Kitty Kitty Bang Bang By Sparkle Abbey, Narrated By Karen Commins

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
Series: Pampered Pets, Book 3
By Sparkle Abbey

Narrated By Karen Commins
Length: 6 hrs and 12 mins
Producer: Bell Books, Inc.

Karen Commins narrator of Kitty Kitty Bang Bang by Sparkle Abbey
Narrator Karen Commins

Review of Narrator Karen Commins:

Karen Commins does an exceptionally nice job narrating Kitty Kitty Bang Bang. Her portrayal of April May was priceless. Ms. Commins certainly did make this annoying and helpless character a scene stealer from the protagonist Cora Lamont. It was an incredible and correct interpretation of a high pitched, twangy and heavily accented voice. Ms.Commins did a praise worthy job with Cora for all the emotional highs, lows and angst she experienced. It is noteworthy that Karen Commins did not transfer any of the voice characteristics from other novels she's narrated but gave each person their own unique personalities. A very enjoyable listening experience.

Sparkle Abbey authors of the Pampered Pets Series
Sparkle Abbey Authors
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang is the third in the Pampered Pets Series Written by Sparkle Abbey. A frolicsome cozy mystery about Caro Lamont a successful animal psychiatrist living in Laguna Beach, California. She and her neighbor Kitty Bardot a much sought after public relations agent are at the Hotel Montage for a function featuring  animal artist, her clients, two Bengal cats, Tobey and Minou, who are popular painters and award winners are in the show.

Kitty asks Caro if she'd take the cats home for her as she has an urgent meeting and must leave right away. Of course Caro is happy to do this and she collects the cats and along with her love interest Sam Gallanos. On the way home they are stuck in traffic because of an accident. Caro recognizes the car as belonging to Kitty, shocked and dismayed Caro and Sam leave and take the cats home. Caro hopes that she won't have to take care of them for very long, but with such a bad accident Kitty could be in the hospital for awhile. Unaware that Kitty is going not to the hospital but the morgue.

Later when Caro learns that Kitty is dead from a snipers bullet she vows to not get involved in it. Even after April May introduces herself to Caro as the long lost sister of Kitty she still tries to hold to her vow not to get involved. This doesn't last long at all as April May is a elf of a woman that is very naive and needs constant help with everything from selecting a funeral outfit for Kitty to meeting with Kitty's attorney. Really April is very lost in this upscale area of the rich and famous. April can be more trouble than she seems worth, but does manages to get Caro involved in finding out who killed her sister.

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