Two Tocks Before Midnight by C. J. Martin Narrated by Wayne Farrell

Two Tocks Before Midnight
C J Martin
Narator: Wayne Farrell                        
1 hr 6 mins.
Kotoba Books

Farrell narrating Two Tocks Before Midnight
Wayne Farrell Narrator
Two Tocks Before Midnight by C. J. Martin read by Wayne Farrell

C. J. Martin

The voice of  Wayne Farrell, is very engaging to listen too. I only have only good things to say about this narrator. Farrrell's voice is rich, deep, and clear. He gives an excellent presentation of the text parts, as well as in expressing the characters. Farrell, has a good handle on proper emphasis, so each character is easily distinguished. It sometimes happens, when, I see a photo or a video of a narrator, I'm rather awed, that such talent, and sounds come out of that person. I believe it takes far more acting talent to be a narrator than it does, to be a movie star. Narrators, have, more accents to learn, a huge repertoire of characters to convincingly present and above all a pleasing voice for the listener to gain full enjoyment of the book.  They also have less preparation time than a movie or stage actor. For the most part movie and stage acting relies a lot on looks, narration relies on true talent. Wayne Farrell, fits all of the criteria of an outstanding narrator. I look forward to listening to many more of the books he narrates.

Wayne Farrell has done a fine job in setting the time and place of this short story. Two Tocks Before Midnight, is a short story about a society of men who do altruistic deeds. Each man has special talents and extensive educational backgrounds, to throw into their collective pot. When an ancient manuscript comes their way, their excitement is intense. Is it a genuine or fake, document? The answer, leads to murder and mayhem. I liked, the way the story ended, justice is served, in a surprising way, or is it? If you enjoy short stories, as, I know many people do, you will definitely like C J Martins, Two Tocks Before Midnight.  This is a shorter review of the book, than I usually do, it is, a short story and to make it longer, would be a spoiler. 

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