Tarnished and Torn, Author Juliet Blackwell. Narrator, Xe Sands

Tarnished and TornWitchcraft 
Mystery Series Book 5
Author: Juliet Blackwell
Narrator: Xe Sands
Tantor Media
Audio Book7 hours 56 minutes

Photo of Xe Sands, Narrator for the Juliet Blackwell Witchcraft Mysteries
Narrator Xe Sands

Xe Sands does a phenomenal narration on Tarnished and Torn, seemingly outshining herself in each new book in the Witchcraft Series. Her voice is always a pleasure to listen to regardless of what story she is reading. Multi-talented is putting it mildly, Ms. Sands is a super star in the arena of Audiobook readers. With her breathtaking array of voices she sweeps us along the forbidden path of the supernatural into worlds the faint of heart fear to tread. Xe Sands does such a spectacular narration that you can visualize Shakespeare's witches toiling over their cauldron or at least Lily Ivory mixing up one of her witchy brews.

Audio Book Review: Tarnished and Torn
By Juliet Blackwell
Photo of Juliet Blackwell, Author of Tarnished and Torn, The Witchcraft Mysteries number 5
Author Juliet Blackwell

A Gem Show is being held at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, and Lily Ivory is persuaded by her friends to close Aunt Cora's Closet for a few hours of shopping the stalls of vintage jewelry with the hope of finding new items for her shop. Attracted to Griselda's booth, Lily buys a box of jumbled, mismatched, junk jewelry. The vibes she gets from Griselda are as jumbled as that box of jewelry. She suspects Griselda is a witch but cloaking it, making Lily wonder why. Taking her box to examine over a cup of coffee, chaos breaks out with tables falling, beads rolling, and people screaming, Lily sees Oscar her lovable pot bellied pig, streaking in and out of booths with the security guards hot on his trail.

Oscar tells her there's a terrible feeling of demonic presence and he wants her to leave, then fire alarms begin shrieking. Instead of leaving she makes her way against the escaping crowd and finds Griselda, murdered, pressed to death. A method used during the dark ages to extract confessions from witches. Is a witch hunt starting up in San Francisco or is it a random murder. Lily is confident Griselda was killed for something related to witchcraft. Something was up and Lily is hard set on the trail to find out what.

This seems to be one of the toughest cases Lily has confronted so far, and one that is very upsetting to her. Mysterious things happen that she can find no reason for and she has to call in friends from her past to give her assistance. Oscar is as always a little charmer that steals the heart of everyone that meets him. In the end Oscar turns out to be a savior for Lily, doing his duty as her familiar. There are many surprises confronting Lily, people who are not what they seem and others who are tried and true friends. An excellent story and one that is not only exciting, it is fast paced and a bit hard to solve with so many conflicting clues.

Tarnished and Torn: A Witchcraft Mystery

Book cover of Juliet Blackwell's Tarnished and Torn
Tarnished and Torn
Juliet Blackwell