The Curve of Time By, M. Wylie Blanchet, Narrated by, Heather Anne Henderson

The Curve of Time
Sub Title:  The Classic Memoir Of A Woman And
Her Children Who Explored The Coastal Waters Of The Pacific
Author:  M. Wylie Blanchet
Narrator:  Heather Anne Henderson
Produced by: Post Hypnotic Press
7 Hrs 24 Min

The Curve of Time by M. Wylie Blanchet Narrated by Heather Anne Henderson
The Curve of Time by M.Wylie Blanchet

Heather Anne Henderson, narrator of The Curve of Time
Heather Anne Henderson


Heather Anne Henderson will make you visualize precisely the very detailed descriptions that Blanchet gives in The Curve of Time: Memoirs about the Coastal Waters of the Pacific. Ms. Hendersons' voice is gentle, and pleasant and a joy to listen to. I did Google the areas Blanchet describes to anchor in my mind exactly where they are located and what the areas look like. Google classic maps is wonderful for that. It added a great deal to the book. As Ms. Henderson reads, she conveys exactly the meaning the author wrote, whether it's the fear of a mama bear, the sadness over a fish that they caught from the depths or the excitement of when the inlet opens up and shoots their boat across.

It takes a very special talent to read this type of book and maintain interest as it covers, history, geography, and personal accounts. I know nothing about boats, sailing or navigating, never had much interest but Heather Henderson with her marvelous narration manages to make it all sound fascinating, fun and terribly interesting. I was completely captured listening to her. Her pace is excellent, her pauses are well timed and her voice is magnificent. Heather A. Henderson is a popular and well established actress with a wide variety of performances and many voice over talents to her credit.

The Curve of Time, is about Muriel Wylie Blanchet and her adventures with her five children as they spend their summers sailing between Vancouver Island and the coast of British Columbia. It is a wonderful story worthy of more than one read. On their twenty five foot boat, called the Caprice, Muriel loaded her children, which she often refers to as her crew, and their dog, and set sail to explore and experience all mother nature offered them. Muriel has to be the ideal personification of a perfect mother that I'm sure any young person would love to have. She was gutsy, resourceful, a tower of strength and guidance, a calming influence, as well as educator.

As an adult their adventures sound intimidating, few mother's today would pursue these kind of summer vacations. For a young person, they sound exciting and wonderful. They settled into coves at night or on pristine beaches. They caught their own dinner and cooked it either over a Coleman type stove or out on a beach with a fire pit they made themselves. For the most part days could pass without seeing another person. They hiked into areas to find lakes they had heard about from fishermen or lumbermen, that few people had ever seen. Climbed thousands of feet up mountains to pick wild berries, and explored Indian villages.

The hanging Indian graveyard was eerie and her descriptions of what they saw was detailed and fascinating. Most of the villages were deserted already for a long time. A few she says were seasonal that the Indians returned to for part of the year. I wasn't clear if she meant during her time or in the past. There just are no words sufficient to describe how engaging and interesting The Curve of Time is and Blanchet had a magical imagination and unique view point on everything.

Heather Anne Henderson gives her own review of this book and has some lovely photos of the boat, the children and an Indian village, at Heather Anne Henderson

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