Drop Dead Divas: A Dixie Divas Mysteries, by Virginia Brown Narrated by: Karen Commins

Drop Dead Divas: Dixie Divas Mysteries, Book 2
Written by: Virginia Brown
Narrated by: Karen Commins
Length: 12 hrs and 27 mins
Bell Bridge Books

Drop Dead Divas, Book 2 of the Dixie Devas series Virginia Brown
Drop Dead Divas by Virginia Brown

Virginia Brown author of the Dixie Divas mystery series
Virginia Brown Author

photo Narrator Karen Commins reading Drop Dead Divas
Narrator Karen Commins

Karen Commins, has a clear and precise voice. I like her rendition of Bitty, I think her Southern voice for Bitty is excellent. The Southern accent is going to be heard differently by different people. It's really not an easy accent to accomplish. I've been in the South many times and heard a variety of Southern accents from different people. Ms. Commons has a good balance between Southern and understandable which it has to be distinct for a variety of listeners. The Southern accent between Bitty and Naomi is unique and identifiable. I also like Ms. Commins' rendering of the text parts of the book, definitely clearly and well spoken. Karen Commins does a charming and praisable narration and maintains the character voices from beginning to end.

Drop Dead Divas is the second in the Dixie Diva series, and is as funny with the quips as it is great for content. Bitty and Trinket manage to get involved in a murder again, this time two murders. Naomi Spencer floozy of Holly Springs, Mississippi, is accused of killing her fiancee Race Champion, with a name like that of course he is the local Champion Drag Racer as well as a trainer at Golds Gym. Not much is said about Naomi that's good. Women despise her and men can't wait to know her better. Truth is Race Champion doesn't have that good a reputation, know as a womanizer already when he asked Naomi to marry him. Perhaps this could have been a good match between to lusty people, if murder hadn't intervened.

Bitty and Trinket are terrible gossips, and dig deep into each persons story of Race Champions murder. The consensus is that Naomi killed him. It just might be people are quick to judge Naomi based on their own dislike of her more than any genuine evidence. Even the police arrest her on flimsy evidence. Suspect number one flies out the window when Bitty and Trinket find Naomi murdered. It does start to seem suspicious that Naomi is strangled in Bittys' mountain cabin, a hideaway she had built and the only person who even knew about it was Bitty's ex-husband, now dead. This does not bode well for Bitty as police look at her with renewed interest.

Don't be deceived that Bitty is an air head, she can be very cunning and devious as revealed when she wants information. With Naomi dead they have to review their list of suspects and start examining motives and opportunity. As usual Trinket would prefer to let the police do their job, but Bitty has such curiosity and well is just flat out nosy that she with little effort persuades Trinket to go along with all her schemes and machinations. This is a long book and we get to know more about the residents of Holly Springs and about the Divas, "What happens with the Divas, stays with the Divas" which is handy when this fun duo need sworn to silence help.

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