Ghost in Trouble by Carolyn Hart Narrated by Ann Marie Lee

Carolyn Hart
Bailey Ruth Raeburn Series, Book 3
Narrated by: Ann Marie Lee
Length: 11 hrs and 15 mins

Carolyn Hart author of Ghost in Trouble
Carolyn Hart Author

Ann Marie Lee narrator of Ghost in Trouble by Carolyn Hart
Narrator Ann Marie Lee

Ann Marie Lee was a good choice for Bailey Ruth, her voice is soft and feminine. There were several times when it was hard to tell that a male was speaking and a few spots where I couldn't tell who was speaking at all, for lack of change in voice. The highly emotionally charged sections were a bit over the top. Yet Ann Marie Lee does capture the character of Bailey Ruth. 

 Ghost in Trouble as a title doesn't seem to fit the story. The book is unnecessarily long and a lot of it is talk about clothes. There were many inappropriate references to Bailey's clothes. Some of them lengthy enough to break the story line. I also found it strange that Bailey can eat and drink. That's a new concept in ghostly activities.

In the first chapters Bailey was not able to open a locked door or do anything typical like pass through the wall, window or door. Much later in the book Bailey is doing just that and dropping through the floor into another room. In the two previous books in this series Bailey Ruth is able to talk and see people who have just died but in this book she doesn't seem able to do this.

Bailey has so little information regarding what she needs to do to help her charge, that it seems silly to have sent her at all. Overall the entire story is weak, and Bailey's personality goes between a dumb twit to a stellar investigator. The story line would have worked better if Bailey was in communication with the victim and together they worked through who killed him.

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