Palaces and Calluses by Rebecca Woodhead

Very excellent romance story. I liked the dog, but Mary is cool too. lol read it for yourself and remember what romance is about. I am looking forward to when Rebecca becomes a narrator. Her voice is lovely, clear and a pleasure to listen to. 
To get a copy of her book that is now on Amazon you can either get it off Amazon or from her links twitter @rebeccawoodhead  or webpage. http://rebeccawoodhead.com She lives in The Cotswolds, England, you know how all of us cozy mystery lovers like books that take place in the Cotswolds. Living there should give Rebecca some good ideas for writing a new book, a cozy mystery we hope.


stephenrowepainter said...

Dear Jennie, You will never guess who brought me here. Glad to be here and as ever be well

Unknown said...

Hey, awesome Niche, I love books and audio books too!

love 2 type said...

i've never come across this book yet. thanks for sharing.