F. Scott. Fitzgerald: Dalrymple Goes Wrong, Narrator: Mike Vendetti

Dalrymple Goes Wrong
Author: F. Scott. Fitzgerald                              
Narrator: Mike Vendetti
Audio Books by Mike Vendetti
40 minutes 7 seconds

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dalrymple Goes  Wrong

Narrator, Mike Vendetti


Mike Vendetti, has a wonderful deep and very masculine voice, with great volume.
He's voice is clear and easy  to understand. He does some nice renditions of the
various characters in Dalrymple Goes Wrong, and expresses nicely the emotion and
thoughts of individual characters. He does have some inappropriate stops or pauses
in unexpected places and some overly long pauses that can distract from the flow of the story.
Over pronunciation in several places causes a rather robotic tone, but once into the book this
does smooth out. Over enunciation is a somewhat common problem with a number of other
I suppose this might be from training or classes that stress the importance of pronouncing words
correctly. Mr.Vendetti, has a number of books to choose from that cover a wide range
of genre, giving him ample scope to express a variety of characters,which he does well.
I believe that some editing to bring together the pauses or gaps would be just to ticket
too make the narration flow more nicely.

F. Scott. Fitzgerald, is well known for having written many novels and short stories, some
of which have been made into films. Still considered one of the great writers of the twentieth
century. Dalrymple Goes Wrong, is a short story about Bryan Dalrymple's return home
after serving in World War 2, with the anticipation of cashing in on one of the many job offers
different people promised him on his return. As happens so often with returning veterans of
every era, these offers rarely materialize. Dalrymple is forced by need, to work for, Theron Macy,
as a stockboy in Macy's wholesale grocery. Dalrymple is of course unsatisfied with the poor
pay and lack of advancement. Thus, starts his life of crime, as a mugger and then a cat burglar.
The income from these nefarious crimes boosts his self confidence which soon comes to
the notice of Alfred Fraser, a politician on the lookout for young men to fill political positions.
Fraser, offers Dalrymple a place in the State Senate, if he is willing to let him direct and advise
him. An ideal proposition for a young man lacking in conscience and ethics.