At the Behest of the Dead Written by: Timothy W. Long Narrated by: Todd Menesses

At the Behest of the Dead
Written by: Timothy W. Long
Narrated by: Todd Menesses

Length: 10 hrs and 10 mins
Unabridged Audiobook

photo of author Timothy W. Long narratorreviews.org
Author Timothy W. Long

Narrator Todd Menesses narratorreviews.org
Narrator Todd Menesses

Todd Menesses has one of the most brilliant voices I've had the pleasure of listening too, very deep and throaty, macho to the max and he wields it like a scepter, slicing out every drop of creepiness, and emotion as well as stressing and stretching actions. I have only the highest of praise for this narrator. He takes command of the story and delivers it up until you almost believe you could love a warlock. Very good with giving each character an individual presence and female characters are well done. Todd Menesses is major leaguer in the audio book arena.

Timothy W. Long author of At the Behest of the Dead, not only writes a good story but has a terrific sense of humor. Laughing out loud to a book about a warlock and the underworld is not something one would expect but he had me laughing and appreciating his wry sense of humor throughout the book.

Phineas Cavanaugh deals in all things of the underworld and sometimes works for the Seattle police department. He takes on a strange case for them when Detective Andrews has hit the proverbial brick wall on some gruesome serial killings. Andrews isn't real keen on hiring a wizard and when she sees him in action she clearly isn't impressed but it isn't long before she realize that although his methods of discovery are just a bit weird, like sniffing the ground where the corpse had been, they prove invaluable to the investigation.

Phineas rides his pitchfork to travel from place to place, has a magic potion of eye-drops that work like night vision goggles and wears his cloak with jeans underneath it. He has many potions to use when working on a case but with all these tools, his ancient age and vast experience and training in all things magical he does find that the attractive Detective Andrews' gun is very handy also.

A young emissary arrives to tell Phineas his old mentor Salazar has been brutally killed and he's needed to find the demon who did it. Not only is Phineas saddened to hear this but surprised they sent for him at all since he'd been banished from the group years before.

Phineas is a very powerful necromancer but is he powerful enough to take on a demon that was able to take down Salazar. Maybe not without the help of his old girlfriend Glenda a healer, Frank a shapeshifter and a variety of other minions. Saving Salazar from hell is not going to be easy, perhaps not even possible. Phineas pits forces against demons that scare even him.