Wraith: Hawaiian Shadows Series Author Edie Claire Narrator: Tavia Gilbert

Wraith: Hawaiian Shadows 
Author: Edie Claire
Narrator: Tavia Gilbert                                     
Produced by, Edie Claire
8 hours 37 minutes
Young Adult Romance

Book cover of Wraith by Edie Claire
Wraith: Hawaiian Shadows By Edie Claire

Photo of Narrator Tavia Gilbert
Narrator Tavia Gilbert

Photo of Edie Clarie
Author Edie Clarie

In reading this delicious supernatural romance, Tavia Gilbert gives an amazing and superb narration of not only the text but the dialog. Her very feminine and gentle voice is so well suited for reading young adult material. Kali is seventeen and Ms. Gilbert does her justice. I was completely carried away with the full bodied way each character was enacted and as each situation was revealed. Even her male characters were superb. Crystal clear and well paced matched with a great story is a double winner. Tavia Gilbert is a truly talented narrator reading anything from this poignant romance or the wonderful animal sounds and older characters of Clea Simons 'Pru Marlowe Pet Mysteries Listen and be swept away and delighted.

Seventeen year old Kali Thompson is in Hawaii with her parents who are house hunting. Plans are laid out for moving from Wyoming to Oahu, Kali is thrilled and had for a long time yearned to live in Hawaii and finally her military dad has been stationed there. While her parents look for a house Kali is hoping to meet other kids her age so when she goes to school in the fall she won't be 'the new kid' but will already have a group of friends to hang out with.

Kali also has the ability to see ghost, when she sees them they are more like shadowy figures moving around and she can sense their feelings. As she gets older she sees some of them more clearly, they never see her and that's fine with Kali. That is until she sees Zane, surfer dude, handsome and personable and unlike other ghosts he can see her. Both are equally surprised as Zane knows he is dead and Kali was always confident that she was invisible to the dead.

Zane wants Kali to help him find out how he died as his memories are blank. Since she seems to be the only one that sees him he's counting on her to help him move on. Kali, doesn't think she can be much help since this is uncharted territory for her. At an early age she learned how to stop talking about wraiths. Kali even avoided reading or researching about ghosts or an afterlife, her knowledge was pretty limited but she agrees to help him if she can. All Kali can suggest is to try and go to the light, only Zane hasn't seen any light. All he knows is surfing and he loves to do that.

Kali's Dad arranges for a co-workers son Matt to show Kali around the island. All Matt talks about is sports and cars, much like many boys do. He does bore Kali with that non stop chatter. Thinking about Zane pretty well keeps her mind occupied, letting her tune out Matt. She likes Matt alright, but her feelings for Zane are growing in intensity very fast. Since Zane is able to appear and disappear at will, they are together much of the time. Allowing their relationship to grow very fast and on a deep level.

With her help Zane begins to remember his past and finally how he died, as he remembers he begins fading and as he fades Kali mourns losing him. She knows he's got to go to the light and find his eternal peace, and she has to let him go. Only Zane is not feeling anything good and not seeing the light, only feeling a tug on him that he has to leave but its just not a happy feeling.

After Zane has gone, Kali is devastated, heartbroken and deeply disturbed that Zane did not seem to be going to a happy place, to the light, or heaven but into a nothingness. Sheer chance or the God's of young love, cause her to cross paths with a very old man that unwittingly gives Kali the exact information she needs and the race is on to to save Zane. With her mother's reluctant help and her girlfriends pulling together Kali races to beat the clock and locates Zane, leading to a shocking ending, will love conquer all, even death?
I did love this story, it was a good clean and unique romantic tale told in a compelling way. The writing is excellent and the characters are well developed. I was rooting all the way for Kali and Zane to find a way to be a couple. Tavia Gilbert's excellent narration does enhance the story to the nth degree.

Wraith: Hawaiian Shadows by Edie Claire

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