Mr. Darcy's Letter: Abigail Reynolds, Narrator: Pearl Hewitt

Mr. Darcy's Letter
Author: Abigail Reynolds
Narrator: Pearl Hewitt
Provider: Abigail Young
9 hours 32 minutes
Mr. Darcy's Letter Author: Abigail Reynolds

Pearl Hewitt, Narrator

A marvelous narration by Pearl Hewitt, Ms. Hewitt has a lovely, feminine and musical voice, and she uses it to her fullest advantage. Every character is given a most definite voice, no blurring of tones, Masculine voices are excellent, I had to laugh when Ms. Hewitt, did a laugh of scorn from Mr. Darcy. It was fabulous. She easily finesses the females characterizations so skillfully, you can almost feel like you are in that time and place with them all. The book is well written, with interesting and charming people, paired with a skilled and talented narrator makes for an exciting listen. Mr. Darcy's Letter is a journey into another century. I'm not a big fan of Jane Austin. Some of the current writings such as Mr. Darcy's Letter, in comparison are more lively, realistic and inviting to listen to.

No one could be disappointed listening to this narration, it is one of the finest. I loved the quick change between a higher pitched, squeaky voice of simpering Lydia, addressing Elizabeth, it was so distinctive, it sounded just like another woman talking. When Elizabeth responds to Lydia, her voice is again the lilting, smooth voice that is Elizabeth. Amazing, outstanding. The interchange between Elizabeth, Lydia and Mr. Wickham, was an academy award winning performance. There is absolutely no artifice in Hewitt's narration, she is so smooth and realistic sounding. Pearl Hewitt is a  perfect fit for a Regency Romance. I adore her narration of this book and you will too.

The author of, Mr. Darcy's Letter, Abigail Reynolds has pulled together an intriguing and interesting story.  It might be thought that a plot about little more, than a gentlemans interest in a woman and his desire to marry her, and the woman, having the wrong idea of his character, and she despises him, would not create a story of so many intrigues, misunderstandings and disasters. Yet, in an entertaining and believable way Ms. Reynolds has accomplished all of this, in her 'what if ' scenario 

Mr. Darcy is in love with Elizabeth Bennet and she hates him as much as he loves her. In desperation Darcy spends an entire evening composing a letter declaring his love and intentions and presenting a defense against the falsehoods lodged against him. Elizabeth refuses the letter knowing if she accepted it, it could be construed as an acceptance of marriage. Frustrated, Darcy devises another plan to get his letter to Elizabeth whether she wants it or not. Angry at his impudence Elizabeth tosses the letter unread into the fireplace.
Elizabeth thinks her friend Wickham is honest and upright and believes his lies against Mr. Darcy.
Poor Mr. Darcy, he has to work very hard to gain Elizabeths respect and attention.

Elizabeth speaks to Wickham about Darcy and is aghast that Wickham thinks she is foolish to turn down Mr. Darcy, that Darcy is handsome, wealthy and will provide her an enviable life. Elizabeth ponders these things but until fate brings her face to face with Darcy and she see's another side of him only then, does she soften her thoughts about him. When she learns the truth about the lies against him she is sorrowful, as she has deeply hurt and distressed Darcy's sister.

Darcy seizes an opportunity to kiss her and that kiss leaves Elizabeth weak in the knees and wanting more. The relationship grows from there and blossoms within the strictures of polite society. The characters are well developed so much so you feel like you know them.

The bulk of the book is about the social activities, restrictions and rules that must be lived by and social intercourse. Having few preconceived ideas about Jane Austin or her books, unlike her fans, I can't compare what I'm reading/listening too, with what she may have written or thought of the plot. I just enjoy and go along for the ride happily unaware  I can't imagine the famous Jane Austin would have anything but good things to say about Mr. Darcy's Letter. Pearl Hewitt is such a talented and gifted narrator and is a perfect match that will bring you hours of listening pleasure.


Pearl Hewitt said...

Jennie, thank you so much for your more than kind words. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I think that definitely comes across in my narration. Hopefully other listeners will enjoy Abigail Reynolds' story as much as I did.
Now I will go and start my new work day with a huge smile on my face. Your lovely compliments have made me a very happy narrator. You have confirmed I must be in the right job for me.

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