The White Angel Murder, author, Victor Methos Narrator: Wayne Farrell

The White Angel Murder
Victor Methos
Narrator: Wayne Farrell
Producer: Yossof Sharifi
8 hours 4 mins.
The White Angel Murder by Victor MethosNarrator: Wayne Farrell
Narrator: Wayne Farrell

Wayne Farrell has a nice deep and very masculine voice, well suited for a good mystery story.
He has a pleasant and light accent which adds interest and dimension to the plot. Wayne does some
excellent variations for the secondary characters and even does a reasonable southern accent and American. I'm impressed with not only the quality of his reading but with his varied and expansive range of emotions like the scorn of a low income housing area. Very nicely done on the tough guy parts or the bored by stander. Wayne is a very high quality and talented narrator who is sure to become popular with audio book listeners very quickly.

The White Angel Murder is a carefully paced plot about Jonathan Stanton, who has been asked to become part of a team of highly qualified and experienced people to investigate cold case murders. Some are a bit gruesome in their description and like most cold cases they are hard to solve after many years have passed. Stanton becomes fixated on the case assigned to him of a twenty three year old girl that had moved to Los Angeles, San Diego area for the typical reasons that many young people do.
Her murder was so gruesome and sadistic that just reading the files makes Stanton sick. As he progress through the investigation he becomes suspicious that the murderer is a police officer. Stanton is unrelenting in his pursuit and has to use whatever devious methods he can to find out more about his suspect. Stanton seemed a likable if not over zealous character and his religious convictions seem to make him say or do things not in his own interest. As a detective Stanton was skilled and persistent, in his personal life not so much. I felt the characters were well rounded and fleshed out nicely so I was not bored or disinterested in any of them. Overall the story follows typical police procedure but with more of the more illegal side of a police department threaded throughout. The story seemed more exciting and faster moving towards the end of the book whereas the beginning and middle plodded along more. There were more graphic descriptions of crimes than I care to read, putting it into the genre of my personal black list. I just do not like explicit crimes against women.
 I had to skip forward a couple time to avoid listening to so much detail about sexual crimes. I'm sure many men will enjoy this book as they are less squeamish about such things than I am. Wayne Farrell does a nice portrayal of Stanton's low key  personality as an introspective and considerate person. It was an interesting touch that Stanton is a Mormon and stands by his religious convictions even though they lead him to have a more lonely and singular life. There are many surprising twists and turns as the plot unfolds leading to a satisfying and exciting conclusion.

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