Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants, Author Lee Goldberg, Narrattor Angela Brazil

Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants
Series: Monk, Book 4
Author Lee Goldberg
Narrattor Angela Brazil
Length: 6 hrs and 49 mins
Downpour: Blackstone Audio

Audio Book Review: Angela Brazil reading Mr Monk

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Angela Brazil Narrator

If you've gotten to Audio Book 4, in the Mr. Monk Series then it's no surprise that it is another fantastic narration by Angela Brazil. You really have to appreciate the quality of her narrations. Her emotional delivery is truly amazing, it adds so much depth to the story. Her voice is gentle and ladylike, yet, she manages male annoyance, and incredulity, general sadness, kittenish sexiness, and concern with finesse. Kudos to Ms. Brazil for yet another wonderful demonstration of her talents.

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Lee Goldberg Author

Audio Book Review, Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants By Lee Goldberg

Julie's soccer game is the catalyst for Monk solving one murder, and reuniting with Sharona. The green eyed monster hits Natalie when Monk forgives Sharona for deserting him and he wants her back. When Natalie understands that Monk doesn't want to fire her but have her and Sharona share taking care of him, Natalie goes into action.

Sharona's husband is in prison for murder and Natalie is determined to have Monk find out if he really did kill his employer Ellen Cole. Natalie is hoping that trevor is innocent and he and Sharona will reunite, and thereby getting rid of Sharona. After a quick flight to Los Angeles Natalie returns believing he's innocent. Sharona is not convinced so off the three of them go to Los Angeles.

On arrival to Los Angeles, Monk solves in just minutes the murder of a jewelry store owner. and goes on to examine Ms. Cole's murder scene, he declare's that Trevor did not kill her. This doesn't sit well with the L.A.P.D. as their version of Mr. Monk, Ian Lovell (a popular mystery writer)  has laid out the scene perfectly, indicating that Trevor was the murderer.

Mr. Monk doesn't know who killed Ms. Cole, but Monk so far has never been wrong. Bodies are soon piling up and things take a turn into the diabolical with Sharona and Natalie landing in jail for murder. Captain Stottlemeyer and Disher think Monk has finally failed to solve a murder, and Monk is nearly disgraced. 

Mr Monk Goes to Hawaii

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