speakers also have nice individual voices. Karen Commins does a believable and lively reading. I like the way she is able to dramatize everything so expertly. Bitty is so arrogant and defiant and Ms.Commins captures precisely the tone of Trinkets caustic remarks you can just see Trinket rolling her eyes in askance with Bittys' boldness and hair brained schemes. Self absorbed Bitty seldom notices the chaffing and tongue in cheek comments from Trinket.  

The Dixie Divas certainly outdo themselves in Dixie Diva Blues, when they rally around Rayna to help get her husband Rob Rainey out of jail and prove he is not a murderer. Off they go to a near by town, Clarksdale, to post bail for Rob. Something that should go smoothly, very nearly doesn't when Bitty refuses to leave Chen Ling her very spoiled pug in the car. Bitty as always wins the argument but not until she's turned things into a three ring circus. Once Rob is bailed out he pleads with the divas to not get involved in trying to find the real killer of Larry Whittier. Bitty over-rides everyone with her skewed logic that the diva's have found other murders in the past and vows they will find Larry's killer.

Rob is a bondsman and insurance investigator and had tracked down Larry Whittier to a rental cabin in the Clarksdale area. When he went there to arrange a bail bond and make sure he showed up at court, something Rob did on a regular basis but when he knocked on the door Larry told him to go away, but the door was unlocked and he went in anyway, only to be hit on the head from behind. When he came too Larry was dead and the cops showed up and arrested him for murdering Larry. Ballistics results showed Rob's gun was the one used to kill Larry.

Trinket, Bitty and Gaynelle rent the cabin that Larry was killed in to see if they can find any clues and to talk to employees and anyone else that was there the day of the murder. Of course they are not the only ones interested in looking for clues there and the three of them attack and are attacked by a ninja clad intruder that woke them in the middle of the night with his opening and closing of drawers and cabinet doors. Armed with nothing the Divas prevail, after all what's one ninja against three Divas. Knowing now that someone else is searching for something, they intensify their own fishing expedition.

With additional clues under their belts they later investigate the storage bin that Larry Whittier had been arrested for breaking into. With Bitsy in the lead as usual she dresses up Trinket to look like a man so they can persuade the office clerk to let them into the storage unit. This nearly gets the two of them arrested but the do manage by sheer luck to find what Larry was breaking into the unit to get.

The antics of these Divas are so hilarious you will laugh out loud. Only the Divas and more particularly Bitty can come up with the most hair brained schemes that often put them in danger of either being arrested or killed. Things manage to come out alright in the end mainly because of Bitty's incredible good luck and perseverance. The Diva Series are all fun and wildly crazy with antics that only these southern belles can come up with. A good cozy mystery to warm up to on a chilly winters night with a mint julep of course. Karen Commins does do a masterful presentation of these southern ladies.


Kitty Kitty Bang Bang By Sparkle Abbey, Narrated By Karen Commins

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
Series: Pampered Pets, Book 3
By Sparkle Abbey

Narrated By Karen Commins
Length: 6 hrs and 12 mins
Producer: Bell Books, Inc.

Karen Commins narrator of Kitty Kitty Bang Bang by Sparkle Abbey
Narrator Karen Commins

Review of Narrator Karen Commins:

Karen Commins does an exceptionally nice job narrating Kitty Kitty Bang Bang. Her portrayal of April May was priceless. Ms. Commins certainly did make this annoying and helpless character a scene stealer from the protagonist Cora Lamont. It was an incredible and correct interpretation of a high pitched, twangy and heavily accented voice. Ms.Commins did a praise worthy job with Cora for all the emotional highs, lows and angst she experienced. It is noteworthy that Karen Commins did not transfer any of the voice characteristics from other novels she's narrated but gave each person their own unique personalities. A very enjoyable listening experience.

Sparkle Abbey authors of the Pampered Pets Series
Sparkle Abbey Authors
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang is the third in the Pampered Pets Series Written by Sparkle Abbey. A frolicsome cozy mystery about Caro Lamont a successful animal psychiatrist living in Laguna Beach, California. She and her neighbor Kitty Bardot a much sought after public relations agent are at the Hotel Montage for a function featuring  animal artist, her clients, two Bengal cats, Tobey and Minou, who are popular painters and award winners are in the show.

Kitty asks Caro if she'd take the cats home for her as she has an urgent meeting and must leave right away. Of course Caro is happy to do this and she collects the cats and along with her love interest Sam Gallanos. On the way home they are stuck in traffic because of an accident. Caro recognizes the car as belonging to Kitty, shocked and dismayed Caro and Sam leave and take the cats home. Caro hopes that she won't have to take care of them for very long, but with such a bad accident Kitty could be in the hospital for awhile. Unaware that Kitty is going not to the hospital but the morgue.

Later when Caro learns that Kitty is dead from a snipers bullet she vows to not get involved in it. Even after April May introduces herself to Caro as the long lost sister of Kitty she still tries to hold to her vow not to get involved. This doesn't last long at all as April May is a elf of a woman that is very naive and needs constant help with everything from selecting a funeral outfit for Kitty to meeting with Kitty's attorney. Really April is very lost in this upscale area of the rich and famous. April can be more trouble than she seems worth, but does manages to get Caro involved in finding out who killed her sister.

Divas and Dead Rebels By Virginia Brown Narrated By Karen Commins

Divas and Dead Rebels

By Virginia Brown

Narrated By Karen Commins

Belle Books, Inc.   

13 hours 

Divas and Dead Rebels Narrator Karen Commins
Karen Commins Narrator

Karen Commins is a wonderful narrator, telling the story with her voice and she truly captures the personalities of each character. Her Southern voice is exceptional and Bitty Hollandale is so distinctive and individualistic that one could imagine her as a real person. I think Karen Commins has expanded and fleshed out Bitty and Trinket way beyond what even the author had in mind. To read the text of the Divas would only be a shallow and two-dimensional personification of Bitty and Trinket, whereas listening to Ms. Commins they explode into your mind and come to life. Each book in the series is very long with a great deal of detail, again, to read the text could pall and become dull and lengthy but Karen Commins is such an extraordinary reader with true storytelling talent that time flies and you're totally engrossed listening and visualizing.

Author Virginia Brown Divas and Dead Rebels
Virginia Brown Author

Bitty Hollandale and Trinket Truevine, best friends and cousins don't let life just happen to them, they reach out and grab it whether it be fun or thorns. For these gals seem inclined to become involved in a murder. The gals have gone to the University of Mississippi to watch a game and Bitty has a conference with Professor Sturgis to discuss one of her twin boys failing grade in ancient history.

Touchy Bitty gets involved in a angry shouting match with Sturgis. To calm down and sooth her ruffled feathers she and Trinket do the sensible thing, they go shopping and have lunch. Very sensible indeed.

After lunch Bitty can't find her son and decides to check his dorm room. Surprise, he isn't there but a very dead Professor Sturgis is. Sensible Trinket wants to call 911, but, oh no, mother hen Bitty wants to move Sturgis. No one seems to be around so Bitty convinces Trinket to help her move Sturgis to another location.

They grab an empty laundry cart and dump Sturgis in, pile dirty clothes on him and wheel him across campus and dump him into an empty moving van. Bittys' reasoning was she didn't want Sturgis found in her sons room and implicating him in the murder. As always Bitty sounds somewhat reasonable and as always Trinket tries to dissuade her pointing out the possible consequences.


In Defense of Food By Michael Pollan Narrated By Scott Brick

In Defense of Food
By Michael PollanNarrated By Scott Brick

Length: 6 hrs and 23 mins
Penguin Audio

Scott Brick Narrator of Michael Pollan's books
Scott Brick Narrator

I just love Scott Brick's narration of In Defense of Food. His voice is strong, crystal clear, and
ripe with insinuation and incredulity of what he's reading. I felt that some of time he sounds not
outraged by the trickery or deception of the food industry but scandalized. He has completely taken over and succinctly drawn out everything Michael Pollan has written. I've enjoyed other books Mr. Brick has narrated but In Defense of Food is his most superb. I don't believe another narrator would have done this book as much justice as Scott Brick has done. There are other great narrators no doubt, but Scott Brick seems to bring something special and meaningful to this particular book.

Michael Pollan author of In Defense of Food narratorreviews.org
Author Michael Pollan

In Defense of Food,  is an in depth examination of processed food, the new food scientist, advertising firms, and how they and the politicians, FDA, and industrialized farms have stealthily over taken every aspect of the way and what we eat.   Mother's no longer cook, few schools cook their own meals but have it trucked in, the majority of institutions do the same. Gone are the cafeteria's with humans preparing and serving up real food. Vending machines also reside in places they were never seen before. We no longer eat much real food, processed foods are not foods at all. The list of chemicals on most labels is appalling, not only are the words unpronounceable, we don't even know what they are, or why they are in food. Simply put, it's chemicals that we are eating called food products. If there is any trace evidence of real food it is at best just that, a trace amount.

Industrial farms do not rotate crops as a farmer would do, they rely more and more on spraying chemicals against insects. The soil is depleted of its nutrients and crops grow faster. Faster growing crops do not have time to absorb nutrients or sink their roots down deep. The larger percentage of farming today has given over to corn and soy and thirdly rice. The major amount of the produce in the grocery store has been shipped from countries as far away as China. As food is stored and shipped it loses some of it nutritional value. Something we can hardly afford to have happen.

Pollan, discusses in depth about meat and the results to our health from eating animals fed on soy and corn, injected with a variety of antibiotics and hormones. The phrase he uses, "You are what you eat, and what you eat, eats."


Virginia Brown, Divas Do Tell, Narrated by Karen Commins

Divas Do Tell Dixie Diva Mysteries, Book 5
by: Virginia Brown
Narrated by: Karen Commins
Length: 12 hrs and 48 mins

Karen Commins Narrator reading Virginia Brown's Divas Do Tell
Karen Commins Narrator
Virginia Brown Author of Devas Do Tell
Virginia Brown author of The Dixie Divas

Karen Commins,  presentation of Divas Do Tell, was outstanding. Her rendition of the movie star was perfection. From beginning to end we are artfully drawn into the story with fine Southern renditions and representing more than one Southern accent. Bitty is so well done you can almost get to resent and dislike her because of the way Ms. Commins plays her. Trinkets annoyance and forbearance with Bittys' schemes and over bearing ways is also extremely well done. The excitement level is intense at times and well read. Divas Do Tell is Ms.Commins most splendid of the series. I also enjoyed the story the best of the five in the series. I really don't know how Ms. Commins prevented herself from laughing while reading about items in the 'blue room' of the the lingerie shop Trinket works in part time. I know I had to laugh out loud. I was thoroughly charmed with Karen Commins wonderful reading of this fun, fun, fun, book.

Once again Bitty bullies and cajoles Trinket into one scheme after another that Trinket just knows is going to end badly, and things almost always do. Dixie Lee Forsythe who once lived in Holly Springs Mississippi, wrote a blockbuster book  Dark Secrets Under the Holly, based on people and events that happened over the years in Holly Springs. Only problem is nearly every person, with the names changed of course, is in the book and it divulges things they would rather forget about. Dixie Lee Forsythe happens to be a Dixie Diva and naturally knows what goes on at the Divas meetings, and the Divas motto is what happens with the Divas stays with the Divas. The Divas are not pleased with Dixie Lee's revealing Diva secrets. No one in Holly Springs is happy with what they are reading and nearly everyone wants to strangle Dixie Lee.

Hollywood comes to Holly Springs to make a movie based on Dark Secrets Under the Holly. For Hollywood its a natural for movie material, sizzling sex, hot romances, secret liaisons and a kidnapping. Every dirty little secret is in the book and everyone recognizes themselves and they all know who each person is. Bitty is ready to kill Dixie Lee herself. When Dixie Lee starts getting death threats she implores the Divas find out who is writing them and if they should be taken seriously. This is no easy task even for the Divas, when everyone in town has a motive including the Divas. Everyone including the police put it all down to Hollywood sensationalism just seeking publicity.


Drop Dead Divas: A Dixie Divas Mysteries, by Virginia Brown Narrated by: Karen Commins

Drop Dead Divas: Dixie Divas Mysteries, Book 2
Written by: Virginia Brown
Narrated by: Karen Commins
Length: 12 hrs and 27 mins
Bell Bridge Books

Drop Dead Divas, Book 2 of the Dixie Devas series Virginia Brown
Drop Dead Divas by Virginia Brown

Virginia Brown author of the Dixie Divas mystery series
Virginia Brown Author

photo Narrator Karen Commins reading Drop Dead Divas
Narrator Karen Commins

Karen Commins, has a clear and precise voice. I like her rendition of Bitty, I think her Southern voice for Bitty is excellent. The Southern accent is going to be heard differently by different people. It's really not an easy accent to accomplish. I've been in the South many times and heard a variety of Southern accents from different people. Ms. Commons has a good balance between Southern and understandable which it has to be distinct for a variety of listeners. The Southern accent between Bitty and Naomi is unique and identifiable. I also like Ms. Commins' rendering of the text parts of the book, definitely clearly and well spoken. Karen Commins does a charming and praisable narration and maintains the character voices from beginning to end.

Drop Dead Divas is the second in the Dixie Diva series, and is as funny with the quips as it is great for content. Bitty and Trinket manage to get involved in a murder again, this time two murders. Naomi Spencer floozy of Holly Springs, Mississippi, is accused of killing her fiancee Race Champion, with a name like that of course he is the local Champion Drag Racer as well as a trainer at Golds Gym. Not much is said about Naomi that's good. Women despise her and men can't wait to know her better. Truth is Race Champion doesn't have that good a reputation, know as a womanizer already when he asked Naomi to marry him. Perhaps this could have been a good match between to lusty people, if murder hadn't intervened.

Bitty and Trinket are terrible gossips, and dig deep into each persons story of Race Champions murder. The consensus is that Naomi killed him. It just might be people are quick to judge Naomi based on their own dislike of her more than any genuine evidence. Even the police arrest her on flimsy evidence. Suspect number one flies out the window when Bitty and Trinket find Naomi murdered. It does start to seem suspicious that Naomi is strangled in Bittys' mountain cabin, a hideaway she had built and the only person who even knew about it was Bitty's ex-husband, now dead. This does not bode well for Bitty as police look at her with renewed interest.

Don't be deceived that Bitty is an air head, she can be very cunning and devious as revealed when she wants information. With Naomi dead they have to review their list of suspects and start examining motives and opportunity. As usual Trinket would prefer to let the police do their job, but Bitty has such curiosity and well is just flat out nosy that she with little effort persuades Trinket to go along with all her schemes and machinations. This is a long book and we get to know more about the residents of Holly Springs and about the Divas, "What happens with the Divas, stays with the Divas" which is handy when this fun duo need sworn to silence help.


Jesse Craignou, Keeping Me Company Narrated by Helen Lloyd

Keeping Me Company
By Jesse Craignou
Narrated By Helen Lloyd
Length: 2 hrs and 17 mins

Narrator Reviews, photo of Jesse Craignou
Jesse Craignou Author

Narrator Reviews Keeping Me Company by Jesse Craignou
Keeping Me Company by Jesse Craignou

Narrator Reviews Helen Lloyd Narrating Keeping Me Company by Jesse Craignou
Narrator Helen Lloyd

Helen Lloyd is a British Voice Artist, with a rich, and very cultured voice, her narration of Jesse Craignou's Keeping Me Company is lovely and she makes the words flow like magic. Clear, concise, everything is well timed making each word extremely momentous. She has sometimes a rather soft  breathy exhalation that is most appealing. Her characterizations are exceptional whether doing an older person, or a more middle age upper class person. She gives lots of emphasis on adjectives, giving depth and dramatic portrayals. Helen Lloyd is definitely is a rare talent that promises perfection to whatever she performs.

Jesse Craignou gives women credit for their many contributions to life and society as a whole. He expresses his appreciation of the fairer sex in these shorts, extolling some of the emotional content and complexity of women. If you enjoy a type of circular poetry you will enjoy Keeping Me Company, and in Mr. Craignou's own words about this lovely work,

"Women have always played a key role in my life and I more than long wanted to pay them a fair tribute… and what better could I do than tell their story ? Women bring us into this world and often see us go before them…They can be together and are often alone… whether by choice chance or design… how they fend for their living through love family and business… is often tribute to the reason of their passion…As soon as I put pen to paper the first word is followed by another and another and another and words tag on together… and the words become my words for my greatest pleasure…
Words and I are words of a feather…I look at my writing in more of an oral approach… spoken word’s the written word here… our lips are not sealed…My writing evolves around not only words and ideas but also reason rhymes… sounds like poetry… imagine you’re listening… and let yourself be carried away
My words depict the surreal side of everyday life… with all its eerie magic… riding the crest of the' jagged edge between fact and fiction…The music of my words is my melody…My writing is concentric spirals of introspective narrative..." Dare I say ohh la, la, to such lovely words for womanhood. Those French men do know the way to a woman's heart.


Nobody's Child: Georgia Davis Series: author Libby Hellmann Narrated by: Beth Richmond

Nobody's Child
Georgia Davis Series, Book 4
Written by: Libby Fischer Hellmann 
Narrated by: Beth Richmond
Producer: Red Herring Press
Length: 10 hrs and 37 mins

Nobody's Child book cover
Nobody's Child by Libby Hellmann

Author Libby Fischer Hellman
Author Libby Fischer Hellmann

Beth Richmond photo
Narrator Beth Richmond

You have to appreciate the sensational way that Beth Richmond's narrations always suit the characters of whatever book she is reading. Her renditions are always fresh and superbly done. Characterizations as well as text that's read are works of art. Ms. Richmonds' readings are dynamic and with fabulous pitch, whilst always maintaining a feminine melodious tone. She always does a consistent, and engaging presentation. You are guaranteed a pleasurable time when you to listen to this remarkable narrator.

Nobody's Child, Written by: Libby Fischer Hellmann

Georgia Davis, P.I. seems to scrape along doing mundane cases, insurance claims, and the like. Until  Reggie Fields is hit by Flash Mob Robbers at his designer discount store. Reggie ends up in the ER needing stitches and his wife calls Georgia to find the person behind this flash mob attack. Reggie is sure he knows who orchestrated it. The police are backing off it and Reggie knows why. They show Georgia the surveillance tape and give her all the information they have. Georgia isn't sure she can really help as it looks to her like the police have done all they could with the scant amount of information they have. Yet, Georgia agrees to at least see what she can find out, which turns out to be much more than she anticipated.

Georgia is led through a terrifying series of events when she receives a note scribbled on a food wrapper. Stunned when she reads a plea for help from her half sister. Georgia didn't even know she had a half sister. The note tells her to find her, with so little to go on Georgia wonders if it's a joke, but intrigued with the idea of having a half sister. With few clues to go on, Georgia does locate Savannah but is she too late to save her. Savannah is pregnant and a drug addict held a virtual prisoner and sex slave by foreign mobsters. If she saves her can she save her from a drug addiction and protect her. Before she finds out a body that fits the description of her sister is found dead in a ditch.

Nobody's Child is a very fast paced story, taking Georgia into the under-belly of society, danger and vice swiftly pull her into threats and opens her to her own vulnerabilities. She uses clever and unusual ways to uncover the truth and launch a rescue for Savannah and her unborn baby. Everything is going to upset the balance of her simple and uncomplicated life. Can she embrace so drastic a change in her own life and does she want to. These are questions she searches her inner self for and she is the only one that can answer those questions.


The Curve of Time By, M. Wylie Blanchet, Narrated by, Heather Anne Henderson

The Curve of Time
Sub Title:  The Classic Memoir Of A Woman And
Her Children Who Explored The Coastal Waters Of The Pacific
Author:  M. Wylie Blanchet
Narrator:  Heather Anne Henderson
Produced by: Post Hypnotic Press
7 Hrs 24 Min

The Curve of Time by M. Wylie Blanchet Narrated by Heather Anne Henderson
The Curve of Time by M.Wylie Blanchet

Heather Anne Henderson, narrator of The Curve of Time
Heather Anne Henderson


Heather Anne Henderson will make you visualize precisely the very detailed descriptions that Blanchet gives in The Curve of Time: Memoirs about the Coastal Waters of the Pacific. Ms. Hendersons' voice is gentle, and pleasant and a joy to listen to. I did Google the areas Blanchet describes to anchor in my mind exactly where they are located and what the areas look like. Google classic maps is wonderful for that. It added a great deal to the book. As Ms. Henderson reads, she conveys exactly the meaning the author wrote, whether it's the fear of a mama bear, the sadness over a fish that they caught from the depths or the excitement of when the inlet opens up and shoots their boat across.

It takes a very special talent to read this type of book and maintain interest as it covers, history, geography, and personal accounts. I know nothing about boats, sailing or navigating, never had much interest but Heather Henderson with her marvelous narration manages to make it all sound fascinating, fun and terribly interesting. I was completely captured listening to her. Her pace is excellent, her pauses are well timed and her voice is magnificent. Heather A. Henderson is a popular and well established actress with a wide variety of performances and many voice over talents to her credit.

The Curve of Time, is about Muriel Wylie Blanchet and her adventures with her five children as they spend their summers sailing between Vancouver Island and the coast of British Columbia. It is a wonderful story worthy of more than one read. On their twenty five foot boat, called the Caprice, Muriel loaded her children, which she often refers to as her crew, and their dog, and set sail to explore and experience all mother nature offered them. Muriel has to be the ideal personification of a perfect mother that I'm sure any young person would love to have. She was gutsy, resourceful, a tower of strength and guidance, a calming influence, as well as educator.

As an adult their adventures sound intimidating, few mother's today would pursue these kind of summer vacations. For a young person, they sound exciting and wonderful. They settled into coves at night or on pristine beaches. They caught their own dinner and cooked it either over a Coleman type stove or out on a beach with a fire pit they made themselves. For the most part days could pass without seeing another person. They hiked into areas to find lakes they had heard about from fishermen or lumbermen, that few people had ever seen. Climbed thousands of feet up mountains to pick wild berries, and explored Indian villages.

The hanging Indian graveyard was eerie and her descriptions of what they saw was detailed and fascinating. Most of the villages were deserted already for a long time. A few she says were seasonal that the Indians returned to for part of the year. I wasn't clear if she meant during her time or in the past. There just are no words sufficient to describe how engaging and interesting The Curve of Time is and Blanchet had a magical imagination and unique view point on everything.

Heather Anne Henderson gives her own review of this book and has some lovely photos of the boat, the children and an Indian village, at Heather Anne Henderson


Anne of Green Gables By: L.M. Montgomery Narrator, Colleen Winton

Anne of Green Gables
By: L.M. Montgomery
Narrated by: Colleen Winton
10 hours 20 minutes
Publisher: Post Hypnotic Press
CD Cover art of  Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

photo of Lucy Montgomery
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Colleen Winton Narrator and Actress
Narrator Colleen Winton

Colleen Winton is such a special narrator, capturing every nuance with sensitivity and great perception. Her interpretation of Miss Rachel Lynde is unrivaled making Miss Rachel sound just like the busybody that she is. I especially love how she expresses the enthusiasm Anne has for everything and her nearly non-stop chatter which is so outstanding it made me want to tell Anne to be quiet. Her interpretations of each character are consistent throughout the book  and she has a lovely voice too. She shows extreme talent doing the shy Matthew who has taken a liking to Anne during their eight mile trip home and he dreads to tell her they expected a boy. It is an award winning performance from Ms. Winton, when Matthew faces Merilla with a girl and a girl with red hair and freckles. Perfection is what you get with this narrators reading of this classic and much loved Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery.

Anne of Green Gables, first in the series of the Anne Shirley books, captures the heart and imagination from the very first page, where Lucy Montgomery skillfully blends the the nosy Miss Rachel heading for the Cuthbert farm to find out from Marilla Cuthbert where her brother Matthew was heading out to. To her astonishment she learns that Marilla and Matthew have decided to adopt a boy from the orphanage and he's to arrive on the train that day. Miss Rachel has nothing good to say about this yet can hardly wait to spread the news. The Cuthberts' feel a boy is just what sixty year old Matthew needs to help him out around the farm.

It's quite a surprise to Matthew when there is only a red haired, freckle faced girl waiting for him. Poor Matthew who is shy and doesn't talk much doesn't have the heart to tell the talkative child they were expecting a boy so he takes her home to let Marilla deal with it all. The journey home thrills Anne Shirley with her vivid and over active imagination and in a short time she has made a place for herself in Matthews heart thus becoming her champion in all things, especially when it is standing up for her against the stern and no nonsense Marilla.

Marilla is not pleased at all when Anne arrives and vows that she must be returned the very next day. Heartbroken and weeping little Anne Shirley is devastated as she already loved the farm, and everything she saw and was thrilled that she was going to have a  home and they wanted her. Marilla being a seemingly unlovely and harsh person is not too kind when she tells Anne and Matthew her decision. The story is as much about Marilla Cuthbert as it is about Anne Shirley and Matthew. As stern and flinty as Marilla appears she finds her inner core of softness though she would be loathe to admit it. She is deeply affected by Anne's telling of her past and Marilla feels pity for Anne and the sad life she'd had.

Such feelings are uncommon to Marilla, and instead of admitting that she really is intrigued with Anne she puts it on Matthew that he is the one that is taken with Anne and wants to keep her. When they arrive at Mrs. Spencer's her heart is already softening towards Ann and turning Anne over to be a drudge for the shrewish Mrs. Peter Blewett, who's reputation Marilla has heard a great deal and none of it good. Marilla has her first twinges of conscious and quickly back pedals and tells them that she came only to find out what the mix up was and that she'd have to talk it over with Matthew. With that Marilla heads home with a euphoric Anne Shirley. There is no mistaking the pleasure in Matthew's eyes when he see the both of them returning home.

Although the Anne Shirley books start in the late 1800's early 1900's they are so well written and poetic they still are loved by boys as well as girls. The characters are so well developed you become drawn into their circle of life and feel as if you know each one of them. It is so well divined that there is a special park people can visit on Prince Edward Island that is very popular. Where one can see the original Lover's Lane, and the Lake of Shinning Water and walk the paths that Anne did. You can visit their website here Anne Museum
or visit Green Gable's Park. I highly recommend buying the Audio Book as it is beautifully done by Colleen Winton and you will want to listen to it many times as you will never tire of it.


The Ian Fleming Files: Operation Armada, Book 1 Narrated by: Wayne Farrell

The Ian Fleming Files: Operation Armada
Book 1 of The Ian Fleming Files Series:
by: Damian Stevenson
Narrated by: Wayne Farrell
Length: 6 hrs and 11 mins

Damian Stevenson Author
Author Damian Stevenson

Narrator Wayne Farrell
Narrator, Wayne Farrell 

Just when you think a narrator surely can't outshine their last narration they surprise you like a lighting bolt with an even more heart stopping narration. Wayne Farrell has superseded himself with one of his greatest narrations to date. Ian Flemming would have been pleased, I know I am. I especially appreciated the slightly mystical tone he sets at the beginning of the book, and then with the slightest breathlessness when the mood changes and says " shattered the cathedral silence" ... then he smoothly picks up the crescendo to build to the faster pace for the arrival of Ian Flemming. Wayne Farrell always delivers exactly the right tone for the emotional content and excitement of the story. Excellent accents, outstanding French and German and his female voices were nice. The narration was so well done that you just hold onto the life raft and follow Farrell as he takes you on the undeniably greatest trip you'll go on in your lifetime. He brings the story to life in unimaginable ways.

Fans of Ian Fleming will really love this book, ripe with action, a generous amount of beautiful women, and enough exploits to keep them rapt for six hours. With the expected amount of lavish eating, drinking, and sexual delights, Ian Flemming manages to survive the the unimaginable and come out on top as a victor. Just when you think he's sure to get killed, like a magician he pulls a rabbit out of the hat and with some amazing maneuver he survives, putting even superman to shame. Women adore him, men admire or envy him and he is a hero in truest sense of the word.

Operation Armanda is a James Bond style story but from the Ian Flemming authors view. You can quickly research the life of Ian Flemming and how he developed the James Bond Series. The bones of the story are Flemming has to reach a French fleet of ships to negotiate an offer to Admiral Darlan. to buy them before France is invaded by Germany. The British do not want Darlan to sell them or have them taken from him by the Nazi's.

The challenge is getting Flemming into France during the German invasion to meet the commander of the fleet. Finally he is parachuted to a drop point in the Pyrenees, along with the radio operator. A storm nearly prevents them from jumping but of course in James Bond fashion, they go ahead and jump knowing it's risky. Flemming is almost sucked into the propellers but he manages to locate his hidden knife and cuts some lines and frees himself letting him land, alas, fifty miles away from the drop point. He locates his directions via a card and a compass and runs, yes, after nearly being killed in the propellers, hit by debris and heat and god knows what, nearly having the strong winds blow him off the edge of a precipice he still can run fifty miles.

Let me just say in order to enjoy it that you must keep in mind this is fiction, a novel. Set aside
your knowledge of WW 2 facts and think of some of it as steampunkish. Otherwise you will be unhappy with the story. It is an action packed adventure of a secret agent. Doing all the things we've come to think secret agents do. It is a mixture of fact and fantasy, Wayne Farrells narration actually is so wonderful that he makes you suspend disbelief so just follow along for the ride and enjoy it. Not being a spy enthusiast I do enjoy WW 2 history very much, I still enjoyed the book for what it is. I am not sure reading the story would have been as much fun or as interesting as listening to Mr. Farrell.


Liv Forever Author: Amy Talkington Narrator: Jorjeana Marie

Liv Forever
Author: Amy Talkington
Narrator: Jorjeana Marie
7 hours 17 minutes
Blackstone Audio
Young Adult

Amy Talkington photo
Author Amy Talkington
Debut novel by Amy Talkington Liv Forever A paranormal Romance
Liv Forever by Amy Talkington

photo of Narrator Jorjeana Marie
Narrator Jorjeana Marie

Narrator Jorjeana Marie, does a fine narration with just the right amount of solemnity, fitting the somewhat sad tale of Liv Bloom who is so artistically talented, pretty and intelligent but very inept socially. Ms. Marie conveys everything from the menacing and the ghoulish to the tender and romantic with poise and confidence. Creating a sense of tension and horror where needed and remorse, love and compassion when appropriate.I did enjoy her narration very much as her reading is clear, and well enunciated every word is emotion packed.

Book Review: Liv Forever, by Amy Talkington

Liv Bloom is accepted at Wickham Hall on scholarship for the last two years of her high school classes. Liv's excited and thrilled but also apprehensive as Wickham Hall is a high toned society school. Liv had been in four different foster homes before her parents adopted her. They were not rich people and Liv did not come from a wealthy or privileged background like the majority of Wickham students. A fact that they did lot let her forget.

It seems to be kismet when Liv and Malcolm's eye's meet across the chapel and Liv can't stop thinking about him. When he chooses her for the first dance on the night of the big First Supper she knows he has feelings for her. Gabe and Liv share a table at this supper and become fast friends. Gabe confesses that he can see and hear the ghosts of Wickham Hall and sometimes they scare him. Liv doesn't believe in ghost and wonders about Gabe's sanity. Still she likes Gabe and isn't going to let his belief in ghost interfere with their friendship.

After Liv is murdered she turns to Gabe, to help find her killer. Between the three of them they see a pattern between Liv's murder and the past suicides at Wickham Hall. Malcolm has to rely on Gabe to tell him what Liv is saying and between the three of them they piece together the history of the so called suicides. But to what end, why approximately every ten years and what do all these girls have in common especially what does Liv have in common with them to become the latest victim. I really enjoyed this book and can recommend it as a good read for anyone that likes a creepy, ghost stories with some romance. Definitely a five star read and such an excellent narration by Jorjeana Marie


The Rejected Suitor by Teresa McCarthy Narrated by Pearl Hewitt

The Rejected Suitor
Teresa McCarthy
Narrator: Pearl Hewitt
Audio Book
Pearl Hewitt 7 hours 44 minutes

Photo of Pearl Hewitt Narrator of The Rejected Suitor
Narrator Pearl Hewitt
Pearl Hewitt has a beautiful voice that is bound to charm the most discriminating listener. Very sophisticated and cultured with wonderful enunciation. Ms. Hewitt's male characters are stunningly good, to the point that you completely forget that it is not a male speaking at all. Not to overlook the gracious ladies and the older matrons all who are represented with adeptness. 

There were a large number of characterizations that stood out from the others for the clever way Ms. Hewitt captures their wit and personalities. Pearl Hewitt also did a superb job reading Mr. Darcy's Letter that showcased her many talents as a premier narrator.

Book Review: The Rejected Suitor by Theresa McCarthy

Author of The Rejected Suitor, A Regency Romance
Author Teresa McCarthy
The Rejected Suitor is a historical romance about Lady Emily Clearbrook who has loved Jared the Earl of Stonebridge for at least three years. Now at twenty her four brothers have decided that they will choose a husband for her.  Emily strongly objects to this and considers it downright interference and strong arming. They just want to protect her from the cads as she has a fairly healthy dowry, and a large inheritance. Aside from that she is of course beautiful. Although Emily by our standards today is old enough at eighteen let alone twenty to make her own decisions, in the Regency times she is not. 

Her brothers know nothing of her past relationship with Jared when they send her off, (for her protection) to Jared and his mother to be her guardians. Emily is not against going but she does not know that he has returned from the wars and staying with his mother.  When she runs into him, literally, she is upset and angry and all the heartache floods in on her because Jared had asked her to marry him three years before then he just marries someone else and never contacts her again. Can't say she is not justified in her anger but she has no idea that he did ask her father to marry her (they did that in the old days) and her father turned him down. 

There are many misunderstandings between all the players and so much lying going on that it is difficult for Emily to know who to believe. She finally settles on marrying Lord William Brinkstone, who, although quite a bit older than her seems like a suitable husband because he is kind, gentle and honest. Williams heart belongs to another as does Emily's, so will Emily actually marry him? Perhaps it will all end well and in happiness or maybe not. 

There were many clever and well written lines in this story that made it stand out from most other romance books such as : "amber eyes, battled with blue" or "the chilly air nipped at Emily's neck," and "trousers the color of biscuits," which add so much to the overall quality of the story. Pearl Hewitt's reading skills are so versatile and engaging that you can't help but enjoy every moment of it.'


High Moor Author: Graeme Reynolds Narrator: Chris Barnes

High Moor Author: Graeme Reynolds
Narrator: Chris BarnesDynamic Ram Audio ProductionsAudio Book
7 hours 15 minutes

Chris Barnes Narrator photo image
Narrator Chris Barnes

This is a somewhat different narration from Chris Barnes than what he did for Tonia Brown's, The Cold Beneath. If you want authentic then here it is, Barnes' Scottish accent is fantastic, and authentic, none of the bumbled contrived accents that are either annoying or just hard to listen to. I do love those rolled R's, slight like a short trill. The excitement he instills into this book is incredible. This is a breathless terror filled narration by one of our finest narrators. Young Simon's absolute terror and Billy's fear is done in such an exceptional manner that you will feel the fear, see the terror possibly taste the blood, and your heart will be pounding. A wonderful and amazing narration.

Book Review: High Moor

Author Graeme Reynolds photo image
Author Graeme Reynolds
High Moor is a full blown werewolf tale in the traditional sense. Page after page of werewolves gone wild with all the flying fur, bloody fangs and bone snapping thrills. I've always wondered about the transformation from human to wolf and thought surely that must be painful. This book covers that and seems it is painful, but at some point the pain gives way into pleasure with the exhilaration of power filling the person.This story would make a great RPG video game.

John Simpson returns to his home town of High Moor when he learns of attacks that sound like a werewolf to him. To the police it is just an unfathomable and unexplained vicious murder. John knows first hand what wolves can do, he had his own terrifying experiences when he was a boy in 1986. Experiences that left him a werewolf himself. But, John, with extreme self control learned how to keep the needs of the werewolf and his human self in check. Not so easy to do during the full moon.

We move back and forth between the 1986 days of horror for him and for the town of High Moor, and 2008 which is even more terrifying and deadly. The race is on to stop the werewolf's and John drops everything to go to High Moor and help. We flash back to when John was a boy and he and his brother and best friend build a tree house far into the woods where they think their nemesis Malcolm Harrison and his cohorts, won't find them. Malcolm has already destroyed their last fort, and bullies the boys without mercy. This bullying goes on until John is whisked away by his parents to protect him from the inevitable results of every full moon.

Returning to High Moor is full of surprises for John and the renewal of old friendships especially with Maria his childhood gal pal. Can John really do anything to help with the amount of werewolves that have amassed in High Moor or is he just going to be one more added to their numbers. Werewolves are pack animals and the ones in his hometown have formed into packs. Yet there is one lone wolf that can bring down hell on High Moor and he has a voracious appetite for blood. The numbers of the dead are piling up and not just humans but animals also. Will a silver bullet rid them of the wolves before the wolves decimate the towns population. Thankfully there are two sequels to the book, enough to satisfy the most blood lustful audience.
There must be plenty as this series has a 5 star rating and is very, very popular. 

The Potential by June Bretherton Narrated by Roger Worrod

The Potential
Author: June Bretherton
Narrator: Roger Worrod

Time: 8 hours 25 minutes

The Potential by June Bretherton

Narrator Roger Worrod
Roger Worrod has a wonderful, confident voice that is fantastic to listen too. He is a very talented narrator. I like that Worrod doesn't just read the text but does a fine job of expressing the content of the story line. It really is amazing that one person can give the impression of a full cast of characters. Although Worrod does not actually mimic female voices, he does give them good emphasis and character so they are distinguishable from males. He really does an exceptional job with dialog. The reading is flawless with no punching of syllables, no strange pausing and Worrod reads with confidence and skill.

Book Review: The Potential by June Bretherton

I categorize The Potential as a cozy mystery as we meet the local color of Gilchester, we're intimately involved in daily life of a small village and even get an account of the eats. I loved the food and drink references,  Shephards Pie, Sausage and Mash, so English. Bretherton really does a good job of creating a scene and making you feel like you are right there in Gilchester.

Simon Dyers lives with his American girl friend Val, in London. A small museum in Gilchester has hired him to take charge of putting together a temporary art exhibit to interest locals from their small village to attend and generate more interest in all the museum has to offer. When Simon examines their collections, he sees possibilities to put together some interesting exhibits that will hopefully replace the somewhat dull presentations it now offers.

Simon feels a bit dubious about the board of trustees giving their approval. With the first meeting of the board of trustees, one is not there. Later to be found dead. One by one people are being murdered. Well maybe not that many three or four but all have something in common. Simon's girlfriend becomes involved as an amateur detective putting herself in danger. Val and Simon had a lovely relationship until she goes to Gilchester and is deeply disturbed with a side of Simon she had never seen before.

This story was is easy listening, as your gently pulled along to a very surprising ending. Actually I didn't see the ending coming at all. Generally I don't pit my weak detective skills against any mystery story but usually have a couple suspects before the ending in the case of The Potential, I had none and somehow did not find any solid link between the perp and the previous chapters. I am sure you will be unable to guess who the murder is either. A great cozy for those of us who are cozy fans.