Murder on the House By Juliet Blackwell Narrator Xe Sands

Murder on the HouseBook 3, in The Haunted Home Renovation Series
Author: Juliet BlackwellNarrator: Xe Sands

Producer: Tantor Audio
7 hours 03 minutes

Narrator Review: XE Sands

A magnificent performance by Xe Sands is hardly sufficient praise for one of the most talented and multi-dimensional narrators of the century. Sands never is just reading the book, she is acting out the story in the manner of true storytellers since the beginning of time.

Xe Sands Narrator for Juliet Blackwell Series
Xe Sands Narrator

She has a wonderful affinity with the characters in the Haunted Home Renovation Series, delivering each of them with emphasis on emotional content whether of fear, hesitation, affection.

Sands deftly moves between the ghost of Annabelle singing in her childish voice to the skepticism of policewoman Annette Crawford discussing Mel's explanation of the ghost activities in the house.

Listening to Sands is a personal and intimate experience as she reads in a conversational and instinctive way.

Audio Book Review: Murder on the House By Juliet Blackwell

Juliet Blackwell author of A Haunted Home Mystery
Juliet Blackwell Author
Murder on the House starts out with a bang, when Mel has competition for the restoration of a haunted Victorian Mansion owned by a sweet, spunky little old lady Betty Bernini, and an older couple Marty and Kim Propak who have a purchase agreement with Mrs. Bernini to do some renovations and take over the  mortgage payments.

Mrs. Bernini will remain in the house until she either passes away or decides to move somewhere else. The Propaks want to restore the house and make it a Haunted Bed and Breakfast.

When Mel arrives at the mansion for a meeting with Mrs. Bernini and the Propaks. A young girl, Annabelle, opens the door to Mel, and says she will take her to the parlor to wait. Annabelle motions Mel in,

Mel looks around and sees the parlor is bare and dusty and looks like no one's been in it for quite awhile. When she turns around to ask Annabelle if this is the right, Annabelle is nowhere to be seen. heh, heh.

Mel's starting to feel a little uneasy and well, heck, just a bit creeped out when she hears weird noises, clank, shuffle, clank, scrape.

Juliet Blackwell Murder on the House Xe Sands Narrator
Murder on the House by Juliet Blackwell

The Propak's tell  Mel there's just one condition before they make the final choice. For her to win the coveted contract both Mel, and another restorationist, Avery, must spend the entire night in the house. At first she's not at all pleased with this and isn't going to do it, but, on re-consideration, it is a plum job.

As much as I loved the first one in the series If Walls Could Talk and the second one, Dead Bolt, Murder on the House is my favorite. Its exciting, its scary and its fun and Mel is really developing her talents at seeing ghost. Never a dull moment here and lots of interesting tidbits about San Francisco. Xe Sands does a superb narration that will knock your socks off. I give it a five star in all departments. I'm looking forward to Home for the Haunting.

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