Vanessa Hart, reading Liar, Liar by K. J. Larsen

The narrator Vanessa Hart is great, her voice suits Cat and she has a tremendous range of characterizations. She reads so well that I hope I find more books she narrates. Her inflections are right on, there are no lags between sentences. Her pace is good, not too fast and not slow. Her voice is mellow. Some narrators start to lag and drift when they are getting tired I did not detect this with Vanessa Hart. I really enjoyed listening to her. She really did expand the characters and the content of the book.
This was the first book I've listened to from K. J. Larsen. It was laugh out loud in some places and flowed well. I thought the characters were well filled out without going over board on them. I loved the name of her detective agency,  'Pants on Fire Detective Agency'  we expose liars and cheats. It's clever she has her cell phone ring tone set to play Your Cheating Heart. I always like it when the protagonist has a dog or cat. Cat Deluca has a beagle named Inga that loves Italian sausages. Cat, says Inga is a food whore. Cat isn't any better as she is constantly eating cannoli and pizza. The story starts with Cat doing survaillance on Chance Saveno, Rita Saveno hired her to find out if her husband was cheating on her. Chance catches Cat spying on him. While Cat is distracted with a phone call, Chance is suddenly at her car. During the ensuing conversation Cat learns that Rita Saveno is not his wife and he gives Cat some money to hire her to find out why this woman wants Cat to spy on him. Chance, has a meeting with someone at across from where Cat is parked. Cat, does not want his money or business. He sprints across the street for his meeting, Cat leaps out of her car giving him chase to give him his money back. Before she reaches him an explosion in the building blows her back and she is knocked out from a flying For Lease sign. When she wakes up in the hospital she has a visit from Chance and no one believes her because everyone says Chance died in the blast. But Cat keeps seeing him and talking to him but no one believes her and thinks she's gone wacko from her concussion. Her mother a bossy, controlling woman insisting that she needs a psychiatrist, even has the priest see her and has an intervention. Poor Cat, she has to battle with everyone that she is not crazy or psychotic from the concussion and she has seen Chance. I don't like odd names for characters like Chance but since he is a dishy guy I'll forgive Larsen for picking such a lame name for a hot guy. Chance did not die and she is seeing him. She does unravel the mystery and the book is funny and fun. I don't want to add more about it because it might spoil the book for you.


love 2 type said...

chance is a name?? what the?? nyahaha. interesting book. thanks for the preview..

Hilda said...

at first I thought this was a narrative story about animals, but when you read closely I think it's actually about drama, affairs, and cheating that people do all the time.

Cat and chance sound like pet names, or maybe I'm reading this all wrong hahah

Ramnath Sunuwar said...

Hi Jennie i am first time visit you blog. I am happy to read you blog

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments, yes, the names kind of suck. Even calling her 'Cat' is not so good. I prefer names like Dick and Jane, makes it easier to keep track of people. Might be nice if they even translate books into foreign languages giving them regional names equivalent to the countries, Dick and Jane. lol
Thanks guys

Vanessa Hart said...

Hi, I'm the narrator:-) Okay, Cat is a nickname and I like it. thank you for the wonderful review. hope you will check out "Sticks and Stones". News! recording the latest " Some Like It Hot" next month. I have the manuscript, but haven't read it yet, I can't wait!

Unknown said...

Thanks Vanessa, Cat is passable, my mother went by that nickname. I object to names like 'Chance' or 'Stone' or the worse of all, 'Nameless'.
I have listened to your fine narration of Sticks and Stones, just haven't done a review yet. I confess I've actually listened to it twice. I thank you for mentioning that Some Like it Hot is coming out soon. I definitely will be getting that one. I love this series and hope there are many more to come. I also love when the narrator personifies the protagonist.