David Rosenfelt's On Borrowed Time, Narrator, Chris Ensweiler

On Borrowed Time
by David Rosenfelt
Narrator: Chris Ensweiler
Duration: 7 hours, 0 minutes
Publisher: Listen & Live Audio, Inc.

David Rosenfelt Author of On Borrowed Time
David Rosenfelt Author

Chris Ensweiler Narrator for David Rosenfelt's On Borrowed Time
Chris Ensweiler Narrator

Chris Ensweiler as narrator of Richard Kilmar, captures the soul of the character. Richard Kilmar is a typical guy, not a hero by any means. He is not boisterous or overbearing, he's just a kind of quiet guy who as a writer takes notes and pays attention to details of things around him. Ensweiler brings this mild mannered persona out very smoothly, and when Richard has sudden unexpected moments of bravery Ensweiler expresses this well too, while giving Richard a touch of awe at his own actions. Ensweiler's reading was excellent in building up tension and fear. His reading pace was right on, keeping in line with the story.

Book Review: On Borrowed Time
by David Rosenfelt

On the final credits I smiled to myself and said gosh darn, that was one good book. From the first paragraph to the last I was completely drawn in and  hanging on every word. A true winner of a 5+ rating. I have listened to all of David Rosenfelt's books and love all the Andy Carpenter series. Comparing the two genre I have to say that Rosenfelt only gets better and better no matter which books he writes.

Richard Kilmar, is writer of mainly magazine articles this is what he tells Jen Ryan, when he first meets her. The meeting was not spectacular but it turned into a whirlwind romance that leads Richard Kilmar asking her to marry him. Joyous and in high spirits the couple go for a ride when a  freakish storm causes them to have an accident. Richard escapes from the car but can't find Jen. Sure that she had to have been thrown out of the car, he searches all over, the police and passers by search, and no one can find Jen.

Upset, puzzled, and rapidly becoming very scared, Richard returns home only to find that none of his buddies seem to know who Jen was. Richard is sure he is not crazy and his memories of Jen are real, all he feels he needs to do is find Jen. In his unrelenting search for Jen, he finds Alison Tynes, who's a dead ringer for Jen. This only increases his frustration and confusion. His feelings for Alison are muddled and who's wouldn't be if their beloveds look alike had a very different personality and background. His tenacious pursuit to find Jen, leads him down a chilling road of intrigue, mystery and terror. This is a must read book.

On Borrowed Time by David Rosenfelt

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