The Mystery at Lilac Inn, A Nancy Drew Mystery By Carolyn Keene Narrator: Laura Linney

The Mystery at Lilac Inn
Nancy Drew Mystery Stories 4
By Carolyn Keene
Narrator: Laura Linney
Audio Book Length: 3 hrs and 11 mins

Narrator Review: Laura Linney

As much as I enjoy and appreciate Laura Linney's, Nancy Drew narrations, it pains me to say that much of the Mystery of Lilac Inn, was read so fast my ears were spinning. Even with the speed reading, it's still better and more enjoyable than some others who narrate later Nancy Drew's. There were some chapters and sections Ms. Linney did read at a closer to normal pace. I certainly would not let this prevent me from purchasing the book. Aside from this Laura Linney is still a fine narrator with a lovely voice that suits Nancy Drew.

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Laura Linney

Audio Book Review: The Mystery of Lilac Inn a Nancy Drew Mystery by Carolyn Keene

I really love the supporting music that Listening Libraries has added to the Nancy Drew books that they produce. Sounds like old time radio. It leads to a lot of excitement and enriches the story.

Nancy and her friend Helen Corning are paddling their canoe up the river to the Lilac Inn, they're staying with Emily Willoughby and her Aunt Hazel, and are to be bridesmaids at Emily and Dick's wedding. Suddenly the girls are dumped out of their canoe and into the water but find nothing to explain their sudden drenching. Sopping wet and bedraggled they rescue the canoe and continue their journey as best they can. 

Emily tells them about the strange things that have been happening at Lilac Inn. Mysterious goings on is all that's needed to get Nancy's interest. Emily and Dick are expanding the Inn and plan to run it full time, but Emily feels like someone is trying to "jinx them" and just is at a loss to know who would be behind it.

We have suspects like Maud Potter, hired by her aunt as a recreation coordinator for the summer but says mean and hurtful things to everyone. There's John McBride who's staying at the Inn to help out while Dick his best friend is in New York on business, and then there's the help, waitresses, cooks, gardeners. Nancy takes a hard look at all of them.

While Nancy is using all her detective skills on Lilac Inn she gets a call from a frantic Hannah telling her someone broke into the house. Nancy rushes home and finds her room has been ransacked when there's yet another call this time from Burk's Department Store telling her about an error made on her earlier purchase. She finds that her charge card is missing, and hurries down to Burk's to sort things out with them.

So now Nancy is a victim of identity theft, to an extreme degree that the person looks like Nancy, sounds like Nancy and signs her name the same as Nancy. Even dresses like Nancy. Nancy knows the woman stole the dress out of her closet along with a photo of her. This is scary stuff, because people are telling her they talked to her in places she's not been.

Meantime, Aunt Hazel has taken a pouch of diamonds 'worth a fortune' out of the bank vault to give Emily on her twenty first birthday. They plan a special private birthday party for her and of course once she has the diamonds laid out too admire the lights go off. When they go on again the diamonds are gone. Now Nancy has to find the diamond thief (we get a secret passage) she has to find her impostor and solve the mystery of who is doing malicious deeds at The Lilac Inn. 

10. The Password to Larkspur Lane 

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