Divas and Dead Rebels By Virginia Brown Narrated By Karen Commins

Divas and Dead Rebels

By Virginia Brown

Narrated By Karen Commins

Belle Books, Inc.   

13 hours 

Divas and Dead Rebels Narrator Karen Commins
Karen Commins Narrator

Karen Commins is a wonderful narrator, telling the story with her voice and she truly captures the personalities of each character. Her Southern voice is exceptional and Bitty Hollandale is so distinctive and individualistic that one could imagine her as a real person. I think Karen Commins has expanded and fleshed out Bitty and Trinket way beyond what even the author had in mind. To read the text of the Divas would only be a shallow and two-dimensional personification of Bitty and Trinket, whereas listening to Ms. Commins they explode into your mind and come to life. Each book in the series is very long with a great deal of detail, again, to read the text could pall and become dull and lengthy but Karen Commins is such an extraordinary reader with true storytelling talent that time flies and you're totally engrossed listening and visualizing.

Author Virginia Brown Divas and Dead Rebels
Virginia Brown Author

Bitty Hollandale and Trinket Truevine, best friends and cousins don't let life just happen to them, they reach out and grab it whether it be fun or thorns. For these gals seem inclined to become involved in a murder. The gals have gone to the University of Mississippi to watch a game and Bitty has a conference with Professor Sturgis to discuss one of her twin boys failing grade in ancient history.

Touchy Bitty gets involved in a angry shouting match with Sturgis. To calm down and sooth her ruffled feathers she and Trinket do the sensible thing, they go shopping and have lunch. Very sensible indeed.

After lunch Bitty can't find her son and decides to check his dorm room. Surprise, he isn't there but a very dead Professor Sturgis is. Sensible Trinket wants to call 911, but, oh no, mother hen Bitty wants to move Sturgis. No one seems to be around so Bitty convinces Trinket to help her move Sturgis to another location.

They grab an empty laundry cart and dump Sturgis in, pile dirty clothes on him and wheel him across campus and dump him into an empty moving van. Bittys' reasoning was she didn't want Sturgis found in her sons room and implicating him in the murder. As always Bitty sounds somewhat reasonable and as always Trinket tries to dissuade her pointing out the possible consequences.

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