Glimmers by Barbara Brooke Narrator Ann M. Richardson

Barbara Brooke
Narrator: Ann M. Richardson
7 hours 39 minutes
Heidi Bolton

Barbara Brooke author of Glimmers
Author Barbara Brooke

Ann M. Richardson Narrating Glimmers
Narrator Ann M. Richardson
Ann Marie Richardson has a lovely feminine tone to her reading style, very easy listening that I liked very much. Her voice is very suitable for many types of books but personally I think books like Glimmers or romance novels would showcase her talents. The reading pace is excellent and makes her romantic voice standout. Ms. Richardson was a little indistinct doing male voices making it a slight challenge to know just when a man is speaking. This may not bother someone else as listening to audio is very subjective. Although some of her other books are not so blurred and the males sound more appropriately male. I prefer a little more definition between male and female characters. This in no way distracts from the story or the listening pleasure. Ms. Richardson does an excellent narration with a huge emphasis on emotional content, giving a natural sounding flow to the story. I look forward to hearing many more books by this narrator as her voice is so pleasing and her reading ability is impressive.

You can listen to some nice excerpts here https://soundcloud.com/hersmoothvoice

Glimmers, a time travel tale by Barbara Brookes
Glimmers by Barbara Brookes

Review of Glimmers

I love time travel stories and Glimmers is a winner. What is more thought provoking than being transported to a past time in history just by slipping into a pair of suede ankle boots? This is exactly what happens when Paige buys a pair of boots from a consignment store. Paige seems a typical housewife, and mother, doing the carpooling, shopping, housekeeping. but has some weak spots like not being a very good cook.

The first time Paige glimmers into the past and looks in the mirror its a big wow moment, the face looking back at her is not hers at all but a teenage girl named Delilah Jones, who is an exceptional cook and hopes one day to go to culinary school and later open her own restaurant. Paige lives Delilah's life for short periods of time at least in regards to her own time frame but seems longer in Delilah's time. She becomes emotionally invested in Delilah and her ambitions and love life. Delilah is very focused and takes a summer job at an upscale restaurant to add money towards her school fees and meets a young man that is just as interested in her as she is in him. Love blossoms and a future with him is added to her ambitions.

At home Paige's sister is planning her wedding and relies heavily on Paige to run errands and be her general factotum. She really takes advantage of her and keeps her hopping. As Paige's ability to glimmer into the past develops she connects the dots and realizes that it's when she touches used articles like rings, watches, and other pieces of jewelry or wears used clothing that things around her begin to shimmer and shift and she's transported into the past.

It's one thing when she's seeing and living Delilah's life and quite another when her sister asks her to stop by the jewelers and see if her rings are ready and sized. Paige and her sister wear the same size clothing and have the same ring size, so when Paige slips the rings on her finger she is suddenly living her sisters life and shocked to find her sister is having an affair with a man not her fiance. No wonder she has so little time to take care of her own wedding plans, it's tricky time wise juggling a lover and a fiance.

This is a very fun story and a lot of romance, and self discovery. It is well written and there are no dull or boring parts. I liked that it didn't have any hard core graphic sex scenes in it, which seems so popular today. It's a good clean story that is tightly written and there are no loose ends when it reaches its apex. Anne Marie Richardson does such a charming narration that gives a gentle and sweet flavor to the overall story.
I recommend the audio version but if you choose to read the book, do one or the other or both as it is an excellent time travel romance that shouldn't be missed.


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Barbara Brooke said...

I'm happy to see you enjoyed Glimmers. Thanks for taking the time to review the audiobook.