Scandal in Skibbereen Book 2 by Sheila Connolly, Narrator Amy Rubinate

Scandal in Skibbereen
County Cork Mystery Series Book 2

Sheila Connolly 

Narrator: Amy Rubinate

Tantor Audio

8 hours 7 minutes

Narrator Amy Rubinate photo
Amy Rubinate

It's marvelous how well Amy Rubinate expresses the testy personality of Maura. Equally well done is the pushy and unwittingly rude New Yorker Althea Melville. With her clear and well modulated voice Amy Rubinate transports us to County Cork, Ireland. The reading pace is good, easily drawing us into the story. Ms. Rubinate has a captivating voice enhancing the pleasure of a well written and fast unfolding novel. Amy Rubinate also narrated Book 1, Buried in a Bog, by Sheila Connolly.

Audio Book Review: Scandal in Skibbereen, 

A County Cork Mystery, Book 2

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Sheila Connolly
Twenty five year old Maura  has now been in Leap Ireland for three months and much has happened to her in that time. she's inherited Sullivans' Pub, but unsure of it's future and ability to stay in the black, she takes it at a slow pace as she gets to know the regulars and her newly found relatives. When she first arrived in Leap, she was alone in the world after her Gran died, to her delight she has found she's related to many people in Leap

When a storm blows Althea Melville into the pub, she pushes all of Maura's buttons with her crankiness and complaints. Althea is from New York and at the end of her endurance for traveling and the seemingly constant rain. She is desperate to find a Van Dyck painting that she thinks will save her job in a museum. She persuades Maura to help her, along with Old Billy, the local color and regular occupant of Sullivans.' Althea learns of Mycroft House making her anxious to go there. Alas, the people of this area live a slow life and nothing happens fast like Althea would like it to.

Scandal in Skibbereen book 2 takes place in Ireland
Scandal in Skibbereen by Sheila Connolly
Quiet and orderly Leap is suddenly the center of attention again when the mentally challenged gardener at Mycroft is found dead. Maura is taken aback when she learns from Althea that she had been at Mycroft the night of the murder. Althea becomes a prime suspect even though no one can envision the elegantly dressed New Yorker of killing anyone. Maura's imagination kicks into gear as to who and why, would anyone kill the docile gardener.

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