Bill Pronzini, Camouflage, Narrator, Nick Sullivan

A Nameless Detective Mystery
Number: 36
Author: Bill Pronzini

Narrator: Nick Sullivan
Publisher: AudioGO
Time: 6 hours 50 minutes 

Photo of Nick Sullivan
Narrator Nick Sullivan

Narrator Review:

I enjoyed listening to Nick Sullivan, narrate Bill Pronzini's, Camouflage. His assortment of voices is inexhaustible. His voice is clear and eminently suited to the character, Nameless, the detective. He is expressive and every individual is distinct and identifiable by Sullivan’s assortment of styles. He reads the text in an enthralling and well-developed manner. Many of our best narrators both male and female have no limits to their variations and rich dramatizations. Sullivan conveys excitement and emotion into each character, often to a feverish pitch. It’s wonderful. Consider it ear candy, and let him immerse you into the excitement of Bill Pronzini's, Detective Series, Nameless.

Audiobook Review: Camouflage by Bill Pronzini

Almost feeling beads of sweat forming on your brow, your heart will hammer faster, you will, want to pull something over your mouth and nose to muffle the stench of death.

Nameless's latest case to solve, is simple, find David Verdin's missing ex-wife. Simple, a run of the mill case, Fast, and easy? Not so. Verdin is seeking his first ex-wife to have her sign a decree from the Catholic Church saying their marriage did not constitute a sacramental bond. 

David Verdin wants to marry again but his new bride is Catholic and she can’t marry him unless his previous marriages are annulled as approved or sanctioned by the church. When Nameless, tracks down Roxanne McManis, she gives Nameless, a bad time. She sends him off with a bug in his ear to not bother her again and refuses to sign the papers. Nameless is put off with her attitude and liked her dog Thor, even less.

Photo Bill Pronzini
Author Bill Pronzini
Unsettled by the low rumble in Thor’s throat and his glaring yellow eyes, Nameless, heads back to his office. He informs Verdin, of Roxanne’s refusal to sign, and gives him her address. Verdin, goes to see her himself, and calls Nameless, he is outraged, and informs him, that this woman is not his ex-wife. He has no idea who the women is. He threatens to go to a different agency, and demands a refund .

 Nameless’s, sassy and outspoken right hand woman, Tamara, thinks something strange is going on since she has done her research and is positive that it is, the right woman. Tamara, is not about to let it go or let go of the retainer fee either. Nameless and Tamara suspect identity theft.

I personally think this is one of Pronzini's best books and one that is sure to keep you gripping the arms of your chair late into the night. I thank AudioGo for sending the 6 CD set of this wonderful audio book for review. It's always a pleasure to listen to a book that has an excellent melding of narrator and author.

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