My love affair with audio books

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My early book memories are of having my own library card when I was in about the 2nd. grade. I remember being disappointed that the books were short and mostly pictures. I soon went through all that the small, very small, local library had. Later when we moved to a city I was thrilled with the huge selection of children's books but soon gobbled them up too. I read everything they had by 5th & 6th grade. I resorted to the adult section for more to feed my lust for books. I've not stopped reading hard covers but have in the past number of years switched to loving audio books even more.
Narrators make a story pop or sizzle. The older I get the less time I have to turn those pages and the eyes are growing dimmer. Hit age 39 and voila, glasses are needed and it turns out to be difficult reading in bed with glasses on. Never got the hang of sticking something in my eye like contacts. So I've had a love affair with books since before I could even read. I think if you're a book lover you may like audio books as they leave you free to do chores, drive, or play a computer game.
     I'm loving http://iambik.com/ and recommend you visit them. I found several books I want and their prices are very reasonable. Also found two new narrators that I immediately loved. Cori Samuel.  Narrating Around the World in Stilettos. What a voice, I absolutely love listening to her and the book sounds great. I was doubly impressed that the sample is the first chapter. The other narrator is Xe Sands, narrating Step on a Crack by Mary Anderson. At first I wasn't that intrigued by the subject matter in Step on a Crack but Mary Anderson reads it so well I was rapidly drawn into the story and have to get it.
So please do visit http://iambik.com/ and for a big selection scout out audiobookjukebox.com for other audio book reviewers websites and blogs.


Audio Books said...

I was exactly the same way! I just hope that audio books never replace an actual book itself.

Anonymous said...

hi jennie, i do agree with what "audio books" commented here..
if audio books replace actual books, many more people can't spell correctly- this is an obvious tendency.
your case is different, you have been reading a lot before,

however, i am beginning to be more interested in audio books, after following your blog :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments. I doubt audio or Ereading will replace hard cover books any time soon. It would be nice for anyone in school that they didn't have to carry heavy books with them all the time. I read about one college that is switching over from hard cover to digital.
I love listening but still read a few hard covers.

Unknown said...

Hello Jennie

As you probably already know, I love audiobooks too! I also listened to 'Stepped on a Crack, by Mary Anderson, narrated by Xe Sands. Isn't she awesome??? She also narrates for Jacquelyn Frank's Nightwalker series.

I look forward to reading some more of your reviews. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me. :-)

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Anonymous said...

I eagerly awaited hearing A Confederacy of Dunces in audiobook. Great disappointment, since the narrator knew none of the amazing variety of dialects and accents prevalent in New Orleans, and read everything in a bland Southern accent of no distinction. I hope someone else will record this great book.