Chihuahua Confidential by Waverly Curtis Narrator: Laura Darrell

Audio Book
Chihuahua Confidential
Book 2. in A Barking Detective Mystery
By Waverly Curtis
Narrator: Laura Darrell

Audible Studios
7 hours 17 minutes

Chihuahua Confidential Written by Waverly Curtis Audiobook cover.
Chihuahua Confidential By Waverly Curtis

Laura Curtis Narrator for Chihuahua Confidential book 2. image
Narrator Laura Darrell

Laura Darrell really is the perfect choice for the Barking Detective Mystery Series. Her interpretation of PePe is fantastic as is Jimmy G. Geri's, boss at the Gerard Detective Agency. Ms. Darrell will take you skillfully through the most fun book series imaginable. She captures PePe's overbearing although charming personality to perfection. Her booming voice for Jimmy G. the sleazy detective is superb. She does Rebecca Tyler, the elegant but aggressive creator of Dancing for Dogs brilliantly. Laura Darrell does a very enthusiastic and wonderful reading of Chihuahua Confidential.

Audio Book Review:
Chihuahua Confidential by Waverly Curtis
A PePe Novel

PePe, Geri's adopted Chihuahua talks to her, and his lies, stories just continue to become more fantastic. Geri can only laugh and shake her head when he tells her he once raced in the Iditarod (Trail Sled Dog Race) in Alaska, and had once wrestled an alligator in an Alabama swamp. PePe is downcast that Geri doesn't believe him but, no one believes her either when she tells them that PePe talks.

Even her New Age psychiatrist Susanna thinks it's delusional thinking. Excerpt: "Susanna, So Geri, is your dog still talking to you? Of course I am still talking to her, who else would I talk to she's the only one that can hear me. " "That's not true I pointed out to him, there is one other person who can hear you"..... "So you believe he spoke to you just then ?" "Yes, I said, and he pointed out that we met another person who can hear him. "  "Oh, really" I'd like to meet this person....."

The one tale that PePe speaks of often is when he belonged to Caprice Kennedy a famous movie star. Geri doubts this, even if most the Chihuahua's in the shelters came from Los Angeles. In Dial C for Chihuahua, PePe and Geri got involved with Rebecca Tyler who is putting together a reality show, Dancing with Dogs. PePe of course is a natural born ham and loves the lime light and Geri who prefers to stay in the background is reluctant to be PePe's partner. Rebecca Tyler is as bossy and pushy as PePe. Geri, we know will always be over ruled by her dog.

Rebecca has gotten Caprice to be a  judge for Dancing with Dogs, as well as the grumpy Nigel St. Nigel.
When Rebecca and Geri get to the sound stage they are suppose to use for their show Nigel St. Nigel is there. Problem is Nigel might be sitting there but he is very much dead. Now Rebecca has to find a replacement judge for Nigel and it will delay practicing for at least a day. Geri and PePe have to figure out who murdered Nigel while at the same time practicing dance routines and doing rehearsals.

Waverly Curtis author of Chihuahua Confidential with PePe image
Author Waverly Curtis and PePe

A lively tangle of events ensues from PePe's insistence to pursue the investigation. Jimmy G. flies to Los Angeles to aid Geri and even gets a bit part in a television show. Dogs, dogs, dogs, everywhere, with PePe taking a leading role in rescuing his true love Siren Song. Geri, finally gets the final answer to PePe's claims to having been Caprice's pampered pet. Romance is still in the air between Geri and Felix. Seems some will stop at nothing to pursue their aims of fame and fortune and some get both with little effort. The PePe Novels are a winner in every way from being excellent writing to ingenious imagination with generous doses of laugh out loud humor.

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