The Mist by Carla Neggers, narrator Carol Monda

The Mist
Carla Neggers
Narrated by: Carol Monda
Time: 10 hours 22 minutes
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The Mist Author Carla Neggers
Carla Neggers
Narrator Carol Monda   www.narratorreviews.org
Carol Monda Narrator

Carol Monda, does some very good renditions for the different characters but I definitely felt like even she lost track of who was who. I would have liked Ms. Monda to pick up the pace a little bit as she seems to dwell too long on each word and pauses to long at the end of a sentence. It would flow better if she read a bit faster and didn't seem to worry about pronunciation. This particular book does not give Ms. Monda the opportunity to express the wide variety of voices she is truly capable of. It was a difficult book to read and Carol Monda does try to make it more interesting. Alas, it just was to convoluted and too many characters to make it either an enjoyable read for Monda or to give her the platform to show her talents. Her narration of Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult is far superior, as is her reading of She Always Wore Red by Angela Elwell Hunt.

The Mist is the first and only book I've listened to by Carla Neggers and no doubt will be the last. The vague story line is so choppy, with so many characters it's impossible to keep track of them all. Never, have I read about so many fake people under one book cover. I could be wrong but it seems common sense would inform an intelligent, thinking human that the FBI is not going to have a nineteen year old girl be an informant for them. Placing her in potentially dangerous situations. I care less that her father works for them and has taught her all he knows about self defense and a myriad of information from the time she could talk. The FBI has too many trained and qualified people to draw from to even remotely consider such folly.

It was not far into the book that it was clear that there were previous books and The Mist was part of a series.I was very disappointed with the poor character development, I felt not a drop of interest for any of the them. The conversations were stilted and phony sounding, if there was romance it was scanty, and police procedures and conversations were so out of touch with reality that it was laughable. So to say what the book was about, it was a young girl with an FBI father who goes to Ireland to inform her friend that a psychopathic millionaire has her in his sights to be murdered. Since her friends husband is in the FBI, she should have informed him before informing her friend. Why not email, or phone, why go all that way to tell them in person. Oh, yes, I forgot, it's so she could have a fight with an assassin and she could show off her hand to hand combat training. Even getting to that point was long and tedious. Too many characters that have zilch personality, too many fake conversations, and to many poorly intertwined story lines.
The Mist by Carla Neggers
The Mist by Carla Neggers  Narrated by Carol  Monda

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