David Drummond Narrator for Follow the River by James Alexander Thom

James Alexander Thom                                
Narrator:  David Drummond                        
Publisher: Tantor Media
Duration: 16 hours, 11 minutes

David Drummond
David Drummond

Author James A. Thom
Writer: James A. Thom

Best Seller Follow the River by James A. Thorn
Follow the River

David Drummond did an excellent job narrating this book. Although most of the voice is female as in Mary Ingles, Drummond bridged the barrier with expressing fear, terror, longing, anger and hope. His voice is pleasant and expressive. He reads at a good pace and does not lag between sentences or words. His narration is worthy of an award for bringing out the best in this book.

Mary Ingles was a woman of remarkable inner strength. The book will linger on your mind for a long time and when you feel overwhelmed by today's problems Mary Ingles will pop into your mind and give you fortitude.

Her escape from the Indians and long trek home to her husband is heart wrenching and inspiring. I did not know a Dutch or now thought to be a German woman escaped with her. That alone is worthy of reading about. When Mary was thinking through how to make her escape her thought was the same as mine. The nighttime was to be feared. Wild animals come out at night, it's lonely, cold and very, very dark. Very scary to consider being in the wilds with nothing but a small tomahawk and blanket.

In this day when movie and rock stars are elevated to unwarranted levels of esteem and worship a truly brave and heroic small person like Mary Ingles is the true star.

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