The Big Chihuahua By Waverly Curtis Audio Book narrated by Laura Darrell

The Big Chihuahua: A Barking Detective Mystery
Series: Barking Detective, Book 3
By Waverly Curtis
Narrated By Laura Darrell

Length: 7 hrs and 17 mins

Audio book image of The Big Chihuahua by Waverly Curtis
The Big Chihuahua by Waverly Curtis

Narrator Review: Laura Darrell

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Laura Darrell Narrator

Laura Darrell, has really developed the character of PePe in the  Barking Detective Series. She absolutely can make you believe that a Chihuahua can talk. Geri, rescued PePe from the animal shelter and once he started talking to her it is non-stop chatter mostly about himself and all the brave and heroic things he's done. Her boss and suppose to be mentor, Jimmy G. who refers to himself in the third person is an avid gambler, drinks pretty heavy and continues to call PePe, the rat dog and Geri, doll. Again Laura Darrell does a really exceptional depiction of this wanna be Sam Spade, a true throw back with his brown felt fedora, trench coat, and thin little mustache. Every voice is unique and outstanding. I even like the way she announces the chapter numbers, so upbeat. I wish there was a lot less over enunciation on words when Geri is thinking or the basic text of the story. It would be perfection without that one little distraction. It is not bothersome enough to make me not love the stories or buy the books. You may not even notice it. Ms. Darrell also has a lovely tone to her voice.

Audio Book Review: The Big Chihuahua:

Series: Barking Detective, Book 3
By Waverly Curtis

Mark Darling hires the Gerard Detective Agency to locate his wife Tammy. Tammy had been depressed after a miscarriage and got involved with the Dogawanda cult. That was the last place he'd heard of her being, and he'd only one note from her saying to forget her and not look for her. Shortly after receiving it she withdrew twenty- five thousand dollars out of their joint bank account and he thinks she gave it to the Dogawanda.

Geri and PePe go undercover to a Dogawanda free weekend hoping to find Tammy, if she is actually there. They do find her right away and Geri delivers Mark's message. Tammy isn't happy with the message especially when she finds out that Mark changed all their bank accounts and she can't draw out another twenty- five thousand, without it she can't move up a level in the cult, and she did not want to leave the compound until she reached that next level.

The next day Geri and PePe find Tammy dead. With Tammy dead and the message delivered Geri returns to Seattle get paid.  Unfortunately Jimmy G. failed to tell Geri she was suppose to collect half their fee before starting on a case. With Jimmy G. bragging about showing her how to get their money, they go to Mark's to collect. Mark out foxes them by making a deal with them to find out who murdered his wife, as he is suing the Dogawanda to recover the money. Jimmy G. can't resist a gamble, so instead of leaving with their thousand dollar fee, they leave with nothing but a promise of a percentage his lawsuit.

Geri and PePe, return to the Dogawanda compound to do further investigations. Geri is not as pleased as PePe with the life style of the Dogawanda's. She is frustrated when she finds out they don't serve coffee, deprived of her morning jolt of caffeine she's not a happy camper. At lunch she learns there are no utensils to eat with, as they ate the way of the dog, with their hands, this is the beginning of her frustrations. PePe thinks all humans should worship the dog and he loves the Dogawanda compound.

During an evening meeting, Crystal Star, channeler for the great Dogawanda takes an interest in PePe and seems able to not exactly hear PePe the way Geri does but, knows what he is saying or seems to. All this attention goes to PePe's head and he's ecstatic with his power over the Dogawanda members. PePe the little egotistic makes all the Dogawanda members bark. He becomes less pleased with Crystal when she relays his message in ways he doesn't like and didn't say.

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Waverly Curtis and PePe
I laughed so much with this entire book beginning with word Dogawanda. It's almost thumbing your nose at cults. The performance of Crystal channeling Dogawanda for dog wisdom had me laughing till my sides ached. Jimmy G. is a riot, with his swaggering bravado he's almost as bad as PePe. PePe even mentions to Geri that they should start their own detective agency. I would miss Jimmy G. if he was dropped from the story.

With PePe's keen sense of smell and sharp hearing they solve the cases on their own. If not for them, Jimmy G. would be homeless and living out of his car. Yet, Jimmy G. manages to come through in the nick of time to help the detective duo. The Big Chihuahua is definitely a winner. We have the on going romance with Felix the dog whisperer, two murders, more about Geri's missing sister and her older sister who bullies Geri. She just can't accept that Geri is a private eye. So listen to the book and get some Dog Wisdom.

As good as the first two in the series, Dial C For Chihuahua, Book 1. and Book 2. Chihuahua Confidential, are I thought The Big Chihuahua was the funniest. Fingers crossed that the next one The Chihuahua Always Sniffs Twice meets the same high octane standard of humor.

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