Juliet Blackwell, In a Witch's Wardrobe, Narrator, Xe Sands

In a Witch's Wardrobe
Witchcraft Mystery Series, Book 4
by Juliet Blackwell
Xe Sands
Tantor Media
8 hours, 16 minutes

Narrator for Juliet Blackwell's series
Xe Sands Narrator
Juliet Blackwell author of In a Witch's Wardrobe
Juliet Blackwell


Xe Sands continues an unending stretch of outstanding narrations with the fourth in the Witchcraft Mystery Series from Juliet Blackwell. With her dulcet voice you are absorbed immediately into the land of imagination and magic. With the myriad voices to cover, including Oscar the pig, Sands delivers each with their own personalities. This is the best of the four that Xe Sands has performed for this series. I felt like her enthusiasm for the story really shines through in every vocalization. I completely enjoyed every minute and listened to this particular book twice. As wild as the Witchcraft series is, Sands makes it all sound believable.

Book Review: In A Witch's Wardrobe

Lily Ivory, owner of Aunt Cora's Closet, is dressed to the hilt for a 1920's Art Deco ball. Her mentor, the handsome warlock, Aiden is her escort. This is a big event for Lily, who's never been to a fabulous ball of any kind. If you listened to Secondhand Spirits you would know that Lily never finished high school, let alone attended a prom or school dance. So this is exciting and new for her.

At the grand gala event, Lily is struck with a sense of familiarity with another guest, Miriam. She wants to touch her to get a more details, but Aiden holds her back warning her to not touch her. Lily is annoyed and confused and becomes more so later when Miriam is brought to the ladies lounge in a state of semi consciousness and Aiden again warns Lily off from aiding or getting involved with Miriam. Fate has other plans for Lily and Miriam.

After the fracas of tending to Miriam and getting her off to the hospital, Lily sees Miriam in the mirror. Lily knows that someone has put a of spell on Miriam and she promises Miriam she will do all she can to help her and try and release her from the spell that has her soul trapped in the mirror.

When Lily visits the hospital to check on how Miriam is faring she finds her father there with Miriams baby, Luna. He is gets a little magic put on him when Lily wants to persuade him to let her and her friends use some magic spells on Miriam. He agrees since all the tests the hospital has done on her they found no reason for her condition, so how could a few chants do any harm. Lily finds that Luna, has also had some spells cast on her. Increasing her determination to find out who and why someone has done this to Miriam and her child.

Homicide detective Carlos Romero, Lily's friend on the S.F.P.D. is investigating the murder of a witch in another coven and is not able to penetrate the group. He asks Lily if she can talk with some of the witch's.
This pulls Lily even deeper into the politics of the covens and a group of witch haters that have been damaging businesses owned by any witch's. They call themselves Defenders of Morality or D.O.M., a rather odd name to choose for a group of people who are doing evil things themselves.  

I liked In A Witch's Wardrobe the best of the four. It has lots of real laugh out loud moments, some very funny spells and many clever witchy items. The theme of the twenties ball was great and gave lots of opportunities for talking about clothes from that period. The action was non stop and I hated to turn it off. 
If you are reading the hard copy you will find it hard to put it down. We find out more about Sailor, and even more about our clownish pig Oscar. The characters and setting are seamlessly done, and it seems that with each new book it just gets better and better. I love the quirky humor that Blackwell uses so deftly. She has a very wild and vivid imagination. Xe Sands, does a superb job in bringing this wonderful and fun series to life.

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