Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii, By Lee Goldberg, Narrated By Laura Hicks

Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii
Monk Series:, Book 2
By Lee Goldberg

Narrated By Laura Hicks

Length: 7 hrs and 39 mins

Narrator Review: Laura Hicks
Laura Hicks, Narrator, photo image. narrator reviews
Laura Hicks Narrator 

Laura Hicks reads this Mr. Monk book with great animation. Her reading pace is excellent and she makes you feel as excited at the beauty of Hawaii or as exasperated as Natalie is feeling so often with Mr.Monk and his turning her vacation into work. The heart felt expression she brings through when Natalie thought Mitch her dead husband was communicating with her, was sensitive and touching. She handled all the emotional content in a thoughtful and insightful way. Laura Hicks is an impressive narrator.

Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii by Lee Goldberg

Lee Goldberg photo image. narratorreviews
Lee Goldberg Author

When Natalie Teeger's best friend Candace asks her come to Hawaii and be her bridesmaid, and is putting her up in a five star resort-hotel with a round trip flight, no way is Natalie turning that down. Natalie feels she is just about ready for a vacation but, how to tell Mr.Monk, that is the question.

No time seems to be the right time until nearly at the door of Dr.Kroger's building she tells him. With gloating satisfaction Natalie revels in the thoughts of letting Dr.  Kroger deal with the panic attack she knows Monk will have.

Imagine Natalie's own panic when she realizes the Monk is on the plane to Hawaii. Worse yet, Monk is not acting normal, not what's normal for him anyway. The sing along he starts with the other passengers is hilarious but not to Natalie. Not to be left behind alone or with an agency nurse. Monk takes a mood altering pill Dioxynl, given to him long ago to cope with extreme stress.

It works so well that he is eating in-flight food, drinking water that isn't Summit Creek, gasp! even wearing a Hawaiian shirt. This care free, boisterous Monk is unable to solve a single murder until the pill's worn off.

Nothing, absolutely nothing works out for Natalie on this 'vacation' and she resigns herself to her fate. In one short week Monk is involved in busting a drug smuggling ring, solves a bizarre murder, and exposes a fake psychic medium and solves the mystery of some home burglaries. Monk even takes part in Candace's wedding. Monk is just a crime magnet, solving mysteries nobody else even saw. That's what the Monkster is all about.

Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu

Mr. Monk in Outer Space

Mr.Monk Goes to the Firehouse


Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants, Author Lee Goldberg, Narrattor Angela Brazil

Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants
Series: Monk, Book 4
Author Lee Goldberg
Narrattor Angela Brazil
Length: 6 hrs and 49 mins
Downpour: Blackstone Audio

Audio Book Review: Angela Brazil reading Mr Monk

Narrator Angela Brazil, photo image, narratorreviews
Angela Brazil Narrator

If you've gotten to Audio Book 4, in the Mr. Monk Series then it's no surprise that it is another fantastic narration by Angela Brazil. You really have to appreciate the quality of her narrations. Her emotional delivery is truly amazing, it adds so much depth to the story. Her voice is gentle and ladylike, yet, she manages male annoyance, and incredulity, general sadness, kittenish sexiness, and concern with finesse. Kudos to Ms. Brazil for yet another wonderful demonstration of her talents.

Lee Goldberg photo image. narratorreviews
Lee Goldberg Author

Audio Book Review, Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants By Lee Goldberg

Julie's soccer game is the catalyst for Monk solving one murder, and reuniting with Sharona. The green eyed monster hits Natalie when Monk forgives Sharona for deserting him and he wants her back. When Natalie understands that Monk doesn't want to fire her but have her and Sharona share taking care of him, Natalie goes into action.

Sharona's husband is in prison for murder and Natalie is determined to have Monk find out if he really did kill his employer Ellen Cole. Natalie is hoping that trevor is innocent and he and Sharona will reunite, and thereby getting rid of Sharona. After a quick flight to Los Angeles Natalie returns believing he's innocent. Sharona is not convinced so off the three of them go to Los Angeles.

On arrival to Los Angeles, Monk solves in just minutes the murder of a jewelry store owner. and goes on to examine Ms. Cole's murder scene, he declare's that Trevor did not kill her. This doesn't sit well with the L.A.P.D. as their version of Mr. Monk, Ian Lovell (a popular mystery writer)  has laid out the scene perfectly, indicating that Trevor was the murderer.

Mr. Monk doesn't know who killed Ms. Cole, but Monk so far has never been wrong. Bodies are soon piling up and things take a turn into the diabolical with Sharona and Natalie landing in jail for murder. Captain Stottlemeyer and Disher think Monk has finally failed to solve a murder, and Monk is nearly disgraced. 

Mr Monk Goes to Hawaii

Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu, by Lee Goldberg, Narrator: Angela Brazil

Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu

Monk Series, Book 3
Lee Goldberg
Narrator: Angela Brazil
Blackstone Audio Inc
Audio Book

7 hours 6 minutes

Angela Brazil with her feminine and pleasing voice narrates the Blue Flu beautifully. She effortlessly reads the text with uncommon alacrity. The story goes smoothly with accurate emotion. Conversation is chatty and done excellently. Angela Brazil has total control of your ears for seven hours of sheer enjoyment.

Angela Brazil, Narrator photo image
Angela Brazil Narrator

Audio Book Review
Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu

Lee Goldberg photo image, narrator reviews
Author Lee Goldberg

The San Francisco Police Department is going on strike for higher wages and benefits. Officially they cannot strike but seventy percent of them call in sick with the (Blue) Flu. Captain Stottlemeyer gives Monk advanced warning so he'll know there won't be any work for him while they are on strike. 

With no cases to work on, Natalie takes him shopping with her to Nordstrom's, to hit that big sale. Natalie has to buy Julie's clothes on sale since on her meager wages she'd never be able to buy the name brands her daughter must have in order to not be bullied or shunned at school.

Monk being Monk brings down a shoplifting team that's working Nordstrom's. Only Monk would notice that the Nun is not a Nun, the pregnant woman is not pregnant and the old man pushing his oxygen tank is not a sick old man at all. Just an ordinary day for Mr. Monk
When the mayor calls Monk to meet with him, he tricks Monk into taking over Captain Stottlemeyer's job. Monk doesn't understand that taking over Stottlemeye's position makes him a scab and will have a far reaching affect on his friendship with the police. 

A  team is put together, all who had been fired or retired for legitimate reasons. All of them capable in their own way of solving crimes, yet unable to function in a workplace that requires teamwork. Monk covers several murders his first days as Captain, from a stabbed to death astrologer to a convenience store shooting.

Mr. Monk in Outer Space

Mr.Monk Goes to the Firehouse


Marcia Muller's The Shape of Dread A Sharon McCone Mystery Narrator: Laura Hicks

The Shape of Dread:
A Sharon McCone Mystery
By Marcia Muller
Narrator: Laura Hicks
Blackstone Audio

9 hours 5 minutes

Narrator Laura Hicks, photo image. narratorreviews
Laura Hicks Narrator

Narrator Review: Laura Hicks

Laura Hicks is at her prime in reading this exceptionally fast moving McCone mystery. Lots of excellent characterizations and amazing emotional style. Laura Hicks delivers the goods in spades. There is definition for each person, making it easy to identify who is speaking. Wonderful transitions between moods and Sharon McCone and All Saints explodes into life and vitality. The quality of Hick's reading is a five star winner. Great inflection, modulation and expression.

Audio Book Review: The Shape of Dread, by Marcia Muller

Author Marcia Muller, photo image. narratorreviews
Author Marcia Muller
Jack Stewart, All Souls criminal lawyer, asks Sharon McCone to look over a case he is doing an appeal for. Bobby Foster a twenty year old black man is in San Quintin, facing the death penalty for murder. Jack has some reservations and believes Bobby, who swears he did not kill Stacy Kostakos. 

After watching his video confession and reading the briefs Sharon also sees some holes in the case and agrees he may be innocent. Most striking is Stacy Kostakos' body has never been found. 

Kostakos had been a popular stand-up comedian at Club Comedy, Bobby Foster was a parking valet there. As McCone, meets and interviews all the people at Club Comedy, things are not adding up. Stacy turns out to be a very different person than the innocent darling her mother thinks she is.

Her parents are separated and her father a professor, knows very little about the grown up Stacy. The owner of Club Comedy doesn't believe Stacy is dead and neither does her mother, who for two years has continued paying Stacy's half of the rent. All in all, this has worked out well for Amy, Stacy's roommate.

Intrigue, lies, and half truths make it difficult for McCone to help Bobby so she turns to her ex-cop boyfriend.  Near whoops of elation are heard when she finds a violation ticket in the brief her ex provided. The date on it changes the entire game plan. With this turn of events Sharon McCone is on a course that will threaten her own life.

Audio Book Cover image. Marcia Muller, There's Nothing to be Afraid of
Marcia Muller
There's Nothing to be Afraid of


Mr. Monk in Outer Space By Lee Goldberg Narrator: Angela Brazil

Mr. Monk in Outer Space
Monk Series Book 2
Lee Goldberg

Narrator: Angela Brazil
Blackstone Audio, Inc.
6 hours 53 minutes

Angela Brazil is the narrator for many of the books in the Mr. Monk Series. Her voice is a little gentler and softer than Laura Hicks. Aside from that, they are equal in all important ways. Angela Brazil is wonderful at defining individual characters, and skillfully integrating text with dialogue.


With her gentle and feminine voice Ms. Brazil gives emotional texture to each person and great emphasis is brought out in every detail. Listen to Angela Brazil's youtube video about how she reads Lee Goldberg's Mr. Monk Series. 

Angela Brazil, Narrator, photo image narrator reviews

Angela Brazil talks about narrating the Mr. Monk series

Mr Monk in Outer Space:  Author Lee Goldberg Audiobook Review

Photo image Lee Goldberg Author/Screenwriter narratorreviews
Author Lee Goldberg

Mr. Monk sees a coffee stain on his carpet, it's so small no one else can see it, but his OCD makes it impossible for him to stay in the apartment as he will obsess over it all night. Natalie nearly ends up with Monk staying with her again, but Julie's pet hamster freaked him out and he went and stayed with his brother Ambrose instead. We learn a lot about Mr. Monk's brother and even some about their parents.

Natalie's had little time to herself since she started working for Mr. Monk. Now Julie's gone on a weeks camping trip, and Natalie is hoping there will be no murders in San Francisco so she can relax and do things that she can't do when Julie is home. Even a little romance would be welcome.

While mulling over her options, Lieutenant Disher calls for Monk to investigate the murder of Brandon Lorber CEO of Burgerville. Getting Monk into the building is a challenge when he's confronted with a revolving door and the corpse is on the fifth floor. The revolving door is Monk's biggest challenge, he won't go into the door because it results in an uneven number of people. The ever clever Natalie figures out a way of synchronizing everyone to Monk's satisfaction.

Fifth floor, uneven number, another dilemma for Monk. Pleading and arguments with Stottlemeyer about moving the body to an even number floor exasperates the usually patient Captain. Dealing with Monk's needs takes some patience and a lot of thought but everyone co-operates because Monk is never wrong in his assessment of a crime scene. Lorber has been shot three times and everyone is in disbelief of Monk's appraisal of what happened.

The meat of the story is  a convention for a cult television show Beyond Earth, the creator Conrad Stipe was shot and killed in view of at least four surveillance cameras. The killer is wearing an alien costume like hundreds of others milling around the convention. With so many costumed the same as the shooter Stottlemeyer calls in Monk.

Ambrose with his knowledge of Beyond Earth helps Monk solve the murder.  At first Monk is appalled that his brother is an 'earther' as cult fans like to call themselves and that Ambrose has written books about Beyond Earth and even speaks in Drach a made up language used by 'earthers' Ambrose wrote books in at least six languages and is well known and popular even though he never leaves the house.

The Monk series is some of the funniest and far out material on the market today. Lee Goldberg writes with skill and humor shown by few other authors. Each book is original and well written with no dull parts. The stories are always laugh out loud and well worth listening to many times. Prior to listening to my first Monk book I did not know there was a t.v.show about Monk. I will be buying the CD's.

Mr Monk and the Blue Flu

Mr Monk Goes to the Firehouse

Mr Monk Goes to Hawaii 

Mr Monk and the Two Assistants


Mr.Monk Goes to the Firehouse By Lee Goldberg Narrator: Laura Hicks

Mr.Monk Goes to the Firehouse
Book 1.
Lee Goldberg Narrator: Laura Hicks

Audio book
Blackstone Audio, Inc,
7 hours 14 minutes

Laura Hicks Audio Book Narrator, photo image narrator reviews
Audio book narrator
Laura Hicks

Laura Hicks is very expressive and does excellent on giving each person a special voice. I enjoyed listening to her narration very much. Great emotional expression and excellent pacing. She makes the story move along while making you become very engrossed in it. A sure indicator of an outstanding narrator is when you are unaware of them and only hearing the story as they act it out. Awesome...

Audio Book Review: Mr.Monk Goes to the Firehouse By Lee Goldberg 
Author Lee Goldberg, photo image. narratorreviews
Lee Goldberg Author

A tiny nearly invisible termite hole in Monk's wall leads to his entire apartment building being fumigated. Monk has to find someplace to stay for a few days and no hotel is up to Monk's requirements. No uneven numbers on floor level or room number and even a slight mismatch of wallpaper disqualifies it. Natalie finally lets him stay with her and her twelve year old daughter Julie.

Julie is distraught and crying her eyes out because someone killed Sparky the Firehouse dog. It's inconceivable that anyone would kill a sweet and gentle dog like Sparky. It makes no sense. Monk promises Julie he will find out who killed him, and in the pursuit Natalie meets Hunky Fireman Joe. Sparks fly between them and it's a fire neither of them wants to put out.

Monk needs to have everything match, and also be immaculate. he'll spend four or five hours in the bathroom cleaning it. Causing a lot of stress for both Julie and Natalie when they can't get ready for work or school.  After the bathroom Monk moves on to cleaning everything in the house and throwing away all dishes, glasses and silverware, mismatched anything and Monk tosses it out. Having Monk as a house guest is a challenge even for Natalie.

Monk solves not just Sparky's killer, but solves a couple other murders along the way, all but one committed by the same person. Who would think cats, a few cat hairs and cat allergies would solve the crimes. Monk would, that's for sure but is it enough to prosecute the person.

I can promise seven hours of laugh out loud fun listening to Laura Hicks bring Monk, Natalie, Julie, and all the others into existence.