Mile 81 & The Dune, Stephen King, Narrated by, Thomas Sadoski-Edward Herrmann

Mile 81 and The DuneBy Stephen King
Narrated by,Thomas Sadoski, and Edward HerrmannLength: 2 hrs and 32 mins
Simon and Schuster

Release Date:01-10-12

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Stephen King Mile 81

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Narrator Edward Herrmann

I really like the way Edward Herrmann paces his reading with excellent pauses at commas and end of sentences. He gives a nice upbeat tone when starting a new sentence. Herrmann has an interesting style of narrating that gives a pleasing rhythm to a book and his voice is well, wonderful, deep, crystal clear, and easy to listen to. He's a safe bet if you're looking for an audio book and not familiar with any narrators yet. You can put him on your list of great narrators.

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Narrator Thomas Sadoski 

Thomas Sadoski has a powerful, deep, masculine voice. Sadoski distinguishes nicely between characters via his expressive intonations more than attempting to create a child's voice or a woman's. Some narrators excel at doing more exact voices, yet, Sadoski excels at carrying the story along with great emphasis on feelings and character. He captures and defines, then takes control of the book keeping your attention riveted to the unfolding story.

Audiobook Review: Mile 81 & The Dune, Stephen King

Pete Simmons, a typical ten year old boy feels put out by his older brothers ditching him. They tell him he's too young for the daredevil bike stunts they want to engage in. So he takes himself off to find his own adventure. He remembers his friend Craig's words about the abandoned rest area, where kids his own age would hang out.

With his trusty magnifying glass in his saddlebag, he pedals through the winding way along the closed and fenced off areas near the abandoned Mile 81 rest stop, with the rundown and gutted Burger King. It isn't as interesting or exciting as he anticipated, until he finds a discarded half bottle of vodka. He knows his parents drink and remembers the day after hang overs they've groaned about.

He's hesitant to try the booze. Finally persuading himself to try, maybe a small sip just to see what it's like, he goes for it. Not bad, he feels the heat of it travel towards his stomach. Gaining courage, he tries a few more sips and soon feels tired and sleepy.The dirty mattress looks like a good spot to take a nap, if he doesn't look to close at the stains and dirt.

While he's out cold, interesting events are occurring outside, when a mud covered, of undetermined year and make station wagon pulls up outside the Burger King. One by one, people pull off the interstate to help the apparently stranded station wagon. Soon each one is gone and only their vehicles remain.

Pete Simmons wakes up to the screeching screams of six year old Rachel screaming at a 911 operator, this gets his immediate attention. He looks through the mesh covered windows and sees two little kids backing away from vehicles. He starts to feel genuine fear, grabs his saddlebag and runs. Stopping in his tracks, he thinks how young and small the two kids are and maybe he should help them.

They are heading towards interstate 95 and Pete knows that can end in a disaster. Rachel, only wants to get far away from the 'bad car' as she can, taking her little brother with her. Trooper Jimmy, parked at exit 85 answers the dispatch about multiple calls of two little kids on the entrance ramp. Yay, trooper Jimmy to the rescue. The kids try and tell him the “bad car, ate mommy and daddy”..., he tries to make sense of what they are saying, but he can't.

As he nears the station wagon, their shouting becomes even more frantic, begging Trooper Jimmy, don't go near the bad car. Trooper Jimmy is creeped out, he decides to put the kids in his Crown Vic, before attempting a closer vehicle inspection. Pete, is watching from the shadows of the Burger King as Jimmy cautiously moves closer until he gets too close. Horrified at what he sees, his mind frantically tries to make sense of it. Then the sun comes out and Pete has a brilliant idea.

Stephen King is a master at setting a scene, creating a mood, or causing bone chilling terror down to your toes, with tight, expressive words and phrases. He uses everyday products and places which gives the reader the ability to identify with the character. Spiders, snakes, rodents and dark places all highly feared by most people are his indomitable way of making his stories stay in your minds eye for a very long time.


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Jess@The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow said...

I am a Stephen King fan. I haven't read this one- but it sounds fascinating. I wish I had it right now to pick up and read- or listen to! I am glad to hear that the audio is well done. Great review!


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Hilda said...

I am also a fan of stephen king. This post is a great description of an average boy's curiosity for adventure and a vivid imagery of the story