The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly Peter Giles Narrator

The Fifth Witness

Michael Connelly

A Mickey Haller series, book 4

Narrator: Peter Giles

Publisher: AudioGo
Imprint: Hachette Audio
Length: 13 hrs. 54 mins.

Peter Giles does a superior narration for The Fifth Witness. His voice is very masculine and sometimes is a little whispery with a smooth  yet gravely sound , which is very sexy. For the character of Mickey Haller it's just perfect. Giles gives a tone of authority and strength to Haller, that would make one feel confident in Haller's knowledge and abilities as an attorney.

Narrator: Peter Giles
Peter Giles Narrator

The Fifth Witness is a rather long audio book and Peter Giles shows no signs of fatigue or change in voice as some narrators do when they become tired. A narrator that reads for too long before getting a break will show some fatigue in the volume and quality of what they are reading. When they come back from break there is a noticeable change in their voice for both quality, volume and enthusiasm.  He does excellent transitions between characters. His range of tonal qualities and varieties of voice are pleasing to the ear. I like Peter Giles smooth sexy voice so much that I'll be looking for him on other audio books.

Audio Book Review: The Fifth Witness

This is the first book I've listened to written by Michael Connelly. Turns out to be a winner. Moves along fast from the very beginning with no let up to catch a breath between each alarming event. Mickey Haller. is a clever and smart attorney. As Haller finds less and less work coming his way from his usual practice because of the economic turn down, he concentrates his skills into a fairly lucrative business, representing people that are being foreclosed on.

Battling banks and foreclosure mills, gaining each client,  months or even a year before they will have to move and forfeit their house. One particularly obnoxious client, Lisa Trammel proves to be an annoying and pesky person that he forebears as best he can. With her near daily calls, and hysterical screaming outburst, she can't be satisfied with letting Haller do his job as her attorney.

The Fifth Witness Author Michael Connelly image
Michael Connelly
Not content with running constant interference, she soon starts a website to rally followers against unjust foreclosings and starts picketing the bank. Mitchell Bondurant the mortgage banker, is soon part of her focus, she sees him as the person wanting to take her house from her. When someone murders Bondurant and Trammel is arrested for it, she calls Mickey Haller to defend her.

Lisa Tammel is pushy, brash, and has screaming and crying fits with anyone that opposes her. You'd think a little over five foot, school teacher would be docile and sweet natured and Lisa Tammel is definitely not that. I found the way Haller prepares his defense exciting and fast moving. Usually I don't care for long court scenes that are in so many mystery books but Michael Connelly mixes it up with lots of interesting gathering of evidence and investigation of witness's backgrounds.
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