Spiggot by Craig Saunders, Narrator Wayne Farrell

Spiggot: A Depraved Comedy
Author: Craig Saunders
Narrator: Wayne Farrell
Grand Mal Press 
8 hours 11 minutes

Craig Saunders Author of Spiggot
Author, Craig Saunders

Wayne Farrell Narrator
          Narrator: Wayne Farrell

If you have followed my reviews, you can obviously tell I'm a fan of Wayne Farrell, and his narration of Spiggot is just a jaw dropper. Mr. Farrell not only has a very clear voice that is melodic and so very expressive. He does not read the book, he is the book. His range of character voices is expansive and creative and will delight even the hardest to please listener.

His own enjoyment of the story comes through in the way he is able to make the least to the greatest character jump off the pages and into your mind. Unlike, many narrators he is able to carry his enthusiasm into the text portions of the book. This creates a lovely flow so you do not lose any connection between the characters and the background that the author has created.

It even may be that he gives more to the story than the author could have envisioned or hoped for. I must also mention that he does excellent foreign accents making it even more enjoyable when an Irishman sounds like an Irishman, and a cockney sounds like a cockney. An all around excellent narrator that is versatile and a pleasure to listen to. I also loved the added sound effects. Farrell really knows how to create a mood and keep your attention at peak levels.

Spiggot, written by Craig Saunders, is witty and laugh out loud funny. I really enjoyed the concept of the body swapping. Police partners Spiggot and Trout, are assigned a big case to catch the person who has been stealing ancient artifacts, predominately religious and extremely rare. Trout, seems somewhat repressed and tries to ignore the blatant sexism, and so politically incorrect comments spewing frequently and often unexpectedly from Spiggot.

Overriding convention or even decency the team manages to track down their suspect and plot how they will capture her. With only the vaguest idea of what she looks like, they piece together the few facts they have and with no back up and technology tools not working they try to take her down. Spiggot, has her in hand but the villainous thief is stronger and smarter and gets away. Spiggot, is left with the broken artifact that he would not release, even though she broke his hand. Beaten into unconsciousness Spiggot, goes into a coma. Yet, Spiggot, awakens in another hospital and in another persons body while his own body lies in a coma. Most frightening of all is he's in the body of a mass murderer, and it's a hospital for the insane. He escapes and the only safe place he decides he can go is to Trout's apartment.

Trout has already heard on the news that the insane ax killer has escaped but doesn't expect to find him in her apartment. Spiggot, has a comical and somewhat painful time trying to convince her that he is not the ax murderer but himself, Spiggot. Once she is persuaded, they work out how the body transfer happened and why the  thief steals artifacts. If you like off the wall humor you will like this book, if you are offended by ism's then you probably won't. I found it very funny except the bathroom humor was a bit school boyish. Overall, I think it was much funnier and enjoyable because of the outstanding and stellar narration by Wayne Farrell and the sound effects were the icing on the cake.


Judy Purdee said...

I enjoyed your review of Spiggott and I can see why you like Wayne Farrell. I'm putting this one on my wish list.

Unknown said...

Thanks Judy, he is good and has a new book Hawk coming out soon which he supersedes his great performance of Spiggot. So glad you enjoyed the review.