The Clue in the Diary, A Carolyn Keene Nancy Drew Book 7. Narrator: Laura Linney

The Clue in the Diary
Nancy Drew Book 7
Carolyn Keene
Narrator: Laura Linney

Penguin Random House Audio

Narrator Audio Book Review:
Laura Linney

Laura Linney with her sweet and silken voice generates energy and gives credibility to Nancy Drew and her best friends George and Bess. There's always a good balance between Nancy's thoughts and her dialog with the other characters in the books. With the addition of old time radio music inserts through out the story, Laura Linney matches it's intent with perfection.  Laura Linney has a long list of awards and acting credits all which contribute to her skillful narrations. You can find Laura Linney on facebook under Laura Linney - The Actress.   

photo image Laura Linney Narrator for Nancy Drew
Narrator Laura Linney

Audio Book Review: Nancy Drew, The Clue in the Diary 

By Carolyn Keene

There are no images for Carolyn Keene because Ghost writers have always written the books for the Stratemeyer Syndicate. There are many websites detailing the changes over the years. When I was very young and first found out that there was no Carolyn Keene, I felt the same as when I learned there was no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny. Like those icons of childhood I soon got over it.

While Nancy Drew and her friends George and Bess are admiring a pretty house, it suddenly blows up before their startled eyes. They rush too the now blazing building in case anyone needs help, but they can't do much, the fire is too hot and the smoke is terrible. Nancy with smoke blinded eyes finds herself at the back of the house where she gets a brief glimpse of a shadowy figure running from the fire

She sees a small diary on the path and slips it in her pocket, wondering if it belonged to the man she just saw. Later when Nancy gets home and examines the little diary, it's all written in Swedish. A frustrated "girl detective" ponders whom she can find that can interpret it.

Nancy and her friends learn that Felix Raybolt and his wife own the house that exploded and neither of the Raybolt's are liked. Raybolt has a reputation of promising aspiring inventors that he will file their patents for them when he actually files them in his name and steals their inventions. There are many that have reason to harm Foxy Felix. Everyone, including the authorities suspect that it was revenge, or maybe Felix did it himself to collect the insurance.

Nancy is on the fast track to find the the author of the little diary but is she going to find an innocent man or a man who in anger blew up the Raybolt's house. Nancy as we expect will ingeniously and in her remarkable ways put together all the clues and solve the mystery of the Clue in the Diary, leaving the readers as anxious as Nancy for a new mystery to solve.

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