Secondhand Spirits By Juliet Blackwell Narrated by Xe Sands

Juliet Blackwell Narrator Xe Sands

Secondhand Spirits: A Witchcraft Mystery, Book 1
By Juliet Blackwell
Narrated by Xe Sands
Length:8 hrs and 15 mins
Xe Sands

Narrator, Xe Sands,  is refreshing, like a mist off the ocean. Her voice is singular, unlike anyone else. Immediately, as you hear the first lines read by Xe Sands, you are captured. You will slip right into pace with her.  Xe Sands, has an outstanding range of voices, all convincing. A small child, sounds like a child, in fact children sound so realistic, you would swear you are hearing a child, or that a teenager, slipped into the studio and narrated the teenage parts.

Ms. Sands, successfully emotes the rather longing side of Lily, who yearns to make friends, having girl talk and chummy times. Each character is easily identified. Male voices are so well done, and sound, well, masculine. Xe Sands, brings a multitude of talents with her narration of this fun and frisky book, Secondhand Spirits by Juliet Blackwell.

This is another outstanding narration by the multi-talented voice artist Xe Sands.
If you are looking for something fun, insightful, and fresh, Secondhand Spirits, by Juliet Blackwell, might, just be the ticket for you. I enjoyed this book very much. Lily Ivory, (just have to love that name) our heroine, is looking for a bit of peace and normalcy in her life. She has some rather unusual and special talents, that can help her or cause her problems. After traveling the world and living in many places, a parrot tells her to move to San Francisco, but, "beware the fog". Lily decides this might be just the place for her, with the cities varied cultures.

She settles in and opens a vintage clothing store, Aunt Cora's Closet. It quickly becomes a success, due to her ability to tune into the the 'vibes' of the articles of clothing she handles, it gives her an edge, matching the right clothes to the right person. In the first part of the book we go along with Lily, on some of her buying expeditions, and meet many of her loyal clientele. All very interesting, and the historical tidbits about San Francisco and the Haight-Ashbury district, added to the enjoyment.

The second half of the book moves into a more intense and dark side, when a client is murdered and a child disappears. On investigation, Lily discovers that other children have disappeared from the same area. She starts to dig deeper into the old cases and involves the police and anyone who will give her assistance.

With her ability to cast spells and see the past history of items she touches, Lily, is more than able to solve the crimes. The story is a really good paranormal, read. I liked the location in San Francisco, and Blackwell gives historical details along the way. All well developed and integrated into the story. I look forward to more from Juliet Blackwell in this series and definitely hope that Xe Sands is the narrator.


Hilda said...

Secondhand spirit would definitely be something I want to read. I'm very familiar with the culture in San Francisco, and I'm also fascinated with the paranormal. Alot of people say the psychics and mediums are fake, but I believe that there are people out there who can sense the past by just touching a person or object. The mystery of the world is beyond our knowledge and some people are just gifted to the point the dwelling into these aspects. Which is why I find books or narrative pertaining to the paranormal very fascinating.

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