Rotten to the Core by Sheila Connolly An Orchard Mystery Book 2. Narrated by Robin Miles

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Rotten to the CoreAn Orchard MysteryBy Sheila Connolly

Rotten to the Core 
An Orchard Mystery Book 2
By Sheila Connolly
Narrated By Robin Miles
Audio Book
9 hrs and 43 mins
Audible Inc.

Robin Miles Narrator
Narrator Robin Miles

An author builds a story with words, and a narrators performance almost magically brings those words to life, carving out their own interpretation of the characters and events. Robin Miles has that magic when she reads The Orchard Mysteries Series. Her rendering of Meg is perfect, making it easy to visualize what Meg is thinking and feeling. Bree, Meg's orchard manager is Ms. Miles' gem, the tone of voice, the inflections, wow. Ms. Miles does indeed express this prickly woman accurately. Robin Miles is multi talented narrator and her credentials are stellar.

Audio Book Review: Rotten to the Core, by Sheila Connolly

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Author Sheila Connolly

Meg Corey intended to put the two hundred year old house in shape for sale but slowly Meg has come to love and appreciate the history of the house. She's finding her own roots in the area go deep with her connection to the Warren family. When Meg learned she had 15 acres of apple trees many which are heritage, Meg, was completely captivated. 

Downsized from her job in Boston as a municipal financier, country living, fresh air, and new friends, were all were drawing her into appreciating a slower more peaceful lifestyle. If only bodies would not show up in her orchard life could be nearly idyllic.

It's a fine spring day and Meg has a yen to check her apple trees and just enjoy the day. When an out-of-place aroma reaches her, sniff, sniff, smells like something dead. Following her nose she finds the body of a man in her spring house. thankfully this time it is no one she knows. She learns it is Jason an organic activist from Green Grow, and what is he doing in her orchard. Not only is she worried about how another body in her orchard may affect her reputation for her first apple harvest it means dealing with the disagreeable Detective William Markus again.

Romance is also in the air with Seth Chapin. Meg wants to take it slow in the romance department as she is totally absorbed with the endless needs of the house and learning about the orchard. Yet there is no denying the budding attraction between them that no matter how she tries to put it out of her mind, it keeps pulling at her.

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