Much Obliged, Jeeves, by P. G. Wodehouse, narrator, Dinsdale Landen

Much Obliged, Jeeves by, P.G. WodeHouse

Much Obliged, Jeeves
Series: Jeeves and Wooster
by P. G. Wodehouse
Narrator: Dinsdale Landen
Duration: 4 hours, 35 minutes
Producer: AudioGo

Dinsdale Landen, reads very fast, running many of the words together. It was hard to detect changes between characters. I've not heard anyone else read quite like he does, each word is said more on the inhalation of breath rather than exhilation. I had to pay very close attention, in order to understand what he's saying. It's not the British accent, my ear is in tune with British narrators. The timbre of his voice is good and there are many parts that are clear. I had to listen to various parts a number of times in order to follow the story or understand a name. I asked someone else, who is as familiar with British accents as I am, to listen, and she also had difficulty understanding Landen. She too, mentioned that it's hard to follow what the story is about. There were some chapters that Landen read at a normal pace with appropriate pauses and I did enjoy listening to those very much. Landen, did an outstanding narration with the phone conversation, between Bertie and his Aunt Dahlia.

The Jeeves stories are the frolicking antics of Bertie Wooster and Jeeves, Jeeves the valet/butler is smarter and classier than Bertie, he has to wrangle one way or another to pull Bertie out of one of his self made or providential situations. In Much Obliged, Jeeves, Bertie,  is invited to visit his Aunt Dahlia. The phone conversation,  Bertie has with his Aunt Dahlia is priceless, she talks loud, "like a hog caller" and 'can be heard in several adjoining counties'... Bertie calls her 'his aged relative' she calls him 'my peevish boy'. They, are however, very fond of each other. Bertie, is looking forward to visiting and partaking of Dahlia's chief, Anatole's, well know and wonderful cooking.
Bertie's old school pal, from their Oxford days, Ginger Winship, is going to be staying at Aunt Dahlia's also, and is running in the elections for Market Snodsbury. Bertie gets involved in canvassing for his friend and nothing Bertie does turns out well. Jeeves, being, a member of the Junior Ganymede club for butlers, and all members are butlers for the upper crust of society, write in a special book, giving tips and opinions about their particular employers. It's very secret, and is not suppose to ever leave the club. If what was written in it was ever made public it would cause untold scandals. Bertie, has more entries than most other employers, written about him, not surprising with the amount of predicaments he gets himself into. The book is stolen and it comes to light that the many things written about Bertie's pal, Ginger Winship, could damange not only his reputation but his chances for winning the election for Market Snodsbury. Binkley, is the thief, he is considered, unscrupulous, ruthless, and an unfeeling person. Bertie, is worried that Binkley might sell the book to one of the scandal sheets. The race is on, how are they going to get the book back. Bertie visits Binkley, to try and persuade him to return the book. This is not successful, and Bertie leaves feeling downcast.  Aunt Dahlia, thinks if she talks to Binkley, she might persuade him. Aunt Dahlia, doesn't even get in the door to speak to him. Enter Jeeves, to the rescue, Jeeves, being the wiser one, develops a most devious plot and carries it out. All of the Jeeves books are hugely funny and always a wonderful listen or read on a chilly winter evening. I highly recommend them. Each one stands on it's own very nicely and none will disappoint.
    I thank AudiGo for sending this edition of P. G. Wodehouse's, Much Obliged, Jeeves, for review. It is always a pleasure to do reviews for companies such as the well known AudioGo. I'm sorry that although the book is as great and funny, as anything by Wodehouse is bound to be, the narrator was sadly not to my taste. Perhaps someone else will enjoy him though.


Thrill of the Chase by Christina Crooks, Narrated by Xe Sands

Thrill of the Chase
Christina Crooks
Narrator, Xe Sands
Books in Motion
8 hours 42 minutes

Author Christina Crooks and Xe Sands narratorNarrator Xe Sands
                                               Xe Sands Narrator
Xe Sands has the voice of her characters down so pat, they are kittenish, provocative, sensuous, or they are man, woman, child or animal, nothing, and I mean nothing, is out of reach for this narrator. Smooth, silky, sensuous and a sheer joy to listen to. I guarantee you will not ever be disappointed with any books Xe Sand's narrates. Her narrations are priceless and I will listen to any book she narrates because it will be a good listen even if the book is not the most interesting.
The narration is never out of sync with the characters, each one is distinct, and Sand's maintains the mood of the book and keeps the flow of the events interesting, making every part of the book meaningful. Your hard earned bucks will never be misspent when you purchase an audio book that Xe Sands narrates. Pure listening pleasure, and you men may fall in love with her when you hear her velvety voice.

The Thrill of the Chase is a romance, about Sarah Mattell, spoiled and beautiful and pretty much Daddy's little girl. What made this book interesting for me is Sarah loves to race, it's what makes her tick, the speed, the sounds, and the smells are what excite and oddly simultaneously relax her, taking her mind and feelings totally away and into the excitement of the race. Sarah has been around race cars just about forever and her daddy, Red Mattell, owns Big Red's Auto Performance Shop. Sarah is an ace technician and proud of it. She enjoys working with the 'guys,' sharing comradeship with them, joking around, and knowing they love working on cars just as much as she does. She's sure when her dad retires he will turn the shop over to her. So she thinks of it as hers.

One day when she peels into work she finds her dad has hired a new guy, Gordon Devine, she assumes he's the replacement for the desk man, Matt who was just fired. A mutual disdain and misunderstandings start off their relationship and Sarah takes an immediate disliking to Gordon Devine. Sarah's romantic interests are completely involved with fellow racer, Craig Keller, who's she's tried to snare into being more than buddies, for a good many years, she wants him to see her differently from the 'track sluts' who hang around the race car drivers. Time and circumstances change how she perceives Gordon and Sarah starts questioning her devotion to Craig.

Then, at the big race, the important race, Sarah makes a big mistake and life changes for her, in ways she could never have anticipated, these events cause Craig to come finally around and start becoming more serious about their relationship. A love triangle ensues, and Sarah has to decide who will win her heart. Xe Sands does such a convincing portrayal of Sarah, completely capturing the tomboyish yet femme fatale nature, of Sarah, and the doting father, Red Mattell, who's voice expresses how much he loves and dotes on his daughter. Xe Sands has a special talent for bringing out every nuance, and wringing out every emotion in the story. As she reads you will absolutely feel the excitement and pleasure Sarah has when she races as well as smell the flowers, the gas and the burning oil and Ms. Sands will even make you hear the crowds roaring at the races.

book cover Thrill of the Chase by Christina Crooks
Thrill of the Chase Narrator, Xe Sands


Bill Pronzini, Camouflage, Narrator, Nick Sullivan

A Nameless Detective Mystery
Number: 36
Author: Bill Pronzini

Narrator: Nick Sullivan
Publisher: AudioGO
Time: 6 hours 50 minutes 

Photo of Nick Sullivan
Narrator Nick Sullivan

Narrator Review:

I enjoyed listening to Nick Sullivan, narrate Bill Pronzini's, Camouflage. His assortment of voices is inexhaustible. His voice is clear and eminently suited to the character, Nameless, the detective. He is expressive and every individual is distinct and identifiable by Sullivan’s assortment of styles. He reads the text in an enthralling and well-developed manner. Many of our best narrators both male and female have no limits to their variations and rich dramatizations. Sullivan conveys excitement and emotion into each character, often to a feverish pitch. It’s wonderful. Consider it ear candy, and let him immerse you into the excitement of Bill Pronzini's, Detective Series, Nameless.

Audiobook Review: Camouflage by Bill Pronzini

Almost feeling beads of sweat forming on your brow, your heart will hammer faster, you will, want to pull something over your mouth and nose to muffle the stench of death.

Nameless's latest case to solve, is simple, find David Verdin's missing ex-wife. Simple, a run of the mill case, Fast, and easy? Not so. Verdin is seeking his first ex-wife to have her sign a decree from the Catholic Church saying their marriage did not constitute a sacramental bond. 

David Verdin wants to marry again but his new bride is Catholic and she can’t marry him unless his previous marriages are annulled as approved or sanctioned by the church. When Nameless, tracks down Roxanne McManis, she gives Nameless, a bad time. She sends him off with a bug in his ear to not bother her again and refuses to sign the papers. Nameless is put off with her attitude and liked her dog Thor, even less.

Photo Bill Pronzini
Author Bill Pronzini
Unsettled by the low rumble in Thor’s throat and his glaring yellow eyes, Nameless, heads back to his office. He informs Verdin, of Roxanne’s refusal to sign, and gives him her address. Verdin, goes to see her himself, and calls Nameless, he is outraged, and informs him, that this woman is not his ex-wife. He has no idea who the women is. He threatens to go to a different agency, and demands a refund .

 Nameless’s, sassy and outspoken right hand woman, Tamara, thinks something strange is going on since she has done her research and is positive that it is, the right woman. Tamara, is not about to let it go or let go of the retainer fee either. Nameless and Tamara suspect identity theft.

I personally think this is one of Pronzini's best books and one that is sure to keep you gripping the arms of your chair late into the night. I thank AudioGo for sending the 6 CD set of this wonderful audio book for review. It's always a pleasure to listen to a book that has an excellent melding of narrator and author.


The Mist by Carla Neggers, narrator Carol Monda

The Mist
Carla Neggers
Narrated by: Carol Monda
Time: 10 hours 22 minutes
Recorded Books

The Mist Author Carla Neggers
Carla Neggers
Narrator Carol Monda   www.narratorreviews.org
Carol Monda Narrator

Carol Monda, does some very good renditions for the different characters but I definitely felt like even she lost track of who was who. I would have liked Ms. Monda to pick up the pace a little bit as she seems to dwell too long on each word and pauses to long at the end of a sentence. It would flow better if she read a bit faster and didn't seem to worry about pronunciation. This particular book does not give Ms. Monda the opportunity to express the wide variety of voices she is truly capable of. It was a difficult book to read and Carol Monda does try to make it more interesting. Alas, it just was to convoluted and too many characters to make it either an enjoyable read for Monda or to give her the platform to show her talents. Her narration of Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult is far superior, as is her reading of She Always Wore Red by Angela Elwell Hunt.

The Mist is the first and only book I've listened to by Carla Neggers and no doubt will be the last. The vague story line is so choppy, with so many characters it's impossible to keep track of them all. Never, have I read about so many fake people under one book cover. I could be wrong but it seems common sense would inform an intelligent, thinking human that the FBI is not going to have a nineteen year old girl be an informant for them. Placing her in potentially dangerous situations. I care less that her father works for them and has taught her all he knows about self defense and a myriad of information from the time she could talk. The FBI has too many trained and qualified people to draw from to even remotely consider such folly.

It was not far into the book that it was clear that there were previous books and The Mist was part of a series.I was very disappointed with the poor character development, I felt not a drop of interest for any of the them. The conversations were stilted and phony sounding, if there was romance it was scanty, and police procedures and conversations were so out of touch with reality that it was laughable. So to say what the book was about, it was a young girl with an FBI father who goes to Ireland to inform her friend that a psychopathic millionaire has her in his sights to be murdered. Since her friends husband is in the FBI, she should have informed him before informing her friend. Why not email, or phone, why go all that way to tell them in person. Oh, yes, I forgot, it's so she could have a fight with an assassin and she could show off her hand to hand combat training. Even getting to that point was long and tedious. Too many characters that have zilch personality, too many fake conversations, and to many poorly intertwined story lines.
The Mist by Carla Neggers
The Mist by Carla Neggers  Narrated by Carol  Monda