Fanfare, By, Renee Ahdieh, Narrator, Beth Richmond

By Renee Ahdieh
Narrated by Beth Richmond
Length:10 hrs and 21 mins
Revolution Publishing Inc.

Renee Ahdieh Author of Fanfare Narrated by Beth Richmond
Author Renee Ahdieh

Beth Richmond narrating Fanfare by Renee Ahdieh
Beth Richmond Narrator

Another, outstanding narration by Beth Richmond, and she proves my point that an excellent and skilled reader can make a book much more interesting. Her ethnic accents were so expertly done, and Ms.Richmond, puts so much expression into the plot of the story. I appreciated, that she is so capable of doing a very different vocal rendition, from the characters, she so excellently did in Jinx Schwartz's, Hedda Coffey Series. Ms. Richmond, is an accomplished and distinctive narrator, capable of expanding the characters into lifelike images. Each person is easily identified and given expression, and their own unique identity. Richmond's voice is lovely to listen to, and easily draws you totally into the story. Beth Richmond is one very talented narrator and you're guaranteed that a book she reads is going to be enjoyable.

Fanfare, is a light romance story about outspoken and feisty, Cris Pereira, who is nursing a broken heart. Cris thought she was headed for wedded bliss, forever after, with, Ryan. Then he cheats on her and they break up. The blow, is when he tells her, she'll get over it and she is a likable person and will find someone else. Ryan, really would have been hard on any girls ego. This on the heels of her father's death, makes Cris, an emotionally fragile woman.

Then, a chance, kismet, meeting with teen idol, British movie star, Tom Abramson, takes place when she escorts her teen cousins to an autograph signing promotion, being held at the local mall. Aggravated beyond endurance from waiting in line for hours and hours, and bored to tears, by the time they finally get face to face with Tom Abramson, Cris, is not in a good humor. The girls beg, Cris, to ask him to give them a hug like he did with some girls that had been ahead of them. Reluctantly, she does ask him and sets down her cell phone to free her hands to take a picture.

Much later, she realizes she's lost her phone, she heads back to the mall and finds out that no one turned it in but left a phone number to call, to get the phone back. Puzzled that the person didn't just leave her phone at the lost and found. When, she calls, it's Tom Abramson, that found her phone, this puzzles her even more as to why he kept it. They start texting each other, and chatting on the phone and she finds he isn't a self involved movie star but a lonely guy that is idolized, but with few real friends. Their friendship slowly develops into a full blown romance and a very romantic proposal.

Cris, being a very family oriented gal, living a normal life is hard pressed in dealing with a movie star's life style with all the media attention including the Internet, the lack of privacy and crowds of teens, swarming Tom, when they went go out in public. Just when things are looking rosy, Ryan, starts emailing and begging her to go back with him. He is so persistent and starts showing up at her place of work. Ryan, soon becomes a thorn in Cris's side with his pestering and begging.

You will have to listen to the book to see how the triangle turns out. The only thing I didn't like in the book, was the reading of the emails. It isn't clever or cute and has been done in other books, but way over done in Fanfare. There are many people who are not Internet savvy or even less, email savvy to understand what is being said. lol, may mean nothing to some readers, as with many of the other text acronyms. It is boring to listen to large chunks of, every detail of an email from the, From, and Subject, Time, and so forth. Beth Richmond, did make this less than robust book a lot more interesting to listen too. If you like romance stories then you will enjoy Fanfare, with it's humor and sweetly evolving romance.
Fanfare By Renee Ahdieh Narrated by Beth Richmond
Fanfare, Renee Ahdieh
Narrator, Beth Richmond


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