Saving Savvy: Smart and Easy Ways to Cut Your Spending, written & narrated by Kelly Hancock

Saving Savvy: Smart and Easy Ways to Cut Your Spending
Author: Kelly Hancock
Narrator: Kelly Hancock
Oasis Audio
5 hours 34 mins

Kelly Hancock Author of Saving Savvy and blogger
Kelly Hancock, Narrator and Author 

Kelly Hancock, author and narrator of her wildly popular couponing blog, faithfulprovisions.com is an extremely multi-talented woman that  "Can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan" as the old song goes. Kelly does an excellent job keeping her blog updated, it is a useful site for thousands of women who want to save money on their grocery bills. She is lovely to look at and has a lovely voice to match, making the narration of her own book a very pleasant listening experience. Her voice is well modulated, with clear enunciation, and an outstanding pacing. It's rare that an author can do a good narration of their own work but like everything it seems that Kelly does, narration is one more item to add to her pool of talents. I usually groan when I see the author has done their own narration but Kelly Hancock did not disappoint. Kelly Hancock is quality in every way.

In the down economy we have been experiencing for a number of years now, Kelly Hancock has beaten the system by couponing and stacking coupons. She certainly has it down to a science and generously shared with everyone how she managed to reduce her grocery bills to fifty dollars a week. I'm not sure if this is just food or if she is including the other necessities like soap, tissue, cleaners and the rest of the long list that also eats into everyone's budget. She says she does not include baby items in her food budget. Kelly has a husband and two children, so managing fifty dollars a week to feed a family of four sounds pretty impossible, but she manages it and still is able to give to food banks and others in need.

I enjoyed her tips on cleaning out the freezer, how to store frozen food and how to flash freeze food. I personally, as she mentions of many others, don't like eating frozen meat as it always taste funny. Kelly, points out that it's best to use plastic bags that say, for frozen foods. I also liked her tip on putting as much as possible into plastic bags so you can store more food. She gives sensible information that should be helpful to anyone, like downloading store coupons to your Iphone and Loyalty card, with the pros and cons of doing this. Preparing your meal plans in advance, how to make space for stocking basic's when they come on sale.

It is a full time job, all this saving money, so it might not work to the same degree for a mother that is working full time, yet, when you follow her lead you will be able to save money and have more time for yourself. I highly recommend Saving Savy for not just how to finesse coupons but for the many other helpful tips to give you a viable plan for shopping, cooking, and arranging your kitchen for optimal performance. Who doesn't need to save money on groceries, have more time for family and even time to sit back and relax.

Saving Savvy written and narrated by Kelly Hancock
Saving Saving by Kelly Hancock

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